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Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” was it at box offices

November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson movie “This Is It” has finally come, but it is not quite gone — not yet.jackson6

In fact Columbia Pictures, the movie studio behind the film that looks at Jackson’s rehearsals for the London concerts that were to have been his comeback, said on Sunday it would extend the run in theaters.

The movie turned in a solid, if less than spectacular, debut at theaters around the world this weekend. Its total ticket sales since its debut last Wednesday are $101 million — $32.5 million in the U.S. and Canada and another $68.5 million. You can read about the box office here and a review here. And if you want to watch what some moviegoers had to say about “This Is It,” click below.


Yeah the movie was great, but now we are able to order it on Dvd-blu ray. I wonder how much more money would that bring in the movie gross.


i think this movie is fantastic, great to see how he prepares all aspects, the energy that he had, all the talent, and effort that he was putting into it, the message he was always trying to give the world, human nature,and man in the mirror wowwww


I have to admit I’ve had a few judgments about Michael Jackson but after seeing this behind-the-scenes look at this talented man I set them aside. This guy didn’t look like he was on drugs, tired, or even the slightest bit off beat. His dance moves were absolutely crisp, his tunes tight and his passion at peak levels. Yet, I recognize he was holding back a bit since it was just rehearsal time. It’s sad that a man so consumed with kindness and healing could not do it for himself. His voice and his moves were undoubtedly a gift from God but now God has taken that gift back. By the way, if you see this movie, stay after the credits start toward the end because there’s another bunch of scenes and tunes that half of the theater I was in missed because they left too soon! Great show! Steve Dahl


Very well stated Steve. You summed up a lot of what i was thinking, If that was the rehearsal, imagine what the live show could have been like? Wow.


Iam so excited about waiting the performance in Vietnam, Why is so late in our country :( MJ I luv u. Yo always always incredible!

Posted by Rainy! | Report as abusive

I have seen the movie twice and loved it even more the 2nd time.MJ’s creative genius and natural talents are amazing. He really is such a brilliant entertainer. If only he had the chance to perform his show. It would have been the most spectacular show ever. He was so misunderstood in his lifetime because early success made him so childlike. He was a gently innocent soul who was the target of greedy people his whole life. If you really knew him, you would realize how tragic his life was.

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

MJ had a talent he threw away.. personal responsibility can never be off loaded onto should b another lesson unfortunately that happens too often to talented people..some of his music was outstanding.. others.. mediocre

Posted by joe | Report as abusive

Have you heard of the guitar player Orianthi? She was Michael Jackson’s guitar player for “This Is It!” She is really an amazing guitar player. She has played with everyone from Steve Vai to Santana. If that’s not guitar playing credibility then I don’t know what is. I recently saw a video of her playing the solo for Beat It. She really has it down. She played it so well. Check it out here: emand/music.html?apid=6169&cmp=orianthi.

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This is it, to me was a hit by any standard. Even in death, Michael Jackson was still able to pull massive crowd, he’s a legend in my own opinion. It’s quite painful we had to lose him. I’ll like people to vote for ‘Who is your favourite musician of all time/’ on my blog: http://www.dollarsformyhobbies.blogspot. com. Is it Elvis, M.J, Marley or Brown. Visit http://www.dollarsformyhobbies.blogspot. com to vote now.


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