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Adam Lambert — still out to shock

October 28, 2009

Remember “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert?

Last season, his penchant for flashy costumes and eye makeup on the No. 1-rated TV talent show earned him the nickname “Glambert”.  After the show ended, he disclosed publicly that he was gay. You can read about it here and here.adam_r11_021

The cover of his forthcoming debut album “For Your Entertainment” is getting people talking about Lambert all over again, six months after he lost the “Idol” title to Kris Allen.

In a Twitter entry, the glam rocker called the album cover “deliberately campy” and said it was designed to be “ridiculous”.

“Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an homage to the past. It IS ridiculous,” Lambert wrote.

“For those that don’t get it: oh well… Glad to have gotten your attention,” he continued. “Androgyny. Rock n Roll.”

Lambert recently told Entertainment Weekly about his goals for the album, saying: “I wanna rock; I want people to dance, I want people to cry, I want people to smile and laugh. And I wanna play dress-up!”

Kris Allen releases his own debut album a week ahead of Lambert on Nov 17, called simply “Kris Allen”. Whose album will you be buying?


I will be buying Adam’s album. I am counting down the days until it is released.

Posted by Leah | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert!!! He is a genius! I have not been sooo excited about a singer ever!!! He gets people talking!! Brilliant!

Posted by BB | Report as abusive

I’ll be buying Adam’s. Love him!!

Posted by Alyssa | Report as abusive

Adam’s duh

Posted by iTonks | Report as abusive

oh definitely Adam’s album! The cover is lovely and fun and funny. Can’t wait to hear his music!

By the way, is it really that shocking an album cover? I actually have expected more OTT and outrageousness from him! I think this cover is a good reflection of Adam as a singer, entertainer, performer.


Kris Allen, can’t wait :)

Posted by jackson | Report as abusive

Adam’s album? Ordered two already. Kris’s album? Nah. The thing about Adam is that he IS campy – and fun. And he has that incredible range and ability to express the emotions of a song.

Listening to him and seeing him perform is amazing. Then hearing him in interviews shows another, more playful and down to earth side of his personality. He’s never more fun than when he pokes fun at himself. He’s entertaining and I’m along for the ride – and loving it!

Posted by Trish | Report as abusive

Never will I get shock or surprise with Adam but proud with his works. He will continue 2 amaze us. Fasten your seatbelts!!

Posted by Ikah | Report as abusive

Cannot wait to hear what Adam’s music sounds like. I am a little in love with the cover, in all is sparkly, retro glory. But it’s what’s inside that matters, the cover is just a lovely little bonus. And if his past singing is any indication, I will be plunking my money down for this CD next month!

Posted by melisspauls | Report as abusive

Definitely buying Kris’ album. I’m loving the songs that I’ve heard so far. I might buy Adam’s album too if the music is good. I have only heard “Time for Miracles” which I think is just a bonus. Setting all the the buzz and glam aside, I’m all for the music.

Posted by vince | Report as abusive

I already pre-ordered the Album and though it took me a minute (staring at the cover) to get it – I do ‘get it’.
Adam is going to surprise at every turn and loves the reactions. I love the ride he has beckoned us to take with him and I can’t wait to hear all the music and see what is too come.

Posted by AnninSD | Report as abusive

Adam’s, I cannot wait until the 23rd! Adam is going to be an icon. Both Muse and the Darkness wrote songs for his new album. It will be epic!

Posted by lobo | Report as abusive

Definitely Adam’s. If you are a true follower of his, this cover should be exactly what you expected. It is one of the most creative covers I have seen in a very long time. Step outside the box – you only live once!!!

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

Adam’s, of course. I’m sure I’ll hear a couple of Kris’s songs on the radio from time to time, and that will be great. But Adam? Gotta own his album, and I can’t wait until it comes out.

Posted by Janna D. | Report as abusive

there are so many ppl sound like Kris Allen.
but few of the singers out there can sing like Adam.
so i’m buying Adam’s.

Posted by musiclover | Report as abusive

I can’t wait for Adam Lambert’s album, songs penned by Justin Hawkins, Muse, Lady Gaga and Adam himself promise some fantastic music.

Posted by S | Report as abusive

whose album will i be buying? Adam’s of course!

Posted by vtookie | Report as abusive

I will be buying both albums.
I’ve loved Adam from the beginning
but I am disappointed in the album cover.


If Adam Laberts screeches and screams on every song, I will buy Kris Allen’s CD. If not, then I will buy both.

Posted by Cheryl | Report as abusive

BOTH! Actually, I’m also buying Allison Iraheta’s so it’s going to be a Kradison Christmas for me! So excited for these albums. OMG.

Adam is rediculous in the best of ways. Love the boy.

Posted by Tay | Report as abusive

I will be buying Kris Allen’s album. I can’t wait.

Posted by Valerie | Report as abusive

I will definitely buy Adam’s CD. He is amazing!

Posted by Levan | Report as abusive

Definitely Kris’s album. I can’t wait for it. I love Kris’s voice. I don’t know about Adam’s. I will have to hear it. He can get kind of screachy for me. On the songs he doesn’t scream out he has a lovely voice.

Posted by Patty Smith | Report as abusive

I will be buying Adam’s CD definitely. I love him and his authenticity, humility, daring, wit, beauty, musicality and overall awesomeness. Yeah Adam!

Posted by sissy | Report as abusive

I will be buying Adam’s cd, ripping up the abysmal, cringe-inducing cover, and inserting my own cover into the cd. Love the man, not so much his taste level. And I don’t think this was deliberately campy- it just worked out very badly.

Posted by pip | Report as abusive

Adam’s, of course!! He’s gonna be HUGE

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

I’m 58 years old and my friends and I can hardly wait for Adam’s album. He’s the most exiting singer to come along in years.

Posted by barbara joy | Report as abusive

I will be buying Adam’s cd. Already pre-ordered 10 copies from Amazon. I love the album cover. It reminds me of Prince, Pink Floyd, and the days when album covers were all sparkly and space-like. These days, most album covers are just bleh. Adam is the only one for me.

Posted by adamsluvjnes | Report as abusive

I will be buying Kris Allen’s CD as soon as it goes on sale. I am so anxious to hear what he has in store for us. A true artist, he moves me with his voice. Saw him on the Idol tour and cannot wait for his solo tour.

Posted by Terry | Report as abusive

if you do not understand the cover then you were in a coma during american idol……..this is pure adam.rock on boy wonder!!!!!!living large and loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by HEPHAESTION | Report as abusive

I will not be buying either of the “artists” releases. I am shocked that anyone would, but then again, that’s the beauty of the manufactured pop stars the industry churns out. Very sad.

Posted by Butch | Report as abusive

How many people do you agree with 100% of the time? Adam is an extremely talented singer, a very nice guy with a good heart (charity work). He took a chance, and remember we liked that about him?? It doesn’t diminish his out-of-this world talent if you don’t agree with his album cover. He will read everyone’s opinions, digest them and move on to the next big thing a little more aware of which way to jump. We all wanted him to succeed so don’t abandon him now. Listen to the great music IN the album. He’s realizing HIS dream come true. Hopefully, on the AMA’s he’ll look at the last year, and all it entailed and come up with just the right amount of in- your- face, tempered with his AI persona that we all were mesmerized by. Good luck Adam and so happy that you are there with your stellar vocals to entertain us! Your talent is huge enough to stand on its own. Glam it up – tone it down, but please just keep singing.

Posted by C. Roope | Report as abusive

I will definitely buy Adam’s cd. I like the way he makes me excited about his music. Love him.

Posted by maryann | Report as abusive

Adam’s CD of course I love him… and I can’t wait.


Did he ever do as we expected on the show, or at the
concerts? Hell, no! that wouldnt’ be Adam! that is what made us all fall in love with him !
I love this guy, he is such a performer! When I saw his cover I was shocked then thought it was amazing and like someone else pointed out – not like all the other covers.
And really does it matter? why is everyone disecting this cover so much, it is the music we are all dying to hear. I go on computer everyday to update myself on Adam and watch his AI performances repeatedly and love his Cabernet performances as well- cant stop watching or listening to him- so really does this cover really matter that much to his fans? I’d think not.

Posted by lauri | Report as abusive

I am tempted to preorder, but haven’t yet. I will be buying it for sure. His vocals are amazing and I think he has great taste. I want to hear some crazy supersonic high notes but I loves how he sings a ballad. When he did the near acoustic Starlight by Muse, I died. I love this crazy Bowie-esque look here. The throwback feel, the starry glitter. I’m sure Adam lurves it. He is surprising and delighting fans everywhere and I don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. He has tapped into something fun, entertaining and he has the vocal chops to back it up.

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

I’m only interested in listening to ADAM singing which I will enjoy for years to come. There’s been no one like him who excites, thrills and electrifies. I’m looking forward to everything ADAM.

Posted by Angel | Report as abusive

So far, I’m not in tune with the cover, but with this much talent behind the songwriting and Adam’s ability to inject his own style into the songs, it should be hot.

Posted by chickc | Report as abusive

Adam will easily outsell Kris Allen who shouldn’t have won or even reached the final.


Album cover influenced by Bowie perhaps? Whatever, Adam is very talented and if he keeps pushing that talent and doesn’t get to wrapped up in the business, he’ll be great!


I forgot to answer your question. After my above comment it’s so obviose. ADAM LAMBERT ofcourse. The other guy is tooooo boaring for my taste. Makes me SAD listening to him NOT inspired and sexy like my IDOL ADAM does. He rocks baby. I want GLAM and EXCITMENT in my life. and Adam does it for me and millions around THE WORLD>


I have one question for those who will only by Kris’s cd, What are you doing noising about Adam’s business if you are not so curiouse about what he does? I bet he get’s you excited too. You will not admit it.


i am not buying adam’s cd and chris’s cd. i dont like both of them. icant wait for danny’s cd.

Posted by valentina | Report as abusive

WHo is Chris Allen? Adam is my man anyday, anytime.

Posted by ADA | Report as abusive

I will be buying Adam’s CD and Allison Iraheta’s. Can’t wait for them! I didn’t like Adam’s cover at first, but it grew on me very quickly. People over-analyze this stuff, anyway.

Posted by Ninjallilly | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert! I will be buying at least one, probably two of his album.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

I usually don’t comment on things like this, but why can’t any of our youth spell?

Posted by jeff aldridge | Report as abusive

Just another has been American Idol – “2nd Place” Finalist wanting to get as much $$ as possible before people forget who he is… The only reason people even remember who is, is because of his “Preference”

His Goal in Life is to be in your face like Lady Ga Ga and Shock YOU!

How many former American Idol 1st Place Winners are still making money from the Music Biz? Two at best?! How many 2nd Place? Get the Picture!

You’ve had your Fifteen Minutes of Fame… Time to move on to the Next Big Thing!

Posted by Adam "Lame" Bert | Report as abusive

Ask yourself this question: Will I be singing – listening these songs 30 years from now… NOT!!!

Nothing about these songs are Memorable… Not One!!

Only a True Artist has Longevity and Mr. “Lame” Bert doesn’t have what it takes!

Why do you think Freddy Mercury is still Loved by so many people? Because he was No Kidding a “TRUE Star” with Longevity not a Hyped up Hollywood Generated Star… like Mr. “Lame” Bert.

Have we gotten that Gullible??? You must be drinking the Hollywood Kool-Aid like the Rest of the “Lame Bert” fans on this post!

Posted by One Hit Wonders | Report as abusive

Adam is by far the best all around! I can not figure out how Chris ever got it. I guess anything can happen when a person is allowed to vote hundreds of times!

Posted by Linda Holmes | Report as abusive

Adam has the most phenomenal voice around right now, his new single is a brilliant dance song! I’m so looking forward to all the other songs on the album. Just listening to Adam sing is a huge treat, no matter the genre. It makes me laugh people making judgments over songs they haven’t even heard yet. Adam is the most talented singer and performer to ever come out of idol. There has been a few excellent singers from idol, but nobody that can sing & entertain like Adam!

Posted by Teddie | Report as abusive

I will be buying every album Adam Lambert releases. He has the greatest voice I’ve heard in decades – haven’t been this enthused about a new artist in forever!

Posted by Jaeo | Report as abusive

Adam lambert is brilliant! he has hit a hurdle, but only due to damn idiots having nothing better to do other than running someone down – could you imagine being married to any of these negative people… The thought horrifies me !! If you don’t like something you just don’t buy it.


Of course I will be buying Adam’s. This will be his first CD and it will blow us out of water!!! I am sure many more albums will be coming from this phenomenal artist!!! He’s truly a rare gem to hit the music world and I’m lovin’ it!!!!

Kris has nothing for me to comment on except his ridiculous fans who loving trolling stories about Adam!

Posted by Mel | Report as abusive

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