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‘New Moon’ sinks fangs deeper into box office

November 29, 2009

twilight-stars(Reporting and video by Marc Price)

Vampire romance “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” took the top spot at North American box offices for the second straight weekend, sinking its fangs into ticket sales and drawing out $66 million over the 5-day U.S. Thanksgiving holiday ($42.5 million for the three days). It’s two-week total in the U.S. and Canada now stands at just under $231 million. Add to that an international haul of $243, and global sales hit $474 million.

Perhaps in this season of swine flu we have a new virus, “New Moon Flu,” which mostly women seem to get. It turns them into zombies (no disrespect, but it seemed appropriate when talking about movies with monsters) who then march into theaters.

But there are more films with broad appeal in theaters. Football movie “The Blind Side” and disaster flick “2012″ held up well to land at No. 2 and No. 3 on box office charts, respectively. You can read our box office report here.

Of new movies, Disney comedy “Old Dogs,” starring John Travolta and Robin Williams, was No. 4 which was likely a disappointment given the star power of Travolta and Williams. But those guys are getting up there and younger movie fans seem more tuned-in to the youthful stars of “New Moon” — Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (pictured above). That said, there’s a young star in “Old Dogs,” too, Seth Green. He’s featured prominently on the movie’s poster. (Maybe they should’ve given him some fangs).

Similarly, martial arts flick “Ninja Assassin” debuted a few notches down the chart at No. 6. We’re not really sure why. Dictionaries define ninjas as skilled saboteur assassins who wear all black. And we thought, “hey, that sounds like everybody in showbiz.” So it should have played well, right?

Oscar hopeful, apocalyptic drama “The Road” also debuted over the weekend and animated film “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” which features the voice of George Clooney and has earned generally good reviews, expanded wider in theaters. And in a nod to upcoming romantic comedy “Did You Hear About the Morgans,” we spent our Thanksgiving with a family of Morgans in the Hollywood Hills. To see what they had to say about holiday movies — along with fans outside theaters — click below.


I love that no report has mentioned that “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” dropped a whopping 70% from it’s first weekend release. Yes, it still made it to #1…or did it? I am curious to find out what the official final numbers are on Monday afternoon. Because “The Blind Side” was just 2million bucks behind. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Sandra Bullock movie actually beats the “Twilight” sequel? A 70% drop is a massive decline. Of all the movies ever released, it is ranked as the 51st largest drop for a movie in its second weekend.Oh yeah, but that’s only important to report about when it’s a movie that you media folks don’t like. I forgot. You folks get to choose what is news and what isn’t.It’s amazing that this movie is being given such a ‘positive spin’ when no other movie released in the past 10 years was ever given that consideration. LOL!

Posted by shawn | Report as abusive

whether or not you like the movie it is a great accomplishment! I saw the movie and was actually very disappointed… I wont see the next one until I can get it for free from my Library. The first one was better in my opinion. There was so much hype and build up for “New Moon” and it totally failed to deliver!

Posted by William B. | Report as abusive

My fangs have gotten smaller????????????????????

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