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Sandra Bullock scores touchdown at box office

By Dean Goodman
November 22, 2009

It’s been a wild year at the box office for Sandra Bullock, whose report card this decade has been middling at best.

sandyThe actress, 45, returned to theaters for the first time in more than two years in June with the romantic comedy “The Proposal,” which went on to become the biggest film of her career (before accounting for inflation), with $164 million in domestic ticket sales. But then came her September stinker, “All About Steve,” which was one of her weakest entries with $34 million in ticket sales. She is pictured at the premiere of the latter film, looking happier than she should have been.

Bullock bounced back this weekend with the sports drama “The Blind Side,” which kicked off with $34.5 million, a personal best. The opening was good enough for a distant No. 2 behind “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” ($140.7 million, but who’s counting?).

Critics and fans embraced the fact-based saga of a Tennessee housewife who takes in a homeless black teenager and turns him into a football hero. John Lee Hancock (“The Rookie”) directed from an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.” It scored a 70 percent positive rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to 30 percent for the “Twilight” sequel. Exit polling conducted by CinemaScore gave it an exceedingly rare A-plus across all demographics. There’s even talk of an Oscar nod, which would be a first for the two-time Golden Globe nominee.

“The Blind Side” was produced for $29 million by Alcon Entertainment, which specializes in female-skewing fare like the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movies. The company is financed by FedEx Corp Chairman Frederick W. Smith, and it has a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Pictures.

Bullock cut her undisclosed fee to star in the film, but will share in the profits. “She’ll make quite a bit of money on the movie,” said Broderick Johnson, who runs Alcon with Andrew Kosove.

Johnson predicted the movie would enjoy “a remarkable run” in North America, and reach the $150 million level. But how will it play overseas? American sports dramas have limited foreign appeal, and so the marketing will emphasize the human-interest side. The strategy seemed to work in North America, where women accounted for 55 percent of the audience. Johnson said the international rollout will be worked out next week, but it would likely be spearheaded by launches in the Bullock strongholds of Britain and Germany (her late mother’s homeland).


I saw this movie, and while some parts of it are completely predictable, I enjoyed it anyway. This is a true story and I think what this woman and her family did, was truly amazing. I love Sandra Bullock, and I think she did a good job in this movie. She is usually in silly romantic comedies, playing a strong, but somewhat inept woman, and here she was playing a strong, confident woman..she did a good job..


I agree with the first comment. Though predictable and without many serious obstacles, the fact that Blindside is a true story makes this a very enjoyable movie. Bullock’s Leanne is a strong firecracker who knows her heart and mind, and puts them into action without hesitation. She’s a joy to watch.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Bullock deserves an academy nomination!BF

Posted by Bernard Feldman, PhD | Report as abusive

My prediction is: Sandra Bullock will be nominated after all. Winning also is possible.

Posted by Norman | Report as abusive

I thought it was awesome. I left the theater feeling so good…would love to see it again. Sandra B was so wonderful in that part.


Her acting was stupendous and very excellent! I in fact almost cried during the movie and I have never cried during a movie since I was 7 and watching ET.

Posted by Wilhelm | Report as abusive

Great movie for the whole family. Sandra Bullock is magnificent (and beautiful) in her role and the rest of the cast is excellent. If you see only one holiday movie… this should be it!


The Blind Side was EXCELLENT!!! Great story line, even better that it was a true story. Sandra Bullock was out of the gates- Fantastic… Tim McGraw also GREAT- here is a top of the charts country star, who acted as though he has been in the movies his whole career. Michael was endearing and SJ was COOL. And the daughter played a supportive role to the family. This should be a box office smash. And they should win several awards for this movie.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

I loved the film. It was the best I ever seen by far. Sandra Bullock was perfect for her part. She was absolutely amazing.

Posted by Griselda | Report as abusive

Outstanding movie and as others have stated..Sandra should receive an oscar nomination. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Len Matthews | Report as abusive

Best movie of the year Sandra should win something for this, she plays the best part of her career. Plus she was a knock out in this flick. Movie is very inspriing made me want to do something for some under previldged child. Sandra Bullock Rocks in this one, hey Tim McGraw was pretty darn good too!

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

This was a great family movie – no cursing or explicit sex made it refreshing an enjoyable. Hollywood should make more of these kind of movies. Sandra Bullock was amazing and should get an award for her part.

Posted by Phyl | Report as abusive

Great Movie! I think she deserves the oscar. However, I would like to point out she was not a housewife but an interior decorator. She actually spends much time of the movie dealing with business on her cell phone – Don’t sell this character short

Posted by KJ | Report as abusive

Absoultely fantastic movie, great acting by all, the theater I was in was packed and everyone was relating. Sandra Bullock redeemed herself to me after that horrible All About Steve thing! I cant wait to see it again and purchase it when the time comes!!

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

She could be easily nominated and even win. The Academy loves big female stars with a baity role especially if it is a blockbuster, too !Good luck, Sandy !!!

Posted by raincloud | Report as abusive

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