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Rihanna, Chris Brown set dueling TV interviews

November 5, 2009

rihannaIn what is shaping up as dueling interviews from former lovers whose affair went very wrong, Chris Brown this Friday will give an interview to MTV News talking about his attack on former girlfriend Rihanna. One day earlier, Rihanna will talk to ABC’s Diane Sawyer about the assault that left her bruised and bloody on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February.In excerpts from Brown’s interview released Wednesday by MTV News, Brown said he is “confused right now as far as the public perception of me…I got the people that come out and support me and I got the people who don’t want to see me do anything. They want to see me, kind of, basically, in jail.”Brown’s excerpts follow by one day the release of an interview Rihanna gave to Glamour magazine in which she talked publicly about the incident for the first time. She told Glamour she wanted to alert young women to the “big secret” of abusive relationships. “Teenage girls can’t tell their parents that their boyfriend beats them up…It’s one of the things we (women) hide because it’s embarrassing,” Rihanna said. You can read a story about it here.Brown, 20, already had been interviewed before by Larry King (read aboutbrown1 that here), but the chat with MTV News promises to be even more revealing. It airs on Friday, Nov. 6, at 6 p.m. ET/PT. Rihanna, 21, will talk to Sawyer on ABC’s morning chat show “Good Morning America” on Thursday and Friday.The interviews, not coincidentally, reach fans as both singers promote the release of new albums. They had to talk about the assault at some time — Rihanna to share her side of the assault and Brown to try to redeem himself in the public eye — and promotion seems as good a reason as any for the singers. Brown has already apologized, pleaded guilty to assault and been sentenced to five years probation and community service.Rihanna, whose hit singles include “Umbrella” and “Disturbia,” sees her new CD “Rated R” hit record stores on Nov. 23, and Brown’s record label said on Wednesday that the release of his “Grafitti” has been pushed forward by one week to Dec. 8. He also begins a “Fan Appreciation Tour” on Nov. 14.


She wants to “shed light” on domestic violence but not talk about her own? Court records say she hit Chris in the face “numerous times” before he assaulted her.  /768865/rihanna-hit-chris-brown-firstNo  , that doesn’t justify his much worse violence, but it shouldn’t be ignored either. If she doesn’t woman up and take responsibility for her own violence then her message will be nothing more than the usual one-sided hypocrisy and double standards.”There is no excuse for domestic violence” applies to both men and women. Even minor domestic violence often leads to an escalation.A 32-nation study by the University of New Hampshire found women are as violent and controlling as men in relationships worldwide. m_060519male.cfm?type=nhttp://pubpages.u major study funded by the Centers for Disease Control found confirmed the same thing. nt/full/42/15/31-aIn fact over 200 studies prove this. tmIT IS HYPOCRITICAL TO IGNORE FEMALE VIOLENCE.


I respect all the research you have pulled, Marc A. Again Chris Brown is wrong for putting his hands on Rihanna but I doubt if their relationship was one of non-reciprocal violence.

Posted by tmj | Report as abusive

The first time my boyfriend hits me was when I slap him, I supossed it was my fault because he calls me a whore and I try to “defend myself”, that wasn’t the last time, he was a jealous guy, he also prohibits me to use skirts… Guess you can get the idea.Maybe it’s right, women shouldn’t hit men, but men should understand that they are stronger than women, if the would, they could only grab us and that could finish the fight but they know they’re stronger and that’s a power position.I don’t want to be a victim but I assure you, not only we live always afraid of them, we also believe it’s our fault and that distroys our self-esteem. Also I would be mortified if my photos (of the assault) were everywhere. Would Chris Brown accept that in his family? Would he accept that to be normal?

Posted by Ita | Report as abusive

How do either of you know what went on in that car? Those wounds on Chris Brown’s face could have been defensive. If you have never been in or witnessed a physically abusive relationship, then you really don’t know what you are talking about. As for Chris Brown scheduling an interview the same time Rihanna is giving an interview, there are two words for that – “damage control”. He has spoken about this in previous interviews, why can’t she speak her piece without distraction, especially since this is her first interview since the assault? It looks rather desperate IMO….

Posted by LML | Report as abusive

There are no court records indicating that Rihanna initiated the violence. There is ‘gossip’ to this effect in various down market media, that is all. Marc A belongs to one of the many loony men’s rights groups which afflict the US and, thankfully, to a lesser extent the UK. The most reliable research continues to demonstrate that men are by far and away the greater perpetrators of violence in heterosexual relationships and the injuries they inflict are more serious.Rihanna’s recent interview was fantastic. I don’t doubt that she will have encouraged other young women to leave abusive relationships, maybe even a few to save their lives.

Posted by amelia | Report as abusive

i do agree on that comment that they both needs to take responsibility of the actions taken that night. men is tronger than women, but thers always a challenge. i think shes trying to get more publicity. i think they both did damage to each other . we always gonna wonder what happen that night their two side of story . but im not ok of what happened.

Posted by jade | Report as abusive

The article that supposedly proves that Rihanna hit Chris Brown several times before he hit her is nothing more than GOSSIP! The actual court documents show that Rihanna did not assault Chris Brown! Do not be fooled by misinformation. Anyway…I think Rihanna is a brave woman for speaking out. She will get a lot of criticism from ignorant people about her choice and her timing, however she has the potential to reach a lot of young women. Clearly a lot of adults are so ignorant that they can excuse Chris Brown’s behavior…so it’s no surprise that many of these young women don’t understand that it’s not right to stay with an abusive man. I hope her story reaches and helps many women out there.

Posted by UCLAdy | Report as abusive

Rihanna is a jealous control-freak, who was abusive towards ChrisBrown months before he finally reacted. She smoked a joint in frontof Chris’s family during last Christmas. She destroyed his expensiverug and flat screen T.V. Beat him because she was jealous of the girlfrom American idol who Chris did a movie with. Chris is a naivetalented kid who didn’t know any better. He should of left her thefirst time she hit him. That’s right Rihanna hit Chris numerous timesbefore Chris finally had enough and retaliated.Chris Brown is not an abusive man, he is just a man who got intounhealthy relationship with an unhealthy person. Rhianna is not avictim and she should stop acting like one. She should tell thetruth. Let me tell you something ladies I don’t believe in hittingwomen but if you hit me I might have a weak moment and react. Soladies realize it works both ways. Women do not have the right to hita man either and I want to know why people don’t talk about that. Iknow Chris’s family and don’t agree with them not telling the wholestory but that’s the kind of good people they are. Chris would rathertake the fall than come out with the truth and make Rihanna look bad.I hope he changes his mind.

Posted by dantana | Report as abusive

I love that Rihanna is speaking out now. I’m so impressed how she chose to be selfless and leave CB (I won’t even say his name..) She’s grown and is turning out to be a great role model for young women today.I love the RIHANNA AMBER ALERT called out on her; back when this happened. It was great foreshadowing of her today! You should definitely check it out! -in-photo/powder-blue-bowties-bull-a-rih anna-amber-alert/

Posted by AJ | Report as abusive

YES! I am so happy that there are other intelligent people out there who realize that the “she hit him first” information is GOSSIP. Here ( 03/05/brown.warrant.pdf ) is the only court document in this case and NO WHERE does it say that she hit him first. Therefore, these “reports” that you loons keep stating as fact that she hit him ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND… explain that.

Posted by Nicole | Report as abusive

First of all, WOOPDY DOO! court this court that, who hit who no one cares they only care about who started the fight, it should have got caught on cheaters for real that would have been funny, I saw the interview and to tell you the truth Rihanna looked like she was lying up a huge storm while Chris is fighting for his career and life, From her being upset over a text message! That is evidence alone of her being a jealous person. Lets get one thing straight if a man gets hit by a women believe me defense is a must cause women throw everything, But i do believe that Chris had all the the right moves puting her in a head lock and shoving her against the window while driving a $200,000 dollar car sounds like a smart guy, did the car get hurt, Bottom line if you hit me i will hit you back, remember when women wanted equal right in america, well there you go dumb dumbs.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Grow up boys.. he was in control and should be able to handle his emotions. Probation will provide some structure and if not, lock him up. It is not safe for the public to have an adolescent walking around as a very wealthy adult.

Posted by Terry | Report as abusive

To Marc A: Did you read the article you provided a link for? You say ‘court records’ and they are never mentioned in the linked article. In fact, it states that Brown’s lawyer wanted to use news reports that she ‘lashed out at him’. Do you know what that meens Mac A? It’s a reference to the verbal fight they were having before he strated to pummel her.He’s a class act alright.. and you’re defending him… dude, get yourself some help before we read about you.

Posted by Terry | Report as abusive

Please take away the comments of fans of each of these personalities, because your opinion is NOT objective. You are a fan and your person can do no wrong in your eyes. That aside, it is now an assault between a man and a woman. Regardless of where you come from, that is not considered third-world, and it is NOT okay for a man to strkie a woman – perhaps that needs to be repeated – it is NOT okay for a man to strike a woman, period. You want to be considered a man, then act like one. You want to fight, fight with a man, experience the pain of what if feels like to get what you give out. Maybe you will think twice if you feel it in return.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

to all who say cb was justified: cb didnt hit her, he beat the crap out of her. maybe ur a wife beater too

Posted by resource joe | Report as abusive

Chris needs to lay low and get himself together, he should spend more time working on himself and going to anger management classes than trying to defend himself in the press. In the ABC interview, Rihanna spoke the truth about what happened that night and there is NOTHING wrong with that. She was articulate, confidant and RIGHT ON about everything. She is one of the most incredible young women in entertainment and has presented herself with grace and strength. And remember, she is only 20 – she is mature far beyond her years. Many people (men included) are proud of her for getting away from him, it’s not easy to leave and it is the best decision she will make in her entire life.


Maybe you all should ask what happened on the beach here in Barbados when some 8 year old girls asked C Brown for an autograph and our sensation was very rude and told them no, they would have to wait until the couple came back from a two hour boat ride. She is selfish of him and needs help, probably more than him.

Posted by Daytona | Report as abusive

This is a typical story and no one knows the truth but them. The truth to each one of them will be different. I didn’t see Chris Brown in a picture with his face swollen and bleeding! He is a man and should treat women as they deserve to be treated. He is a rich kid out of control and it’s too bad these kids are so young acting as if they know how to be adults. They both have a lot to learn and I’m sure this will be a tremendous tool in thier school of hard knock. The truth is thiers to own. It doesn’t matter what the truth is to us it matters that it happened.


Jealousy is not a reason to beat your significant other. Let me clear this up, Rihanna should have just dropped it? And by “it” I mean the text message she found alluding to the fact that he had cheated on her. Yepp, I would guess that would make anyone jealous, not to mention ANGRY. However, the angry one here was CB. He beat her almost to the point of unconsciousness because he didn’t want to own up to his mistake and she didn’t want to drop it until he did. He still doesn’t. He doesn’t mind all you nutso fans out there putting misinformation about what happened and defending his attack because Rihanna is “jealous”. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. There is never a reason to use violence to solve a problem, and if you people seriously think that… well then you should be in anger management classes as well.

Posted by Jealousy | Report as abusive

Two wrongs do not make it right! Both persons involved hitting one another is WRONG! Stay away from one another and grow the f k up for crying out loud and seek counseling. We have much bigger problems in this screwed up world to report on who did what. I am not condoning hitting others as I grew up with that bullshit which left me less than or really fu ed up. So whom ever started it over whatever is totally WRONG for letting it escalate into an all our free for all. Geeezz come on people look up to you.


I am a survivor of domestic violence and I am also a fan of both artist. I believe that Rihanna sincerly loved Chris Brown and I believe he also loved her.There may have been lies told that caused reactions from both parties. What I think is that sometimes you go through things and violence occurs, but at the first sign of physical abuse they should have split because when you forgive the person and stay no matter what they always hit again it can be months weeks even years but once they have been physical they will be again. As a survivor I can honestly say When you get fed up and fight back the abuser gets more outraged because you are finally standing up to them,and there actions are unpreditable. I do not know who hit who its possible she hit him before and that is why he blanked out. It is also possible that he was so outraged thta she was standing up to him and that is why he blacked out. The moral of this story is violence begets violence we need to learn to resolve matters of the heart without it. In the end everything gets ruined in every aspect of your life, and it affects everyone around you.

Posted by YUNGOPTIMISM | Report as abusive

Minorities suffer huge lack of male figures growing up; because of that minorities’ adolescense is much loaded with doubts and wrong options and wrong choices; any young man has heard “women like it rough” at some point growing up; when they have not been taught what is wrong and what is good, many of them may opt to believe “hit girls” is good for instance; Brown’s case is that; he hasn’t had a good male figure. The problem is, that he is stained already; can he clean his act, reflect and stop being a phatso j3rk? Qui lo sa?Behavioral science says he will repeat it. Does he have what it takes to control his internal rage–some even call it “unresolved homosexuality”, to hit a weaker than you, a girl in this case. Ask Brown. Touch him in his buttocks; then check his reaction; if he smiles,… well, ya know…

Posted by Viejo Vizcacha | Report as abusive

Rihanna, if you read this…putting a stop to the violence and coming forward with your experience has sent a very clear message to women that domestic violence is real and not something to be tolerated. you have amazing talent and skill, but there will be some scumbags who will judge you because you were a victim. whatever. just remember, at the end of the day, coming forward has made the world a better place for the next generation of women. and with time, knowing this, the scars inside will hopefully heal.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

Funny how bit*hes get patriotic when a man hits a woman. Yet we got pics of skanky rihanna nude with NO self resect on the internet. I laugh at all the “great role model for young women” comments. THERE IS NO female role model. Hmmm… Haven’t we heard the same about Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and kim Kardashian??Until we women see the end of strip clubs, Hookers, sluts, and females having sex with animals. We will NEVER get the respect we’re searching for.STOP BEING HYPOCRITES.We can’t hit a man and expect him not to hit back.We can’t be dirty strippers and expect not to be harrased.We CANNOT pose nude and slutty and suddenly expect people to have utmost respect for our gender!!!!

Posted by Johanna | Report as abusive

FAR OUT leave Chris Brown alone. He is only human and he is still only yung. Put ya self in his shoes, we all make horrible mistakes in our lives! Although both Chris and Rihanna have spoken out we were not there and we dont know how they feel deep down and we shoudnt be guessing either. You cant change what happened in the past BUT you can help decide what will happen in the future. Chris needs our support and for all ya haters wait to you stuff up bad cuz ima sure you would want people to support you. teamm breezy

Posted by team breezy | Report as abusive

I dont understand why everyone makes a big deal when a famous person is going though any kind of abusive. If it was a person that lived down the road from you would you really make such a huge deal??? You would feel bad and you wouldntThat being said, i dont beleive in a man hitting a women. BUT, i have seen how women push a man to stirke them. When a women is yelling and cursing a man out in the middle of a arguement and then decides to constantly hit a man because thats the only way she feels she could express herself and let out all her anger, she should expect to get hit back. NEVER hit a man like you want to fight if thats not your real intentions. I’ve seen the nicest guys and best boyfriends strike a women, its easy to lose control.In my personal opinion she is not brave, all she did was leave a guy that hit her. But all of a sudden shes winning awards because of it. Women break up wit guys everyday, they werent even together that long to begin with.

Posted by Normal Guy | Report as abusive

well to be honest with everyone when i heard about it i was shocked at first but then i was like oh well i didn’t really care and im not saying it’s ok to hit a woman but honestly when a man hits a woman there’s this whole thing like it’s the end of the world or something but when a woman hits a man they look for every reason y it’s ok to hit a man.. madd people are like chris is this rihanna is this it does not matter no one should put there hands on anyone.. i live in boston and if a girl puts there hands on a boy they do not care that’s a fight and i do not see that all up in the news….so for the media to blow up this whole thing is crazy because we all have serious things to worry about in the world than a couple having problems like that doesn’t happen enough already…. when things happen to celebrities their story has a whole week but for a murder or something like that it takes a day or two and its done,it just shows you that celebrities are favored all of the time i do not hate either of them and i do forgive chris he’s only human and i love the fact that he is taking responsibility for his actions, hes doing what he has to and that’s the right thing to do,.. so before men or women judge:i say if you weren’t there of what happen between them two then you dont have a reason to judge either one of them

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