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Britney Spears lip-synching! What’s new?

November 9, 2009

Britney Spears? Lip-synching? “Whateverrrr” as the pop princess might put it herself.briteny-circus

Britney has been lip-synching her way through her “comeback” world tour for the past six months, so it’s a bit of a mystery why it’s caused such a fuss in Australia.

As singer John Mayer , who has been in Australia promoting his own album, put it in a wry weekend tweet,  “If you’re shocked that Britney was lip-synching at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you.”

Britney’s not the first performer to lip-synch during fast-paced, live song-and-dance performances, and she’s certainly not the last — even classical musicians Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman played to a recording at President Barack Obama’s outdoor inauguration in the bitter January weather.

But the practice seems to be news to some Australian politicians, who are suggesting that tickets should carry a disclaimer about whether parts of concerts are pre-recorded or mimed.

Britney’s fans — in Australia and elsewhere — are coming out in support of their idol, whose slick “Circus” tour went around the United States before going Down Under.

“oh my god Britney i’m so embarrassed by how Australia has treated you since you arrived in our country. You have been nothing but slammed and put down since arriving and it’s pathetic. I’m from Australia and my entire family is beyond inspired by yourself, your music, your life and your morals,” wrote one fan, Katie D, on the official Britney Spears website.

So if most fans seem happy, does it matter anymore whether Britney, or anyone else, lip-synchs at “live” concerts? After all, as Britney sings on the title track of her latest album “I’m runnin’ this like-like-like a circus.”

Or are audiences at pop concerts getting short-changed after sometimes handing over more than $100 for a ticket?


America is making fun of australia.. saying ‘oi do u have internet down there mates.. it was said in 2003 that britney doesnt sing live’! why are we making ourselves sound so dum? .. its like get over it. Those who hate britney.. why do u waste time complaining.. and those who love her enjoy the circus!!.. that journalist is a liar! i was at the show in perth.. NO ONE WALKED OUT AFTER 3 SONGS!! .. its a lie.. if i was britney i would sue him..
If we continue to act this way.. no artist will ever want to come to australia again! ..

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Britney’s the queen of world she’s the most amazing person in this planet!

Posted by Lily | Report as abusive

Jill it’s no mystery, Britney was terrible. We expect more for our money. We know she bloody lip synchs this isn’t the issue the issue is that she didn’t deliver she just gyrated and moved her hips around and that’s supposed to compensate…..??

If your gonna keep sending us talentless artists then we don’t care if artists come or not! Give us Pink back anyday – there is some talent!!


LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! Leave her alone! She’s the hottest chick on the planet. So what if she lipsynchs? I’d pay $1,300 any day to see that gorgeous thing bounce around on stage. Yes, I’d drink her bath water.

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If lip-synch in a gig is not a big deal, then why it would be a big deal to mention lip-sync in the ads when selling tickets?

Let the audience know what they are buying and make their own decisions based on that.

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To me lip-synching goes against making and performing music. There are many people who can sing and dance at the same time. That is talent. If you cannot do that then I say just choose one and stick with it. Why doesn’t she just gyrate her hips at some burlesque house instead or a strip bar because that’s all she’s doing! Give up making music because she clearly cannot sing live so why continue?

Say whatever you want about her being foremost a performer and all that nonsense because that was not what made her famous in the first place. Lip-synching really gets on my nerves…its just cheating in my books. Remember Milli Vanilli? Where does it end? How can you tell if what you hearing in these concerts is actually the artists real singing voice?

I agree with peter above. Why not disclose this fact on the tickets? Its just plain cheating!


Haha the problem seems to be more the media reporting than what actually happened. It’s true that something like 100 fans left the show very early on, and the reporter was standing outside interviewing 20-25 of them while even more walked past her. It’s not quite true to say it was about the lip-synching… stories about that were in the news earlier in the day with Virginia Judge’s comments, but even my friends who stayed for the whole show either said they couldn’t see anything due to the lack of big screens, or that if they could see her, her dancing was half hearted and stiff. Also she didnt interact with the crowd. I think Perth does have high expectations of bands – being a large enough city to support big bands while at the same time being 1600mi/2700km from any other city, we get a fairly crowded concert season and so people may have seen more shows and do come to expect a bit. That’s a pressure other bands (REM and Cranberries come to mind) have not handled well in the past. However, Pink and Kylie Minogue and Rihanna have all performed here in the past year or so and fans generally seemed happy with them (including my same friends who were unhappy with Britney).

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So far as I know, Britney Spears has NEVER sung a song in concert in her entire life. Not ONE. It’s not just this tour; it’s every tour and every concert appearance whatsoever. And maybe not in the recording studios either. Maybe Britney is possibly the new Milli Vanilli i.e. a 100% fraud. :-(

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This lip sycing drama is getting ridiculous… it’s just a concert. I went searching for Britney’s feedback and found this super cool article: ifestyle/

I downloaded the app so I could get the latest. Check it out.

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