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Lindsay Lohan = Oprah, Madonna?

March 10, 2010

LohanUmm. No. — at least according to a poll by celebrity market researcher E-Poll.

Lohan — former Disney child star, turned member of the “Mean Girls,” then media sensation, before plunging into alcohol and drug abuse and going to rehab, from which she emerged to a troubled acting career and then flopped in the world of fashion, all before she turns 24 years old this year  — has sued E*Trade Financial Corp, seeking $100 million for an advertisement that Lohan claims wrongly uses her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality” without permission, violating her right of privacy. The ad involves toddlers. Read that story here.

Importantly, the ad uses only a first name, Lindsay, and of course there are millions of Lindsay’s in the world. Still, a lawyer for Lohan told the New York Post that the Hollywood actress has the same “single-name” recognition as celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Madonna. Really?

E-Poll, which makes a business out of asking questions like these and selling that information to companies looking for details about celebrity and pop culture, has come up with some different results. E-Poll recently asked a similar question of people and here’s what it found. In the name awareness category, Lindsay Lohan had a 77 percent rating to Oprah Winfrey’s 89 percent and Madonna’s 91 percent. Not bad, Lindsay LOHAN, but not quite the same — and not on a single name. E-Poll, by the way, is in no way affiliated with E*Trade. The two companies just share a first letter. (Hey, maybe they should sue each other).


Linday’s career has taken a nosedive. Lindsay apparently called Britney Spears looking for career advice, and Brit’s dad refused to let his daughter talk to Lilo (Good call, dad). Maybe Lilo should read “Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost”. It might provide her with the advice she’s looking for. Check it out on Amazon!

Posted by onekilo66 | Report as abusive

Sorry as I am for Lindsay Lohan’s difficulties, I think a sense of proportion might save her a lot of heartache (and expense!) here. Oprah and Madonna have “single-name” recognition because they’ve paid their dues – they’ve been at the top of their profession for a long, long time.

I think there’s a good way to go yet before the majority of people hearing the name “Lindsay” will automatically assume that it’s referring to Ms. Lohan (for me, it calls to mind a mental picture of a forensic scientist from CSI:NY!).

Posted by Aislinnye24 | Report as abusive

Why can’t this no talent and her celebrity obsessed family just dry up and blow away already. Really who cares about her?
What ever happened to her situation where she was driving drunk/high and ran over people?

Go away already!

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can anyone say loser has been trash?!

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

“loser has-been trash”

Posted by TheOracle | Report as abusive

The thing is, the intent of the commercial WAS to portray her. I mean, yeah, the Etrade guys are technically right.

But we all know they meant her.

She should have just asked for like $5 mil, and settled out of court quietly.

Posted by Jarlent | Report as abusive

I agree that she should have settled for far less, out of court, quietly — I agree that they meant her in the advertisement.

I don’t understand why people are vilifying her. The bad decisions she makes cause her pain… how does it help to behave with so much hostility towards her? I hope she finds a way to be happy. I think if she gets things together and gets back to acting, she could be very good at it. Most importantly, I hope she finds balance and joy in her life.

Posted by elf5506 | Report as abusive

Oh, you BET E*Trade knew exactly what they were doing!! That’s the BEAUTY of this! Impossible to prove they meant her (but they DID…of course they did!! Seriously, folks, when I say Lindsay, of whom do you think?); and, AND…look at the massive, massive and did I mention MASSIVE amounts of utterly free advertising they are getting from this? A stroke of genious! I used to work in advertising and someone just got a massive raise (that’s what she said!!) for this. Utterly unproveable in court, tons of free advertising, and everyone is laughing about it. I’ll tell you one thing…if E*Trade is as efficient and smart a company as their advertising company (BBD&O? William Esty?? Who??) then they’ve got my business!! Sheer genious!! As an aside, Ms. Lohan: you look awful. Please help yourself to some counseling and rehab.

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