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Donny is dandy on “Dancing” — duh!

November 25, 2009

donnyDonny Osmond waltzed off with the mirror ball trophy on Tuesday’s finale of “Dancing with the Stars,” and while the veteran entertainer is certainly worthy, was he really the best dancer? The judges said it when they told Mya she’d been consistently the best dancer week after week on the highly-rated ballroom contest. Donny, no doubt, was the best showman and performer. And from our couch, Kelly Osbourne was loved by fans. “Kelly” “Kelly” “Kelly” came the audience chants on Tuesday’s finale. But it wasn’t to be.

We’re not taking anything away from Donny, but we note that he’s been singing and dancing since he was a kid with the Osmond Brothers. He’s had hit records, hit TV shows, hit Broadway shows and hit Las Vegas shows. How hard could “Dancing” have been?

Well, a lot harder than, we admit, we thought. Turns out Donny was dancing on a broken toe! (Read about that here).

We also feel somewhat sorry for sister Marie. It seems she was always second fiddle to her older brother, even when they shared the stage on their old “Donny and Marie” show in the 1970s. She also competed on “Dancing with the Stars” in a previous season, and she finished third. Last night, after Donny held his trophy over his head, hugged his partner Kym Johnson and brought his wife on the ballroom floor, Donny rushed into the audience and dragged Marie out there, too. Donny was No. 1 again. Did he have to rub Marie’s face in it?

Maybe we’re being a little too hard on the teen heartthrob and “Puppy Love” singer. After all, we do like the fact that he transcended childhood stardom and became a real professional as an adult. Danny Bonaduce, (The Partridge Family) he is definitely not. And Michael Jackson?

Still, he entered the show with a leg up on all the competition, which only makes us wonder, did he deserve it over the others?

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the last two proformances that Donny put on were above all the others. He peaked while the others did not. Kelly was much better than the hip swinging sex pot that dominated the weekly shows but when the pressure was on she could not do it. Donny proformed as a gentleman, looked like a gentleman and did not have to lower his moral standards. He is what we need more of, no open shirts to ad to sex, just puregood showmanship. He is great. We need more like him. Remember he not a kid, but he could hold his own through hard work. Sing on into the night in Vegas and show up the next day to learn more ballroom steps that he had never done before.He is a WINNER.

Posted by Georgene Heckle | Report as abusive

I think its totally ignorance to think Donny was making a point to “rub Marie’s face” in his win. He was a sibling wanting to have his family share in the moment. He not only brought Marie, but his wife and kids. I can’t see this being a negative thing, but a family celebrating what one of their own had accomplished.

Posted by Carol | Report as abusive

I voted for Donny from the beginning I think he is great

Posted by Reggie | Report as abusive

People who think the “best dancer” should win DWTS don’t know how the show works. It is the dancer with the largest voting fan base who typically wins, and that includes the fans of the professional dancer. Judges scores generally end up with on a few % points difference between the top three so a few% in fan vote tips the scale. Look at the demographics for this show … do they include Mya’s fan base? No, it’s more likely to be women between the age of 40 and 65 …DONNY’s fan base. We grew up with him. He’s part of our generation. He’s 51 … and did an AMAZING job for a 51 year old. Yes, he has lots of entertainment experience … but he’s not exactly a ballroom dancer. This is harder than it looks … and he worked very hard, was very committed to being the best, and I am glad he won. Not taking away anything from Mya and Kelly — they were also terrific. Mya was definitely the best dancer … but her fan base probably does not watch the show or vote. And of course, she has dance experience, too.


Donny won dwts omg whats the world coming to this old guy won really

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