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Injuries won’t stop krumping Santa on SYTYCD

December 9, 2009

RussellpartnerBolllywood_MG_5316It was crunch time for the competitors of So You Think You Can Dance as they vie for the final six spots in next week’s finale. Dancers had three chances to win audiences over — twice in choreographed routines with partners and once in a solo.

In spite of — or was it because of? — the pressure, there were more injuries this week in an already injury-plagued season. First, Napoleon and Tabitha tweeted about Ellenore Scott tearing her rotator cuff and posted a picture of her arm in a sling.

Then Ashleigh Di Lello showed up with her arm in a sling, having dislocated her shoulder (and popped it right back in) during rehearsals. With Ashleigh not allowed to dance, poor Russell Ferguson, who was previously paired with injured Noelle, was left to once again dance with stand-ins.

But Russell wasn’t about to be held back by the revolving door of partners. He delivered one of the strongest (and most entertaining) solos of the evening as a krumping Santa. And he proved himself again hitting it hard in a Nakul Dev Mahajan bollywood piece.

“You have got a magnetic quality that draws the audience,” judge Nigel Lythgoe said, noting that Bollywood is the complete opposite of krumping.

KathrynRyanCHaCHa_MG_4375The judges were somewhat mixed on Ryan Di Lello and Kathryn McCormick ‘s energetic disco, but the pair blew everyone away with a difficult and “unbelievable” cha cha by Jason Gilkison.

“That was soooo hot!” Judge Adam Shankman gushed, praising Gilkison for creating “one of the best ballroom routines” they’d ever had on the show.

Judge Mary Murphy, who hasn’t handed out that many tickets for her hot tomale train this season, readily gave them away after the cha cha. Kathryn was told she was peaking and surging at the perfect moment in the competition.

EllenoreLegacyContemp_MG_3964Another highlight was Ellenore and & Legacy Perez in a Travis Wall contemporary piece that Adam said was “awesome.” Nigel took it a step further, speculation the routine could net Travis an Emmy nomination. But their second number — a quirky NappyTabs hip-hop piece — disappointed the judges, which begs the question: Is it better to have a fabulous first dance and a so-so second one, or a fantastic second dance and a weaker first dance?

With only one week left, who do you think will make it to the end? Who do you think should make it to next week?

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Photos: Russell Ferguson (L) and Alicia (choreographer assistant, R) perform a Bollywood routine choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Kelsey McNeal/FOX

Ryan Di Lello (L) and Kathryn McCormick (R) perform the Cha Cha choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Kelsey McNeal/FOX

Ellenore Scott (L) and Legacy Perez (R) perform a Contemporary  routine choreographed by Travis Wall. Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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