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McCartney “in contact” with Lennon, Linda

November 26, 2009

Paul McCartney says he is “kind of imccartneyn contact” with his late collaborator John Lennon and late wife Linda when he sings.

The 67-year-old spoke of what he felt when he performed at a Q and A session in London late on Wednesday. “If I’m doing something like ‘Something’ — the song — obviously I’m thinking of George (Harrison),” he said in comments quoted in the British press. He was promoting his new live CD and DVD “Good Evening New York City”.

“It’s great actually. I really like it. In a way I’m revisiting them … Similarly with John and Linda. In a way you’re kind of in contact with them again you know. And it’s sad, it’s emotional.”

John Lennon was killed in New York in 1980 at the age of 40. Linda McCartney died of breast cancer in 1998 aged 56.


“kind of contact”?Me too. Every time I listen to the music of John Lennon I’m in some contact with him.


McCartney apparently took too much LSD. The delusion of having conversations with dead people should not be encouraged. Our memories of lost loved ones can be cherished without encouraging insanity and mental illness under the shroud of religions. I love Lennon-McCartney songs and enjoyed Linda with Wings. If only Paul would put his money into cancer research rather than seances, her life would not be one in vain. A mentally ill religious nut killed John. We need to guard against insanity, not encourage it by pretending there is life after death.


Oh it’s good to know Paul’s Memory is still with him and that he thinks of his ole mates

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I think he just meant he’s in contact with them in his memory. Sort of paying a tribute to lost friends. He’s contributed a lot to music. He still does some very interesting thing with music. His synergism with Lennon in songwriting made quite an impact. The ying and the yang energy blend.

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Wow Atheist Vet, you sound like the insane one to me. Do you have empirical evidence that no consciousness exists outside of the brain/body? Are you so dense that you can’t see you’re just as zealously wrapped up in a belief system as those you are condemning? (You believe in nothing, whereas others believe in something. That’s the only difference.) Take a philosophy class or two, you might learn something. By the way, what organizations are the number one contributor to charities in the US? You guessed it…churches.

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i dont think he was saying he was into seances or the occult, just the music reminded him of his loved ones. he is still a catholic, and perhaps hes thinking of them in heasven.

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“Sir” Paul McCartney is a pathetic joke and a talentless being, it’s no wonder he sings the legendry Beatles songs it’s because his own songs were a failure with no original substance and not considered anything worth listening to. McCartney’s claim to fame is by the association of the greatest legendry genius and a peace advocate who changed and inspired millions of people around the world John Winston Ono Lennon.answer this; How does any artist let alone McCartney compete with “MOTHER” “WORKING CLASS HERO” “LOVE” “IMAGINE” “BEAUTIFUL BOY” ETC…..????? …………..


There is an excellent ebook just been released called “Conversations with Linda McCartney” by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore which might extend your ideas of life beyond death, regardless of your belief system it is an interesting read into one of the famous show business family, Stargazer0409

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