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Will Katie Price be missed in Celebrity jungle?

November 23, 2009

jordanKatie Price, aka Jordan, has walked out of “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” after the glamour model, celebrity and author was nominated by the public for a seventh “Bushtucker” (read creepy-crawly munch) trial in a row.

It would appear that her recent acrimonious divorce from singer Peter Andre, whom, ironically, she met on an earlier series of the reality TV show, has done little for her standing in the eyes of the British public. Some commentators think the 31-year-old should have seen this coming.

Her departure leaves the show without its most high-profile and headline-generating contestant. That makes it two after Irish twins John and Edward Grimes were voted off the X Factor singing contest last night. ITV will be watching closely to see if the exits translate to lower viewing figures for two of its biggest shows.


Definately will miss Katie, but I think the jungle has enough big personalities to hold its own unlike X-Factor.

Posted by newt | Report as abusive

Katie price should be left alone it is disgraceful the way she is being treated, they are all a bunch of disgraceful bullie’s

Posted by marymartin | Report as abusive

yes she will be missed,i wont be watching no more

Posted by marymartin | Report as abusive

katie price is a truly lovely girl and a great mother.dont let the bullie,s get tot you good luck

Posted by marymartin | Report as abusive


Posted by olla | Report as abusive

I must say, I never knew who Katie Price was before watching “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” but I have to say I thought she was the most gutsy person I’ve ever witnessed on this particular programme and I think it’s going to be pretty boring without apart from Kim (who really anoys the arse off me).

Posted by Dermot Ahern | Report as abusive

Was turning into the Katie Price so maybe its good she has gone. TEAM ANDRE

Posted by laura | Report as abusive

I love Katie and I agree with the previous poster who said she should be left alone. It is disgusting she was voted to do every trial, I don’t blame her for walking. She was brilliant on the show & it will be really boring without her. I only watched the programme for Katie in the first place. I do hope she realises that despite all those haters she really has got people out there who absolutely love her. I honestly don’t know if I will bother with the show now she has gone

Posted by Pixie | Report as abusive

Oh dear. What a totally backfired PA attempt that was. The public has shown her they’ll never warm to her ever after what she did to Peter.Enjoy your money and your looks now- neither will last forever I’m afraid…then you’ll have 0.

Posted by Gaz | Report as abusive

Why was Jordon in the Jungle in the first place when she has three young children at home (one having just come out of hospital) £350k that why. She also misjudged the public opinion of her. What a complete show Off always showing off her plastic enhancements.Peter was at home working free for Children in Need.Need I say any more.Her time in the spotlight is well and truly over.The Public are no fools…

Posted by Viewer From Bournemouth | Report as abusive

She was very much disliked before she met Peter and she only became a little more respected when they married. Unfortunately she never missed an opportunity to talk down to him or belittle him. It was so regular it became cringworthy to watch.When they spilt he tried to keep their business between themselves (as it should be) and only made statements in defence of her regular attacks and lies. She was so very lucky to have a man to unconditionally love Harvey when his bio father didn’t.had she not constantly tried to point score and kept a dignified silence she would have kept some of the respect she’d begun to have. Instead she reverted to type and showed her true ugly colours, in her antics and vile verbals.She threw it all away by her own nasty behaviour and now has no-one to blame but herself.Those who do love her should be taking her to one side and telling her she needs to keep her mouth shut and stop the play-acting and constant bleating, accept she’s been ‘what she called Peter’ (and others) and either issue an appology or back off for good.I’m glad she’s out and I can now enjoy the show!

Posted by Yanni | Report as abusive

I have my doubts whether the result was that of the public ~ as Katie was very good entertainment she was needed to be in the challenge every time!!and what a fantastic job she did!!! now if that was the case with the voting ~ it has certainly backfired as now the best sport in the camp has gone!~ no one else would have the guts to do all that she did ~ hope you now all starve!! not worth watching such a vindictive show ~ sad people watch on!!

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

hi i think its done Katie real good to go in the jungle and why does everyone keep calling here Jordan and to GAZ on the comment for your information Katie didn’t do anything to him peter dumped Katie but can anyone tell me why they hate her ????

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

katie will be missed i really fell for her i hope katie nd her kids al the best in the world u do good katie.


I’m not really a fan of either of them. But I will say that the public is falling for peters very calculated ways, I honestly can’t understand how he has any fans left after walking out on a wife and 3 children! And whether you love kate or hate her, she certainly knows how to make money! My guess is now that peter knows the public love kate again, he will probably get reunited with her! (If his manager let’s him)

Posted by biast view | Report as abusive

Katie was great in I’m a Celebrity. What a strong lady. I couldn’t have done those bushtucker trials. The public were bullying her with all those trials, but I for one was routing for her all the way. She gets awful press and celebrities are the first to knock her down. Some of these celebrities need to look at themselves! Me and my family love Katie. We would love Katie and Peter to get back together! Time will tell.


Crumbs… I cant even bring myself to watch such slop on the TV but considering the divided nation on the katie/peter break up she was bound to attract viewers from both sides of the fence, the katie lovers cos they love her and the haters to watch her eat dirt! Silly girl, go home love, its over and yes we will miss you briefly as the only thing worth a moment of my time to consider in this horrid programme

Posted by Liliwen | Report as abusive

Katie Price will most definitely not be missed. She’s nothing but a brash, loud mouthed, attention seeker. She may have come up with some excuse regarding her seeking ‘closure’ to justify being on the show, but in the end it was just an attempt to keep herself in the spotlight.Since ‘Katie and Peter’ has ended she’s issued periodic statements regarding the situation with her and Peter, and it’s nothing that hasn’t been said before. It’s nothing more than attempt to let the public know she’s still there. Unfortunately.

Posted by Iqoniq | Report as abusive

The reason why Peter left Katie, was due to her maniplative ways & her bullying. Good for him. Ever since the split – Katie has been the worst example of a British person with disgusting brash behaviour. I’ll give her credit for being gutsy in the trials, but only because she wants the attention, the headlines, and to make money from the press interviews after she walked out – her comments to Lucy on ITV2 prves it. Money money money – she doesn’t care what she does or who she walks over to get it. She lacks decency and morals. I just hope she loses her £350k for walking out. Dumping Reid, when he had gone there to propose to her, shows that Katie Price only cares about herself. She’s selfish to the extreme. And Jeannie (who left a comment) needs to get into reality .. Katie and Peter will never get together again. Peter would have to be mentally insane to go back to that disgusting woman.

Posted by Machman | Report as abusive

I thought that Jordan could not wait to get home to see her ‘Chics’ – Give me a break. She is staying out there until the 5th of December sunning herself and living the high life AND still picking up £250k. If she were to go home sooner she would lose this £250k… so it looks like this money means more to her (as usual) than her rushing home to her little chics.I hope that this is the end of Jordon.She is such a bad example to all young girls.

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

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