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“This Is It.” Michael Jackson’s final bow. … Or is it?

October 28, 2009

jackson7Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” finally opened in Los Angeles on Tuesday night to a packed house with many stars in attendance, including Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and his brothers who formed the old Jackson 5.  You can read about the movie here and here.

The film had been described as a sort of mix between documentary of his last rehearsals for his “This Is It” concerts and a concert film. It was made from some 80 hours of videos made during those rehearsals that took place only days before his sudden death on June 25.

The movie shows Jackson working with his singers, dancers and musicians, showing them just exactly how he wanted each dance and each tune to play out onstage. At one point, director Kenny Ortega asks him how he’ll know a certain cue for a movement if he can’t see a movie screen behind him and at first Jackson seems surprised at the question. Then, he calmly answers, “I gotta feel it.”

And in the audience, you understand that, in fact, feeling it is exactly howjackson8 he performed. Leaving the theater, several audience members were also struck by the notion that even though “This Is It” has been billed as the King of Pop’s final performance, somehow, there’s much more of Michael Jackson to come. He is said to have written numerous songs that were never recorded, and his songs like “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” and “Man in the Mirror” will no doubt be re-recorded and re-mixed and re-staged numerous times in the future.

So, really, is ”This Is It” really it? Or will the King of Pop live on?


The film was fantastic! I felt as though I was watching a concert…sometimes as though I was in the room. His talents were many….I asked a friend how much the concert tickets were….just seeing the preview to the show made me realize that he was literally going all out to put on this show.It was good to see his raw talent, his great gifts, and Michael Jackson as a performer and as a man. So gifted and yet, so tortured. I will truly miss him and am so glad that there is so much of his gift left behind.

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He will, He is more alive than many more existing so called artists wannabe. & He will remain alive. Noone after Michael.

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We can only hope, I know in my heart and mind Michael will live on as long as I do. I always felt a special connection, just wondering did people really want to know him and love him, or did the just, “Want”. To often superstars are forgotten to be human too. I felt he always had a sense of loneliness, and I,like many others I am sure, wish I could have met him and let him know that I cared about him for the awesome person he was and not the popularity that was put on him and invaded his privacy so many times. God speed Michael and may God bless us all in the memory of him. Peace


i am so happy that michals famliy let all of us fans see him one more time. i am a 41 year old white female who loved mj and i have turned my girls into mj they love him to my one girl says to me ” mommy hes so pretty ” i say to her”he was more than pretty he was king” he helped all the children nobody cared about. always love for you mj. always raeleigha

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I think this is not MJ’s final work.Several of his works will appear in the future.RIP Michael Jackson my favourite artist of all times.Berhanu TessemaAddis AbabaETHIOPIA.

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II have always been a huge michael jackson fan. I just came from seeing this film. It was phenominal!!! I felt as though I was at a live concert (oh how I wish). This film was a beautiful tribute to michael. He was in such good shape and seemed to be in good spirits. I recommend all michael jackson fans go see this film. If you haven’t seen it already just wait until you see his moves for billie jean. Mind blowing!!!! RIP Michael. I will miss you forever.

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Thank you Kenny Ortega, Jackson family and AEG for showing us how truly gifted Michael was. I have been a lifelong fan, and was one of the truly blessed to have seen him perform in person. I know LaToya expressed concern that Michael may not have wanted the public to see his practice footage as it was not the perfect, final performances we were used to seeing, but I believe that this tribute was worthy of him. I always knew he was unearthly talented, but to finally see the process, love,dedication and care that he gave to both his team and to us, his adoring public, gave me an insight and new respect that I never could have had without seeing it firsthand. It is one thing to believe that he did this; it’s quite another to see if for oneself. The whole thing made me cry for the loss the world has had to endure. He was pure in spirit; that much is abundantly clear, and I for one will miss him forever. Thank you Michael, for being with me through all the wonderful and painful moments of my life, and for giving my children and I the enduring gift of your music.Yvette Dinvaut, New Orleans, LA


I have not yet seen the movie & am not sure it will even be here in Wisconsin where I am at, I certainly hope so, I want to see it & I don’t, as I know i will shed many tears knowing this was Michael’s final moments with us. Like others said, i’m sure there is a whole body of work out there yet we haven’t heard, i hope so. He was my favorite male singer/performer/humanitarian. There will never be anyone quite like the wonderful, awesome soul that was Michael. I really think Michael had a pure soul, the closest anyone can that is born of this Earth. I so wish I could have met him, i felt a bond with him back when he put out Thriller. He left me breathless, I actually had a crush on him, not the sort where you want to sleep with him, just thought, he was someone i wanted to spend time with & get to know, hold his hand & just be with him. Michael was someone who really didn’t fit in with the world very well,(as I don’t for many reasons also), as witnessed by the torture & torment the poor man was put thru, false accusations. How anyone could have believed the things he was accused of is beyond me. How humiliating that must have been for a shy man. I know he’s in a better place & not suffering, but i miss him so much, and will until the day i die & can meet him then. I do not believe in a ‘hell’ as so many do, i believe that is here on Earth, a place where for some reason we are here to see how much pain we can take, i guess. I think Michael took prescriptions for pain, yes, & prob did have trouble sleeping due to the pressure he was under, not guilt, and unfortunately, this is prob what killed him. I don’t judge him & i totally related to him on so many levels. Michael, i know you can hear & see us all, and just know that I (and many others) love you so much, and if i could just see you one time before i die to see you in ‘heaven’, I would give you the biggest hug to last until then, & tell you how much i love you as the sweetest soul that i think ever walked this Earth. My heart will always be with you. I love you forever, Michael, I will see you in heaven, wherever or whatever that may be. You are missed unbearably…i think of you every single day & listen to your music OFTEN. Love you always…from someone who i feel understood you very well, i think. RIP my friend, you deserve every happiness now. I just wish it wouldn’t have took death for that to happen for you.




The two hours watching “This is It” were probably the most momentous ones in my life. I am 50 plus and I am not an overly emotional guy. But it seemed like I was sitting around MJ while he danced and practiced and spoke and created magic….. I sat with tears freely flowing down my face as the tragedy of his life and death overcame me.His softness and humility and his genius was there for us to see as we have never seen before. He was there without his stage-mask, just another human being but with the power to change and move this world.

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MJ was a legend. Only his movies can bring in such a huge response that its producer, Sony, is looking for ‘This is also it’ – a sequel of the current movie.


Those who have relationships with millions are often alone. And what is left afterwards are their stories – written in books, made into movies…… I personally think ‘This is it’ is an irony of what we see and what we precieve. Sad end though.


Seeing this film only confirms that MJ, without any doubt, is the greatest performer who ever lived. His moves, his talent, his ideas, his presence is just magical. His music and legacy will live on and on…Long live the King of Pop!!! Bravo!!!

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LOVED THIS FILM! as i knew i would, how can u not if u love Michael Jackson already? I kept callin it a concert. I told people, i’m going to a concert tonight, i mean a movie. hehehe :) It was my highlight for the year, but at the same time, a tremendous overwhelming sadness…that WAS it. The last time we can see this incredible, amazing, beautiful, exquisite…there aren’t enough words in the world for Michael to b described with, there never was, and there never will b. Perfection is a good word:) ur music will continue to surprise and take over people who have yet to discover u and cherish. As I always have, for 20 years :)I love u MJJ!

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Absolutely awesome to have seen THIS IS IT. I recommend it to all MJ fans. Talent is the word, MJ was truly a pop idol.VicEast Africa, Kenya

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Saw the movie twice already. Yes I am an old school MJ fan age 60 and proud of it! The audience is almost spellbound, no one is disrespectful in any way!Still praying for all members of his family and friends that they will be in peace and harmony together. Big hugs to Momma Katherine!Los Angeles Redd

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