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“Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert debuts new single

October 31, 2009

lambertSinger Adam Lambert has graduated from “American Idol,” ended his flirtation with classic rock band Queen and now he has one message for his fans, “Baby, do what I say.”

That last quote among the lyrics from Lambert’s new single “For Your Entertainment,” the title track from his upcoming album. The album comes out on Nov. 23, but the single came out on Friday, debuting on “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest’s L.A. radio station. It’s now playable at Lambert’s official website. To listen, click here.

The single features lyrics like the following, “Let’s go/ It’s my show/ Baby, do what I say” and the equally assertive, “Oh, do you know what you got into?/ Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?/ Because it’s about to get rough for you/ I’m here for your entertainment.”

You can say this for Adam, he’s not shy.adam-lambert

The singer with a penchant for flashy costumes and eye makeup, who finished second this year on “Idol” to Kris Allen, appears on the cover of his forthcoming debut album looking glamorous and ladylike, and even somewhat resembling pop star Rihanna. The openly gay Lambert said that the cover shot was meant to look “campy” and “ridiculous.”

Lambert declared recently that “glam is back” when the cover art was unveiled. How long has glam rock been gone? Most people would say it didn’t last much past the early 1980s, so back when MTV was still known for playing music videos, and Ozzy Osbourne was known as the “Prince of Darkness,” instead of as the star of  reality show “The Osbournes.”

Can Glambert revive the music popularized by the likes of the New York DollsDavid Bowie and his heroes, Queen? Or will the music start to fade like so much old make-up?


As much as I LOVE Adam’s beautiful voice, and care nothing about his personal lifestyle whatsoever, I am having trouble actually identifying his voice in his single “For Your Entertainment”. Perhaps this is just another leaf to this multi-talented guy’s tree. Just wish I could hear more of Adam’s beautiful voice above the music.

Posted by adamsapple | Report as abusive

For Your Entertainment is incredible – it’s the perfect mix of glam and pop and and dance and naughty.

Love it!

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

Congradulations Adam, love the single, Come to Australia quick!! We want to see you live.


I LOVE Adam! The single is awesome!

Posted by L | Report as abusive

ouch adam can and is better than this i am not complaining and will buy and listen to Adams music regardless but he is better than this. The beat of this music reminds me of a lot of music I have heard lately Adam needs giant ballads and great great writers that want to turn their work into gold easily choose adam. he can sing but this stuff i think like the movie he needs great great ballads moving forward.


The beat is infectious, the tune is catchy, and the lyrics are hot, hot, hot. Sounds like a hit to me.

Posted by WitchyWoman | Report as abusive

This is a very sexy song from a VERY sexy man. Adam Lambert is the most incredibly talented singer I’ve ever heard!

Posted by Edam | Report as abusive

What a piece of work this article is. Adam Lambert is on his way to superstardom as all the media hype and his pre-ordered sales show. To compare him to Ozzy Osbourne shows just how uninformed and lame you, as a media person are. Perhaps you could write a real article about this multi talented performer and the excitement he is creating,not only in his fan base, but in the music industry. And, we know he is gay, so what? Prove yourself a real journalist and write something substantial, not stupid crap that he’s openly gay and old make-up. It’s articles like this that give journalism a bad name.

Posted by Chris Rowe | Report as abusive

Hey Preston, don’t forget Adam has a whole album coming out in a few weeks. There will be ballads lol

But really, I like this kind of music a whole lot more than sappy ballads that just show off his range. He can do that, too, but this is the kind of music that will be a hit and get people excited. This is what I was expecting from Adam, knowing what he was working on immediately pre-Idol with his digital glitter project, and I absolutely love it! I love when he rocks out, but I also wanna be able to get up and dance!

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

I expected better than this. Good song for the club scene
but nothing different from the the top 40 stuff we hope to get away from through Adam’s talent. This song reminds me a lot of Britney Spear’s Womanizer. Only way way better vocals. Adam can do much better than this.
He may not want to sing for Queen, but he should get some advice from them. His vocal abilities is way too good for this type of music.

Posted by Skeptic | Report as abusive

Yeah, we finally got to hear some real Adam music instead of a cover. The single is great. I can’t wait to get the cd on 11/23.

Posted by Galeeb | Report as abusive

Adam’s official fansite Adamoffical is selling the MP3 download there so I bought it. I’ve spun it a couple of dozen times and you can’t sit still while listening to it. It has a dance beat to it. I like the lyrics too.

Posted by Lindajean139 | Report as abusive

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can he get any sexier I am shivering all over and freaking out BIG TIME. I love this song, and it’s just time for our big Halloween party!!! Yes yes yes, Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga songs all night for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world is in your hands Adam baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by OMGOMGOMG | Report as abusive

I think Adam Lambert is awesome and no matter how “theatrical” he is, were all going to love his voice, his unique sounds and his music.

He is getting loads of attention by his album cover, and the great part will be when we hear his music, it will probably blow us all away. :)


you have to listen to the tune at adam official to really get to hear adam’s voice over the electro pop music. if you listen to it anywhere else, his voice is overwhelmed by the electronics. love adam , love his music.

Posted by 2t2tag | Report as abusive

This is a terrific dance your butt off song. Lambert’s voice doesn’t get a real workout until the bridge, but it’s worth the wait. I suspect the label chose the most radio friendly song from the album for the single rather than the one that truly showcased his vocals because they’re actually interested in making money. But in an interview, Lambert called the tracks on his album “eclectic” so I’m betting there will something for everyone, including at least a handful that really allow him to let loose with that voice. But for now, For Your Entertainment is a fun, sexy earworm that I hope starts playing in clubs soon so I can shake my little butt to it.

Posted by Mel | Report as abusive

I agree –so far the single and the American Idol singles do not show off his incredible voice. I want to hear him! Raw!

Posted by J. | Report as abusive

The lyrics are hot. The beat is infectious. I’m enjoying more than I thought I would. Now looking for more rock edge for his cd. He is such a multi-dimensional musical genius!

Posted by Dorena | Report as abusive

Wow, Adam is turning up the heat, and in a sexy, cool way. I love his new single. He has so much to say and to offer the world. He is a powerful force and will take us for an amazingly wild ride. Fantastic job Adam, you are the best. Can’t wait to experience everything you have to offer!!

Posted by Mona | Report as abusive

I love Adam’s single. I can’t wait to hear the rest of his album!

Posted by racbec | Report as abusive

Downloaded this from Adam Official for $1.29 – do it – on an iPod it’s incredible. Lambert’s voice front and center, not like on the YouTube vids. Guy’s a marvel.

Posted by Leigh | Report as abusive

Love the new single.

You didn’t let me down buddy!!

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Fantastic electro Pop song. I am so glad he is doing some music in this genre because it will get him radio play (and it sells). Really edgy and sexy – nobody can do it like Adam!! Just can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us. You know he will do an eclectic album so there will be something for everyone and something to surprise us no doubt – it is Adam after all. Adam Rocks!!

Posted by Janis | Report as abusive

This song is a catchy dance tune that I predict will get a lot of airplay. That after all is what all artists need whether they are established artists or new kids on the block. ADAM has the vocals to sing some power rock ballads (TFM) or songs that can make you cry (Mad World). Right now airplay is most important so he chose the right song for his single. I am waiting for his album … ADAM said there is something for everyone and ADAM NEVER DISAPPOINTS. IMO

Posted by terie | Report as abusive

Love it…Love it…Love it!!!!!

Posted by maryann | Report as abusive

What is odd is that on Idol Adam ‘acted’ like he was a rocker, but in reality the real rocker was Allison. People got behind Adam thinking he was going to do a rock cd, but it turned out to be sugary Pop. I am glad I choose the real deal and not the faux rocker.

Posted by Xenia | Report as abusive

Adam is in a league of his own. The best male pop/rock singer to come around in ages. He has a voice like no other. He is also an awesome performer, can sing in any genre, and is downright gorgeous. The best single in years!

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

ADAM electrified his audience with his Black or White performance with his dancing moves. So the danceable beat of FYE is just PERFECT as ADAM’s debut single for airplay. It’s perfect for his anticipated performance for AMA awards night. I’m sure he will excite, thrill and electrify the AMA audience again. And his first single of TFM satisfies those who want to hear him as a rocker and those who loves his soaring vocals. So far, ADAM has given his diverse fans ‘Satisfaction’ for their expectations. There’s buffet for everyone.

Posted by Angel | Report as abusive

I like the single a lot and it will likely get a lot of airplay. I was disappointed somewhat because you could hardly tell it was Adam. Unless you were a diehard Adam fan, you wouldn’t recognize it as Adam. It sounds like everyone else currently on the pop scene.

Posted by Miyan | Report as abusive

i’m a true glambert but this sounds like the rest of the pop music on the charts… it’s ok.. but i was expecting something different because he said his music would be different. hope there are some rock songs where he really uses his voice on the rest of the album. to me, this did not showcase his best voice. if the rest of the cd is like this, i won’t be buying it.

Posted by Andrea | Report as abusive

ok, the more i listen to it, the more i love it. i still hope there are songs on the cd without all the electronic stuff that distorts his voice. he’s definitely diversified. bring it on adam!

Posted by Andrea | Report as abusive

We already have Britney, why do we want a guy version of her? The song is just like Gaga, Britney and other songs like that.

Posted by Wan Li | Report as abusive

I love the song it is new and different! Adam also has a power rock ballad out Time for Miracles. He has said the album would have all different genres. I am really looking forward to his album Nov 23. Whoever made the comment regarding Allison being the rocker must not of heard her single release -it is more pop and definitely not rock.

Posted by jen | Report as abusive

In reading some of these reviews it blows my mind. First of all you can’t judge a CD by one song. As Adam has said if you follow him at all…there is something for everyone on the CD and yes he will be doing Rock type songs on it. If you go listen to the song he is doing that Muse wrote you will see. People are always so quick to judge without knowing the rest. This particular song that has been released is catchy and will definitely get airplay because yes people this is the kind of music played on the radio today whether you like it or not. Adam isn’t totally a rock singer he will sing anything and everything as depicted in his song Time for Miracles which has the Bon Jovi type feel to it. He is going to entertain us with a variety of music and not stick to one genre…he is very marketable at the moment. So sit back and wait for the Adam storm to start brewing.


Love it!!!!!!

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Adam did not disappoint. He is awesome and has said that this new album with have something for everyone. There will be rock for those that expect it and this electric, sexy, wiggle your butt music that we just heard. I don’t care what he sings, the phone book, ABC, I will support and buy whatever it is because he is a rare talent with charisma and to top it all off he’s a really nice guy. Way to go Adam!!

Posted by LA | Report as abusive

SO DISAPPOINTING! The words are a horror. Unless your into S&M, this is NOT For My Entertainment, very disappointing from someone who could sing rock, power ballads and MJ like no other – this is the great deceiver!

Posted by Gillian | Report as abusive

I have tried to listen to the song a few times, but end up zoning out about half way through. If this is supposed to shock and titilate me, it is a fail.

Posted by Valerie | Report as abusive

Hate it. It is a waste of Adam’s talent and his wonderful voice. Greatly disappointing in it’s cheapo-sounding ricky-ticky-tackyiness. 180 from what I was expecting.

Posted by cacatua | Report as abusive

Just heard demo of Lady Gaga’s FEVER song for Adam. It’s a better danceable tune than FYE. I just hope the production will be less of the electro pop and will have more of the sound of Adam’s vocals that we recognize. But the more I listen to FYE, it gets better. The trouble is I never go for the Britney’s over produced sound why Adam’s singing got me excited about music again.

Posted by Angel | Report as abusive

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! its catchy, and so so dancey!
JUST what he promised! i cant wait for the album! my fav track so far by all the idols from Season 8!!!

Posted by reggie | Report as abusive

WELL! This one caught me by surprise, as did Adam’s Pop Pop Goes the Camera. When I first listened to PPGC I thought –what?!!!! But now I love it, as I’m sure I’ll love this one once I get used to the sound, after all, it’s Adam –finally!!!!!

Posted by Grambert1877 | Report as abusive

I love FYE and TFM. Adam is so versatile. I can’t stop playing FYE and I am anxiously awaiting the new CD. Adam rocks!!

Posted by jen | Report as abusive

I don’t like electro-pop; and i am sad that this first song minimizes his voice, which is his powerpoint….having said all this, this song GROWS on you! It is catchy, danceable and lots of fun. Hope he has a lot of diversity, tho; I want to hear his VOICE.


Absolutely LOVE this song! It will be huge on the rado and just what he needs to break away from Idol. Go Adam!!

Posted by sami | Report as abusive

I love this song! It will def. be radio friendly and get played in the clubs a lot! There hasn’t been a male glam pop star in forever! GO ADAM!!

Posted by Teddie | Report as abusive

For Your Entertainment is brilliant, love it. Time For Miracles is awesome. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. The Cover? Totally flawless. The music world has got a player in YOU.

Posted by Elise | Report as abusive

This single is catchy and definitely growing on me. ‘Don’t want to see him labeled as the guy Gaga-cause I’m gaga for him and his rock styles. He can do it all! I predict he’ll have hits with many vibes. Love following his career! Go Adam!

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

I think both TFM anf FYE are great starts to a very long and interesting career. Adam knows how to get your attention – he proved that on Idol and hasn’t missed a beat since. Can’t wait to see how many awards he’s up for this time next year!

Posted by Jaeo | Report as abusive

Wasn’t sure at first but now I love the new song. I just want to dance around the room to it and can’t wait to work out to it. I can’t wait for his cd so I can hear more of his beautiful voice.

Posted by lori | Report as abusive

Looks like Adam did it again! “For Your Entertainment” is awesome…but seems a bit fetish…no doubt. Much prefer this to his “Time for Miracles”. The latter seems overdone -over mixed, ‘something’… the music is too loud for his vocals on ‘that’ and his voice seems overly cleaned up. I prefer the more raw Adam sound.

“For Your Entertainment” is one of those sounds you just can’t get enough of right from first hearing — or you are probably so shocked you are either turned off or blushing.

As for me — Adam could keep performing this type of music and I would be happy. It is different, edgy and glam rock is definitely back!

Caesi Bevis, Editor, Rave! Entertainment


I would have never said that I was a fan of pop music. I am certain that I will be a fan of everything Adam does. I think he is brilliant as an artist and in knowing just what to do, how to do it and in what order. This song perfectly describes what I see and feel and hear and love in Adam. Any Florida fans, go to my website and join our group, Florida Glambs International. We want to cover the world with glitter.


I think Adam’s single fell far far too short of his obvious talent. Adam has enormous talent – and this does not show it at all. I had hoped that Adam would have continued in the Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love fashion he exhibited in the AI tour – the moves, the sound, the voice – were all there – I am sorry to think that Adam is going to lose a huge part of his fan base to this mostly over produced “music” and lack of showcasing ADAM LAMBERT’s larger than life talent that could be, and was expected to be, up there with the likes of classics – - Queen, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, etc. Talking of being a “Britney” tune, or a “Christina” tune – not shooting high enough Adam – you’re in a different league.

Posted by Mandy | Report as abusive

I loved Time for Miracles immediately and think that it really shows off the beauty of Adam’s voice. For Your Entertainment took me a little bit to appreciate. Once I heard the lyrics (so HOTTT) I really fell for this song too. I just wish that we could hear more of Adam’s absolutely georgous voice throughout this single. The background is a little too loud.

Posted by Adam Phan From Philly | Report as abusive

I find the song way over produced and generic. I expected more than him sounding like a male Brittany.

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

I love ” Time for Miracles, but find ” For your Entertainment” a little too wild for my taste.

Posted by Kareen | Report as abusive

You cannot please everyone, every time. I agree it is a bit over produced but it’s a dance song. I actually think FYE is the perfect first single. It’s ment to get pople’s attention! I think it does that! The lyrics are great! I cannot wait for Adam’s CD! I am sure there will be songs I like, songs I love and maybe even some I do not like but I am behind him 100% and then some! And I love the cover! Again, it’s ment to get people’s attention! We all know how gorgous Adam is! A cover with just him looking gorgous…just wouldn’t be creative enough and if there is one thing Adam is, it is creative! I hope he takes the music world by storm and has immense success! I do not know anyone who deserves it more!

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

This is music for the young and those who like to dance. His voice and interpretation here will be no surprise to those who have followed his career and what he’s said about the music he’d like to offer. Listen to the Brazen version of “What’s Love Got to Do with It” – Adam (pre-Idol) and the last minute which is similar to FYE.

Posted by Leigh | Report as abusive

This is music for the young and those who like to dance. His voice and interpretation here will be no surprise to those who have followed his career ( Quoting)

Not sure this is true because I am a fan who think this is way over produced and many on his boards are not liking the first single or the cover.

Posted by evan | Report as abusive

I am so excited to finally hear 2 new songs from Adam. I have to say that I wasn’t sure about FYE right away but the more I hear it, the more I like it. And TFM is great,with his tremendous, emotional voice. After I read that Adam purposely made his album art campy on purpose,that made me feel better and reminded me that he has a reason for his song choices, song types, etc. He wants us to guess what he’s up to! I do hope that I hear his voice in other songs but let’s dance to FYE till we drop to the floor !

Posted by MaryKay | Report as abusive

perfect debut, great beats and great vocals. couldnt ask for more. PLEASE stop the horrid britney comparisonS! this is like X10000000000 better!!!! N he sounds different than lady gaga too,so he deserves loads of credit! go adam!

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

perfect debut, great beats and great vocals. couldnt ask for more. PLEASE stop the horrid britney comparisonS! this is like X10000000000 better!!!! N he sounds different than lady gaga too,so he deserves loads of credit! go adam!

I do not agree.It is over produced just like Brittany`s music sounds.I would never be able to tell this was Adam if someone had not told me.

Posted by evan | Report as abusive

I always know someone is a troll when they post something like, “I am a huge Adam and I expected to like this but I am really disappointed”. Haters love to start a comment this way because it makes it sound like, gosh darn, I really wish I could like it, but i just can’t. I know these people are fakes. That being said, I love this single and it’s so much fun to listen to. My favorite part is the last minute or so when Adam sings in his upper register. It’s a blast, and so is he!

Posted by sonia | Report as abusive

The song is a joke right? I kept hearing that Adam was going to re-invent the music industry. Well frankly I don’t see it. I just see another over processed male version of Britney Spears.

Posted by Calvin | Report as abusive

Here comes the one SERIAL HATER blogger again! Posting same hate blogs one after another with different names from before because IT has been found out. Why, no news from your engineered idol winner? Bitterest ENVY is drowning you in MISERY. Accept title means nothing in the real world which Adam rules.

Posted by XYZ | Report as abusive

Adam looks like Kelly Osbourne in top photo. He is already over the hill. How old is he? Like 30? He is too old to be a raising star. Plus he is not fit, but he is heavy.

Posted by Ninotoy | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert has it all, great looks, sex appeal and the most incredible voice I’ve ever heard!!!LOVE the new songs, can’t wait to hear his entire album.

Posted by ekl | Report as abusive

I like the song, its a combo of Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga.

Posted by TJ | Report as abusive

Oh no! Not you again ninotoy/nino/whatever your name is! Don’t you have anything better to do than searching for Adam Lambert articles and spreading hate?

For Your Entertainment is SOOOO GOOOOD! It’s catchy, fun. . . and that voice! Love it!

Posted by marlock276 | Report as abusive

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