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Joining (or leaving?) the ranks of singing divas on “American Idol”

April 21, 2010

There were just two certainties on “American Idol” after inspirational theme night with mentor Alicia Keys.bowersox

1) Singing anything by Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston is going to be a no-no when Randy Jackson is on the judging panel (and singing a song that both divas have already “made their own”  is just asking for trouble);

2) Crystal Bowersox must surely already be this year’s “Idol” winner;

Bowersox — dubbed Momma Sox by fans — abandoned her guitar to stand alone and sing a cappella for the first verse of “People Get Ready.”  And then she capped off a stellar vocal performance by breaking down in tears , uncharacteristically, on the final line.

Randy gave her a standing ovation, Simon said it was in a “different class,” and Crystal said she had got all emotional when she saw her father in the “Idol” audience in Los Angeles for the first time.

The “Idol” producers must be giving daily thanks that the young mom did not quit the show a few weeks ago when she was missing her family most.

But another early front-runner, Siobhan Magnus, should perhaps have known better than to have attempted the Mariah Carey mariahand Whitney Houston double “When You Believe” — even given her impressive range.

A sad Randy deemed it “just okay”, and Simon Cowell dismissed the arrangement as “old-fashioned”.

Props (and maybe some crucial votes) to a feisty Siobhan for standing up for herself. “I didn’whitneyht want who it was sung by to scare me away,” she said.

“No-one compares to Mariah and Whitney, obviously. I just love the song,” she added.

The question is.  Did anyone else?

And can anyone stop Crystal from being crowned “American Idol” next month?


Crystal Bowersox is a one trick poney with a completely unlikeable personaility. Siobhan Magnus can sing the phone book and could be molded into anything that a producer wants…yet they pick her to death. Of course isn’t this the same damned bunch that didn’t like Carrie Underwood and wasn’t she just voted the first woman entertainer of the year a few days ago?? I mean they keep saying to keep the music current..hasn’t Janis Joplin been DEAD of a drug overdose for at least 30 to 40 years now?????

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