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What no Subo? BRITs under fire

January 19, 2010

SuBo1She wowed the world last year, was Britain’s top recording artist of 2009 and has also conquered the United States. Yet Susan Boyle was overlooked completely by the BRITs voters when the nominations were announced late on Monday.

The theme of the night was girls and young women, with Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Florence & the Machine and Pixie Lott all picking up three nominations apiece. Only one male act won so many – boyband JLS.

The media’s interpretation of the snub is that Boyle, affectionately known as SuBo in the newspapers, is too old and too uncool to feature at the annual celebration of British and international pop.  And some commentators were clearly unimpressed.

SuBo, the Sun tabloid opined, was “outrageously” omitted. “How can SuBo … not be nominated for Best Female? She must have been considered too uncool,” the story went on.

The BBC’s website also weighed in, and quoted Ged Doherty, head of the BRIT Awards and of Boyle’s record company at the same time, laying into the voting academy for its oversight.

“I think it’s a crime,” Doherty said. “I can’t explain it. Every year there is something the academy gets wrong and this year they got that wrong.”

What do you think? Has SuBo been snubbed, or is she rightly overlooked as a middling deliverer of cover versions?


I completely feel the Brit Awards voters did not nominate Susan because of her age and that they consider her uncool. They have been against her from the start and have been annoyed by her success. However, the people love Susan and that is what counts.

Posted by smile123 | Report as abusive

Come on ‘Brits’ it’s not too late. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot again. Remember the Samantha Fox debacle? For those that don’t, several star guests arrived late on-stage or at the wrong time. Get in there and fix this mess and put Susan Boyle on-stage at the right time, and that is now.
Philip, London, uk.

Posted by pa1189 | Report as abusive

Susan uncool? Right. She’s way too HOT for the Brit Awards. She’s cryin’ all the way to Grammys 2011!

Posted by cee | Report as abusive

I’m completely dumbfounded.
Susan Boyle might not have been nominated, but she has two things that most of the nominees don’t. Sales and a voice.
The Brit Awards just lost all credibility.

Posted by KathyM | Report as abusive

Absolutely a disgrace to exclude Susan Boyle! She is the biggest-selling recording artist today. She is not only extremely talented, but is a wonderful lady and a great role model. How could this possibly happen, and why can’t they fix it? What more does an artist have to do? Susan has millions of global fans who are right now perplexed at the total lack of insight and appreciation for this lovely lady with the voice of an angel. Someone needs to seriously question the validity of this award as well as the nominating committee who overlooked her.

Posted by Lonnirose | Report as abusive

Ridiculous. The damage is to the Brits Awards, not Susan Boyle.

Posted by trennie | Report as abusive

These hypocrytes at the Brits awards make all kinds of excuses for not nominating Subo. She sold more albums than any of their nominees last year, and yet they moan that she did not compose her own songs. Nor did Dusty Springfield – but they don’t suggest Dusty should be kicked out of their infamous,scratch-your-back-if-you-scratc h-mine hall of fame.

Posted by glenmore | Report as abusive

“Middling deliverer of cover versions”? You mean like Sinatra or Pavarotti? Susan Boyle is the people’s singer (sales record) and the singers’ singer (admiration from everyone from Streisand to Bocelli to Lady GaGa) She’s just not the two-bit critics’ singer. Wonder how many of them will even be around next year after she’s sold her second 8 billion albums. They’ve made the Brit Awards a laughingstock.

Posted by dyebat | Report as abusive

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