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It’s X Factor “Deadlock” … again

November 16, 2009

cowell2Another week, another contestant down, another ratings triumph for ITV … oh, and another Deadlock.

The weekend’s X Factor shenanigans did not come close to the previous vote’s controversy, but there were still plenty of harsh words for the four-member judging panel for once again taking the final decision on who gets the boot to a Deadlock. When the judges are split 2-2, the result is decided by which of the two nominated acts got the fewest public votes.

This time it was Dannii Minogue with the deciding vote, and she backed eventual loser Jamie Archer, recognisable by his frizzy hairstyle. He lost out to 16-year-old, blond-locked Lloyd Daniels, who lives to fight another day despite being widely seen as one of the weakest contestants.

As well as reinforcing many people’s belief that the judges are deliberately manipulating the vote to go to Deadlock, the latest result also means that “Jedward”, the twins who are regularly ridiculed for their performances, are still on course to win the contest in what would be a major upset.

A word of advice if I may? How about having a panel with an uneven number of judges?


How would Jedward winning be an upset? To win, they need the majority of votes. Which, by definition, means it wouldn’t be an upset…

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I don’t think the phrase “more widely seen” means what you think it means…..

Unless you’re accusing them of faking the result of the vote. In which case, I suggest you present your evidence to Ofcom.

Posted by Ian Kemmish | Report as abusive

Ah come on, the deadlock is a joke. It’s just the judges way of copping out most of the time so they dont have to make a decision and be seen as the bad guy.

Jamie Afro should never have gone home, he is one of the best guys in the show, Lloyd is nowhere near good enough to win, and should have gone home. Little girls everywhere are obviously voting for him though.

As for Jedward, im disgusted that they are still in, Queen week and all they did was sing about 3 lines of a Queen song, and then rapped to Vanilla Ice!?! cause they cant sing! at the end of the day, it is a singing contest.

I agree that there should be an uneven number of judges, just to have fairness from the judges.

Simon is going to have the winning act this year though, Danyl i think!

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

I thought X Factor was a singing competion. Singing -> X Factor. Performance -> Britains got Talent.

I used to enjoy watching the X Factor but the voting system is letting good acts slip through the net – yes, deadlock is the public choice but until the system is changed so the public vote for the least favourite act, good acts will go.

Suppose there are 7 good acts and 1 bad. The good acts get 84% of the vote between them but, as they are all good, the 84% is fairly evenly spread across them all – say 12% each. The bad act get the remaining 16% for nationalist, teen, protest, tone deaf or other voting reasons – good acts only in the vote off.

The only way voting for the best act can work is if there are more bad acts than good – in which case the judges would have not done their job properly at boot camp.

A bad/annoying act could get to the final 2 but, unless they pull the leprechaun out of the hat, would be unlikely to win – I hope!

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

I think it would be a good idea for a few people to read Chart Throb by Ben Elton which, although “fictional”, gives some reasonable insight and ideas into the running of this sort of show, and the backstage manouverings and was a good read besides.

Don’t watch this show myself, although my partner is addicted, and I can’t see why Jedward even got through to the finals. They would however, in my opinion, be good childrens TV presenters, give them points for there enthusiasm and effort, but zilch for ability.

Posted by Scrag | Report as abusive

I just wish people would be nice to each other. To much attitude and darkness.It’s only silly pop music for teeny bopper girls.Go play some Rolling Stones and turn off your T.V.

Posted by Who cares | Report as abusive

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