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Miley slips from teen idol perch — but does it matter?

October 28, 2009

Miley Cyrus’s status as a teen idol has taken a knock in a poll of teens and tweens, reflecting the tough time many celebrities have making the transition from child star to a young woman. But is she really the worst celebrity influence — on tweens — of the year?miley-2

The poll of 9-15 year olds on the web site seemed to suggest that Miley’s star might be fading after a roller-coaster three-year reign as one of the most popular teens in the world.

In some unsettling results, Miley was deemed to have a worse influence on her younger fans than the likes of Kanye West — who was almost universally condemned for hijacking Taylor Swift’s moment of glory at the MTV Video Music Awards in September — and Britney Spears — a sad example of the price of huge fame at an early age.

But Miley’s standings in the role model stakes don’t seem to be hurting her popularity. Her “Hannah Montana” show is still bringing in bumper ratings for Disney Channel and her latest single “Party in the USA” (the one that caused the fuss about pole dancing) is currently No.2 on the iTunes download charts.

So can Miley be seen as a bad influence but still retain her global popularity, or has she been overtaken by Taylor Swift?

And why do you think she has slipped so far in the opinion of the young fans who helped to rocket her to fame?


Taylor swift sucks

Posted by sharon | Report as abusive

Seems the poll contradicts real life. I think the poll needs to be questioned.

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

this just makes me sick that people r so blind miley is a sweetheart an honest, down to earth girl who makes mistakes just like the rest of a us do and that how u learn. people r so busy looking at people from the outside instead of the inside like the 2 fakes and phony selena and taylor people need to wake up.

Posted by leah | Report as abusive

This poll doesn’t mean anything. Miley Cyrus is a fantastic person and entertainer and a lot of girls look up to her. She hasn’t done anything so bad to make her a bad influence. It seems if your last name is Cyrus, there are a lot of jealous people out there trying to knock you down. I am proud to say I am a huge fan of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Posted by Charma | Report as abusive

All I’m saying is “Where there is smoke, there must be fire”. Too many contradictions in her stories, too many actions not consistent with her words, and too much silence after the contradictions come to light. I love Miley, glad she is so popular, but she makes being a fan very challenging, until you listen to her sing.

Posted by Trusting | Report as abusive

I believe that Hannah Cyrus, or miley Montana or whoever, is the product of her father’s, (Billy Ray Cyrus, or Billy Ray Montana)shortcoming’s as a former “Star” She is the worst actress and really not that good of a performer in music. She’s cute, but so is my puppy! So really, why is she famous? I beleive that she is confused, what really is the “Best of Both Worlds, is that Kentucky and Hollywood?

Posted by brandon | Report as abusive

I overlook most of the hatred and shock-value media stories. Much more concerned with the fact that Miley has raised millions of dollars for children suffering with cancer – really couldn’t care less if people worry themselves sick about such things as a supposed “pole dance” or an eye gesture.

Posted by Travis Brody | Report as abusive

i think that Taylor has always been over Miley. Not that i don’t like Miley i just like Taylor way more. Miley should be left alone. she is trying to be a teen and a role model and that can be hard. she has gone from a child to a teen and she needs to make mistakes, that’s life. as long as those mistakes aren’t to big.


Posted by kati | Report as abusive

i think mileys underestimated. shes a great singer/ songwriter. a beleivable actress in comedy or serious. how she can be compared to kanye west is beyond me. shes never stolen someones award moment or swore in her film clips. hes an idiot. mileys done well with what shes had to deal with at her age. she gives her everything at all of her concerts. payed for or free. i like her and hope to see plenty more movies of her and hear plenty more songs from her. go for it miley.


This poll you cite as the basis for this story is a garbage AOL poll that cannot discern whether the person voting is a teen or not and does not restrict multiple voting visits. To portray such a flawed poll as evidence that her fan base has turned on her and thinks she is a bad influence is nonsense.

Miley Cyrus is giving a dollar from each concert ticket sold on her VERY POPULAR nationwide tour to charity.

That’s what a REAL role model does.

Posted by bruce | Report as abusive

I think Miley was great, but she is getting tire dof the sweet little girl. Last year her concert rocked. This year (saw it 2 weeks ago in Dallas) minimal songs we knew, the rest was hard rock crap.

Oh well, daughter is moving to Taylor Swift as someone she likes musically.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Miley just performed in Minneapolis last night, and the reviews were lukewarm. While she is obviously intelligent and talented, her rush to become an “adult” at not-quite-seventeen is turning a lot of people off. She is a public example of the premature sexualization of young women, who are pushed into stilettos and hot pants and pelvic grinds at younger and younger ages. Not many parents are pleased with the thought of their little tween using makeup, dressing provocatively and singing mature lyrics to emulate their Disney queen. Of course, there is big money to be made by tilting Miley away from her adoring girl fans toward a new category of hormonal male fans. We can see where that leads in the recent sagas of Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan.

Posted by Bunnie Watson | Report as abusive

she’s not the worst influance of the year so shut youre mouth if you say she is because she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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