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It was the champagne that did it, Mariah Carey

January 6, 2010

On Wednesday night after a day of speculation, singer Mariah Carey admitted she had a little too much champagne before accepting a breakthrough acting award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Tuesday evening. The speculation arose following her acceptance speech, which you can watch below. 

In her speech, Carey talked about the role in “Precious” that earned her the award that night. For the most part, it was a standard award show speech, but it was the way that Carey floated from subject to subject and the fact her speech went on and on that raised eyebrows at the festival.

 Us magazine wrote “Mariah Carey’s Sloshy Awards Show Speech Turns Heads.” In its “stargazing” blog, the Kansas City Star went with the more direct, “Mariah Carey: Drunk or not?”

So what made Carey seem so hazy? Wednesday at the People’s Choice Awards, Carey was asked that question backstage in a roundabout way, and she said it was a combination of things: being with her “Precious” director Lee Daniels for the first time in awhile, not eating, celebrating the movie’s success and, as is often the case at awards shows, a bit of bubbly. “There’s a time for celebration and a time for not, but really, technically, it’s kind of like a party atmosphere…we had splashes of champagne, and I love Lee but he’s a bad influence,” she said with a smile.


I have experienced the same. Drinking on an empty stomach will ruin your day.

Posted by Ann1 | Report as abusive

She is human. It makes her quite appealing

Posted by michaelmoore | Report as abusive

You only live once. Bask in the moment, and never look back. Nothing she did was violent or degrading so get over it already. With a name like Mariah Carey I think she deserves to over indulge every now and then.

Posted by Shakia | Report as abusive

How refreshing for a celebrity to actually admit to being tipsy and not go with one of the standard PR
b—sh– explanations – I was exhausted; I had a bad reaction to a prescription; blah, blah, blah. Most of us have been there. She was happy and celebrating – GOOD FOR HER!

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