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Who could replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith?

By Dean Goodman
November 11, 2009

Aerosmith without Steven Tyler is like cocaine without a straw, or alcohol without a hangover.

But as fans come to grips with the very real possibility that the rubber-faced singer may abandon his scarf-draped microphone stand at the helm of one of America’s most successful rock bands, the next question is: Who should replace him?

aerosmithGuitarist Joe Perry said on Monday that the band is “positively” seeking a new singer, apparently having tired of the silent treatment Tyler has meted out to them in recent months. The final straw was an article published last week by Classic Rock magazine, in which Tyler said he was going to focus on “Brand Tyler.” Perry – Tyler’s musical foil for 40 years – was not happy to learn about the singer’s plans online, and upped the ante by saying Aerosmith would continue without him.

One candidate to replace Tyler could be Hagen Grohe, a German singer plucked from obscurity to sing on Perry’s newly released solo album, “Have Guitar, Will Travel.” Perry has taken the solo project on the road, and Grohe does versions of such Aerosmith nuggets as “Walk This Way” and a reggaefied “Dream On,” in a soaring vocal style reminiscent of Axl Rose. When Reuters asked Perry last month about Hagen eventually replacing Tyler, a somewhat outlandish idea at the time, Perry did not exactly rubbish the proposal.

Bands who replace lead singers have a mixed track record. AC/DC went on to bigger and better things with Brian Johnson, although many fans three decades later still long for his late predecessor Bon Scott. Deep Purple moved into the big leagues after Ian Gillan replaced Rod Evans in 1969. Van Halen survived the 1985 replacement of David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar, but the rock band stumbled badly in 1996 when it brought in Gary Cherone.

And then there’s INXS, which struggled to replace late singer Michael Hutchence, despite or because of a reality-TV contest. Sublime’s recent attempt to reunite with a new singer was shot down by a judge at the behest of the family of the ska-punk band’s late frontman. Others like Queen did not even bother trying — at least until 2004, 13 years after the death of Freddie Mercury, when two-thirds of the group’s surviving members joined up with British blues singer Paul Rodgers.

Which brings us back to Aerosmith. Rodgers, the former frontman of Bad Company, is Perry’s favorite singer. People magazine facetiously (we hope) suggested Adam Lambert or Roth as replacements. Maybe Chris Cornell, of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame, would be a good fit? Or Pink, especially since Aerosmith had a hit song of that name? Or a merger with Run-DMC, whose rap version of “Walk this Way” reignited Aerosmith’s career? Or perhaps the answer is staring at Perry in the mirror?


Surely it would only be fair to have Todd Rundgren front Aerosmith for a while…. :-)

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I have a piece of beef jerky that I found under the seat of my pickup truck. It looks just like him…


Its been 40 years, good grief he’s probably tired of performing and is ready to relax and live a little bit of life before he dies. Whether he leaves tomorrow or years from now, the oter band members would still make it rough on him.

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Hold on, wouldn’t alcohol without a hangover be just about the best thing ever? And who the hell carries straws around for cocaine? So you’re saying Aerosmith would actually be better off without him, or are those just the two worst analogies ever?

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Nobody can replace him. They should not even try.They should change their name and create a new band.

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Two words:Gary Cherone


Go to any old age home, find someone with alzheimer’s, and put them on stage. These over the hill, geriatrics should hang up there canes and go away

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Ralph Morman

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” Go to any old age home, find someone with alzheimer’s, and put them on stage. These over the hill, geriatrics should hang up there canes and go away. “Wow. nice use of the big words, MAX. becareful you don’t hurt yourself there. You sound like you should be in a home.


Garth Brooks just came out of retirement…

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The answer is NO ONE. The group is OVER. Ok. Maybe if the other band members still want to go on then it’s ok to need someone new, BUT let’s face it. The group has been around forever. They are getting old. It’s almost like saying who should replace Elvis, or Michael Jackson. Sure it could work, and they make new songs, but really it becomes a new thing. Now had the group only been 4 years old, and they replaced them that would be ok. But it’s like 30 years old! They should simply retire and fans should accept reality that nothing lasts forever. Well, maybe the past songs will last. But not the group.


ummmm….who cares?

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Boys,Just cool out for awhile & give Steve some room to breathe.He’ll be back in 13 months. The longtime fans are tired of his pop-crap songs & miss the riff-rock of your hay-day.Steve will try the sappy pop stuff, and not be taken seriously without your musicianship.Stay the course & you’ll emerge again a lean rock machine.

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Who cares? They should have quit a long, long, long long time ago. They haven’t done anything except milk the CASH COW for YEARS!

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And who the f*** does cocaine anymore? That’s so 80s…like Aerosmith’s biggest hits. Oh wait…hand me a straw.

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Nope, can’t replace Tyler. Can’t be done. His sound is way too distinctive. The remaining band members need to move on and do something new, hopefully they will not still call it “Aerosmith” cause it won’t be.

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who could replace Steve? He’s an icon! I’ve been a fan for 35 years (jailbait)!

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Arnel Pineda, plucked from Filipino band The Zoo to be Journey’s new lead-singer, could do it. See the below YouTube video. 7uS7MJh0

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I’ve been following Aerosmith for almost 40 years. I even made scarves for Steven. The “toxic twins” chemistry onstage is undeniable.They’ve gone through rehab, divorces, dispair and who knows what else. I selfishly hope they get over this so I can share their talent and energy with my teenage sons for whom I bought tickets to their summer tour that was unfortunately cancelled. I shall continue to “Dream On”.

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No one should replace him.It’s okay for bands to come to an end.

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Go on with a different singer? Fine, but don’t call it Aerosmith, save the name for the reunion tour they’ll end up doing in 10 years to make millions on.

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No one should replace Steven Tyler. When Joe Perry left the band it was horrible. I think at 61 Steven is crazy for wanting a solo career. If the rest of Areosmith wants to go on let Joe Perry take over the vocals.

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We were just chatting about this issue last week. I theorized that Tyler got hooked on painkillers after the shoulder injury. Regardless, the only reason aerosmyth is discussed today is because they’ve stayed relevant and have had more than their share of hits. The Stones can’t lay a candle to them for the hits that AS has had in every decade. Perry likes touring. Good for him. As long as he’s willing to risk the beauty of AS original together, then tour. Tyler hasn’t blown it..he’ll never be eliminatef forever from AS.


If the band can get hold of an apt replacement/s so be it let the group continue ..ST was not kicked out of the band he opted out much like Sperry of journey..They found one on you tube and sold out concerts around the world ever since..MORE POWER TO THE BAND keep on giving out music pleasure to the fans..

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Steve Perry left JOURNEY…then found Arnel Pineda from the Philippines on youtube…now Arnel leads the JOURNEY to continue their stalled success.Steven Tyler left AEROSMITH…then check this unknown singer from Philippines …Here’s the link on youtube: LW-XenZuhw =ps_27g79RRw&feature=channel

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First off I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Aerosmith! Steven leaving isn’t a surprise to me. Sure, I’m disappointed about the idea of it alone. No one can replace Steven, and no the band won’t be the same. They have such a unique sound and Steven is so unique within himself. His personality, his voice, his look…ect… BUT if he is to be replaced, I agree that they shouldn’t call it Aerosmith. Also, they absolutely need to find a young, fresh face who is way unique in his own ways to bring in new ideas for the band as a whole. I personally think Adam Lambert is the way to go. Who thought he was a shoe in to win American Idol? I did, and so did everyone else. But he didn’t win it because he’s got bigger fish to fry. His voice, talent and his own uniqueness can bring alot to the band. No, he will not be Steven, but who can be? I would love to see Adam sing with the band. I would love to see Adam go far and I think this would be an awesome opportunity for him. Steven, I love you. Do what you have to do, but it better kick some serious behind! Good luck and thank you for some truely awesome songs!

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I cannot believe that people are being so rude and crude about thia! Aeorsmith is a great band that could probably go on forever and remain popular.But I have to agree that it would JUST NOT be the same without Steven Tyler. Of all the music videos they have out, Steven Tyler is THE BEST actor. The rest of the band could play like crap but Steven’s famouse ‘ Show boating ‘, would make them ‘ Seem ‘, good.The rest of the band is good though. But they would not be ‘ Aeorsmith ‘ without Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler WILL be a success on his own and as long as the band changes it’s name, they will also. Maybe ‘ The J Perry’s ‘ or something. Only 1 question. How will either man come up with their unique music and lyrics’?


Brand Steven is his book that he needs to complete.Take some time off … heal the shoulder, do some writing, heck maybe retire. He’s had a good run.He deserves some time to rest.

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Steve Tyler is one of my Favorite’s sad he’s leaving the Band.Joe Perry said he is looking for a replacement.How about this unknown singer i found on youtube from the Philippines…where Arnel Pineda (Journey lead Vocalist) came from.This other guy can sing like Arnel Pineda..He can belt some crazy songs….amazing Power Belter.. LW-XenZuhw

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Ha Ha, I like Greg’s comment. “hold on” , ha ha. You’re right, those analogies are completely inane.

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Joe,Brad,Tom,and Joey…Hang it up guys. If Tyler wants to pursue other options then just call it a day and maybe someday he’ll be back. But don’t seriously think you can replace S.T and acheive record sales and critical appeal, because it won’t happen. It the same as if the Rolling Stones replaced Jagger…it just won’t work and won’t be accepted by 95% of the public.

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Steven Tyler has been with Aerosmith since the very beginning. Trying to replace him would the equivalent of the Stones looking for a new singer, The fans would never go for it. Joe Perry should just reform the short-lived “Joe Perry Project” and move on. At least for the time being. Doesn’t anyone remember when these guys broke up last time? They know they need each other….


Please change the name if they continue touring!! I can’t image any other person being lead vocal of Aerosmith. Great things just need to be let go naturally! This is one.

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Adam LAMBERT?! Come on… the kid CAN sing, but I’ve heard NO true rock and roll soul from him whatsoever – and that’s what Aerosmith is all about. Truth be told, there is no replacement for Steven Tyler; the rest of the band is kidding themselves if they think otherwise. If Steven isn’t there, it’s time to close up shop, and hope that their once-proud legacy can survive all the late-era power ballads.

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Steven Tyler is NOT a singer IMO. Hes a SCREAMER and anyone with a big mouth and long hair could do his job. The talent in that group is the lead guitar!

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Retire boys – rest.


Youtube search GEORGE STECKERT for new lead singer audition

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no one can replace tyler, the group is dead without him,they need to start a fresh group.


Use this code to embed the Joe Perry Project widget on your myspace, facebook, or personal blog!

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