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Should the media go easy on Tiger?

December 2, 2009

(Writing and Reporting by Corinne Heller)

Is media coverage of golf legend Tiger Woods’tigerw alleged infidelity driving you crazy?

Woods lashed out at the press on his website on Wednesday, saying that while he felt he let his family down and strives to be a better person, husband and father, his privacy should be protected and that “personal sins should not require press releases”.

Woods has canceled an appearance at his own tournament and he and his wife have stayed out of the public eye since he crashed his Cadillac Escalade outside his Florida home last week, which spurred a flurry of reports of a furious argument with his wife  and  women claiming to have been intimate with the married golfer.

US Weekly magazine on Wednesday morning posted on its website a sound bite of what it says is a voice mail Woods had sent one of the women.

As a result of the hype, jokes about Woods are being Twittered faster than Woods’ golf swing. Even Spirit Airlines ran an animated ad on its website depicting a tiger wearing a black cap and driving an SUV into a fire hydrant.

Has the media gone too far? Should Woods have been left alone to handle his family issues without having to worry about questions over his personal life.  Or does he forfeit that right as a major celebrity, constantly in the public eye and the best golfer in the world?


Just let it go, its really none of their business.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Sadly, I think being a celeb means he forfeits his right to privacy. More sadly, he should not have to, but there is nothing to protect it.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Give me a break. Do you think we shift our marketing strategy with KOBE or other freaky guys involved with Steroids? TIGER WOODS is a man of excellence in his game and we stick with him forever as long as he keeps winning. I came to see GOLF on Television because of one man called Tiger Woods. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.


Well Mr. Woods can’t have it both ways. He has been in the spotlight for years and there is no getting out of it now. As a celebrity you forfeit privacy. He should have thought of the repercussions prior to his trysts…which everyone knows in this day and age you will eventually be found out. Did he actually think otherwise. Paul Newman when asked did he ever stray from his wife exclaimed, “why go out for hamburg when you have steak at home”! Well Tiger evidently does not like steak, it’s not available at home, and so prefers to be satisfied with hamburg!

Posted by patrice | Report as abusive

Every red blooded heterosexual male wants to have a different piece of trim once in a while – but if you are in the limelight like he is – and married with kids – it will come back to haunt you. I mean c’mon what does he expect !!


One foregoes one’s privacy when elevated to celab status. If the public did not have any interests in all his affairs(business or otherwise), he would not be earning so much endosements. Like all real humans, follies r part of lives, so what if he had many affairs, shouldn’t even bother to excuse himself by apologizing!

Posted by B Lam | Report as abusive

A black guy has an afair with a blonde and we make a big deal of it ??Just goes to show you that no mater what your income is guys think with their “golf clubs”.Let it go already just keep us posted when his wife gets even..I think shes pretty hot !

Posted by posttal | Report as abusive

Do not let up. Journalists should ferret out all of the information they can. We see Tiger on commercial after commercial in the privacy of our homes, selling us on his talent and character, and he is wealthy beyond measure from it. Now that it comes to light that he is an out-and-out dog, going from one party girl to the next, he wants privacy? Give me a break. I’ll give you privacy if you don’t use your public image to sell us products.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I feel like there is some tragically mixed up logic floating around here. One does not ‘forfeit’ or ‘forgo’ their right to privacy because they are celebrity. And let us not forget: We the people elevated him to this superior status. He was merely a talented young golfer. So fan obsession and the intrigue of athletes lead Tiger Woods to his celebrity, no where along the way was it required that he give up his right to privacy. That is a ridiculous notion. The press is an inevitable and inescapable part of celebrity, but I don’t think that means he has no right to his own private life. I don’t care who Tiger is shagging, but I do care that it’s being thrust in my face on the internet anytime I try to find legitimate news that actually means something. People cheat on their spouses everyday. Perhaps if there was an article about that proliferation of betrayal would be more appropriate.

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

From what I have just read it seems that the only ones worried about Tiger is the tabloid news media. (example)
“Woods attract fan sympathy, but slammed by media experts.” Tabloid articles such as this are for the checkout stands, and these “media experts”, are they experts on infidelity? If so I would like to see their transgressions in print first. Maybe a book in the spring?

Posted by papamac | Report as abusive

I couldn’t agree more with Amanda! The man is famous because WE and the MEDIA made him famous…he just wanted to play golf. We lift them up only to tear them down when we learn they’re human. I’m so tired of the paparazzi style news. It’s between Tiger and Elin…as for the other women, did they not know he was married? For real? No matter what he said to them, he’s still a married man. I have no sympathy for them, or for Tiger, but Elin…her personal pain is being splashed all over the world. Sad testament isn’t it.

Posted by Cheryl_NH | Report as abusive

Tiger Wood is a great golfer of our time. He represents an emblem of righteousness. He is a public figure; therefore he can no longer enjoy privacy at its maximum. A similar case was that of the former President of United State…Clinton eta’l. They all represent the people (i.e. their fans or followers as you may say). It is just a pity, he has to take to his fate, accept guilt and more on rather than accuse the press.

Posted by Popsy | Report as abusive

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