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Kate Gosselin — tough day at the celebrity office.

April 8, 2010

gosselinSome days, you just can’t catch a break. Kate Gosselin, reality TV star turned celebrity mother turned “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, was having one of those days on Wednesday.

The day after she survived the elimination round on the hit television ballroom dance contest, Gosselin was put through the shredder by celebrity magazines, and her ex-husband sued her to reclaim primary custody of their eight kids.

Life & Style magazine ran this headline on their cover “Out of Control Monster!” with a picture of an obviously angry Kate. And underneath it, the subhead reads: “Screaming fits make Kate the most hated DWTS star ever.” And this was US Weekly’s cover headline: “Inside Kate’s Train Wreck” with one of the subheads reading: gosselin2“How She Tortures Tony” her dance partner on the show. We can’t vouch for her behavior on “DWTS” one way or the other, but we do watch the show (read about last night’s loser here). And judging just from the looks on her face and what she says, she doesn’t seem happy. Ironically, her dance this week told a story of being chased by tabloid photographers. (BTW, her dancing could use some work, considering the low marks the judges consistently give her.)

But those truly bad headlines were just the morning’s news. By afternoon, a new headline trumped them. Her former husband Jon Gosselin — you remember him, formerly of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ — filed his lawsuit. Jon and Kate famously opened up their lives for the aforementioned reality TV show, which led to marriage troubles, a divorce and a canceled show. Jon has turned up a lot in tabloid headlines since then, and likely made a pretty good living off his celebrity — for awhile. We don’t know much about him, but we do know a lot about Hollywood. A few things of which we are certain: fame is fickle and it is fleeting, and while a headline usually does wonders for a celebrity’s ego, for Kate Gosselin on Wednesday, they were likely just a big headache.

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