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John Mayer apologizes again. But is it enough?

February 11, 2010

Some people may have heard enough from “Gravity” singer John Mayer this week after his expletive-filled Playboy johnmayermagazine interview and  his (too much information! )  musings on black women, pornography,  ex-lovers Jessica Simpson and  Jennifer Aniston,  as well as  dropping the “N” word bomb.

It seems Mayer agrees with them.  After issuing an apology via Twitter, Mayer broke down on stage towards the end of his concert in Nashville on Wednesday telling fans he had fallen into a “wormhole of selfishness, greediness and arrogance”  in his quest to “be clever” and that he now wanted to get back to just being a musician.

“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done,” a choked-up Mayer told the audience in Nashville in footage now posted  on YouTube.  “I just want to play my guitar.”

By all accounts, it was an emotional ending to the concert and even had some of Mayer’s  band choking up. According to one fan at the show, one of Mayer’s black female back-up singers was crying as Mayer praised his band for standing by him  “because they support myself as a possible future grown-up.” .

But just like the Playboy interview, Mayer’s remorse has  split opinions between those who believe it’s either insincere and a further effort to seek attention, and those who think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion and who remain firm fans.

“It was a deep an honest apology, everyone felt it and there were few dry eyes. The man has always had a way with words,” wrote Molly, who was at the concert, on entertainment web site E! online.

But Melanie, who was not at the Nashville show, said in a comment  on the E! site;  “The dude is a major idiot with major issues. Maybe he should take some time off. He obviously has issues to work out. He is so needy for attention that it’s sad and now he has become offensive!.”

And we wonder, will the apologies on Twitter and onstage be enough to put out the media firestorm? Or will the Playboy interview for Mayer turn into the same sort of career-damaging event as comedian Michael Richards’ onstage rant several years back in which he used the “N” word?


John Mayer hasnt lost IT on stage, he never had IT. IT is this context is common decency, minimal manners, respect for women, and a little gratitude and understanding that he is very gifted. Apparently he believes that entitles him to be a major J.A to anyone he chooses. I am so sick of celebs and their egos. Anyone with a brain knows that all he’s got is an ability to play a guitar. The only way he can redeem himself is to ACTUALLY live a life that is respectful to others. For now he’s still a major jerk, and any woman that givea him the time of day, is an idiot. Good luck John, not holding my breath.

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As a music critic, one of my first attempts at critique was John Mayer. John was a good song writer but only when he wrote a good song. Of course he was never continuously prolific in his offerings but like that song I really find above the bar Fathers and Daughters? John can be exceptional at times in his adult contemporary genre. He always was bothered by his preppy image, after all he was no street fighting man like Bruce and Patti Smith and Snoopy.The fans tend to gravitate toward the artist who suffered coming up. I have no doctor’s degree but anybody can see that this man requires treatment of some sort. Like any man I have envied him for his alledged conquests of stunning an voluptuous women however I could not testify to what happened in his travels because I was not

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He sounded like a tool in the ‘apology.’ He sounded like a tool in the interview. He sounded like a tool before the interview. He wrote a song entitled, “Your body is a wonderland.”

My favorite quote re: this interview so far was from this article: rticle.cfm?aid=16806

“I always kind of knew from John Mayer’s music that he was a terrible human being.”

John Tantillo did a post on his marketing blog which doesn’t defend Mayer…but says that brandwise… this isn’t really a negative for him. 6/john-tantillos-brand-winner-and-loser- john-mayer-and-dick-cheney.aspx

We already knew what he was like. And what his music was like. It’s tough when someone just needs to apologize for being who they are. What do you do with that?

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