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“Ticked-Off Trannies,” and detractors, take on Tribeca

April 25, 2010

(Reporting by Edith Honan)

Transploitation.” Depending on your definition, it means either a) an exciting, entertaining way of celebrating transgender women, or b) a reinforcement of an unfair stereotype. Either way, one thing is for certain, the question of what “transploitation” is, has become a controversial subject at this week’s Tribeca Film Festival.
The fuss centers on a new movie, “Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives,” a revenge fantasy that is as violent as it is campy which had premiere here over the weekend. The movie tells of a group of transgender friends who seek vengeance on their attackers. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) several weeks ago called for it to be pulled from the event that has become a key stop on the global film festival circuit.  At the film’s debut, about 25 protesters passed out literature and held up signs saying the story dehumanized the transgender community.  “This is not a gig for us. We are women who were born with birth challenges,” said the protest’s organizer, Ashley Love. “These people are mocking our lives.” But director Israel Luna said he hoped people would watch the entire film and give it a chance.

We were out the red carpet to ask the question and in the videos above you can watch  Krystal Summers and Erica Andrews, who appear in the movie, defend it.  And Stefanie Rivera, one of the protesters, explains why she thinks Tribeca should shut it down.

Bottom line this film is exploitation, I have gone to Luna’s youtube page and it is littered with plenty of other equally offensive film clips…put it this way if I made a film depicting him with every imaginable derogatory stereotype of Hispanic people and called it bitchy beaners with knives and then defended it as art and as a revenge fantasy I would be tarred and feathered for it but because trans people are some of the last people that it is perfectly ok in many peoples eyes to ridicule it is deemed ok even in the face of protest from trans inclusion groups, trans activists and civil liberty organizations Mr. Luna is still getting away with his trans-misogyny excuse for a film! I have totally lost ALL respect for Tribeca Film Fest!

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I’m sorry but there weren’t 25 people protesting – there were only 5-6 if that. Not an educational rally either as Ashley Love had said it was going to be. It was a very small protest w/ two signs & fliers being handed out & sometimes forced upon people! For them to try to get their point across, they did it in a wrong manner yet again. Better luck next time!

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This film is certainly getting great publicity.
TransGENDER is an umbrella term including Drag Queens, Cross Dressers, Transvestittes, Transsexuals, Intersex, Fafafine and many more. Some Drag Queens are Transsexuals but most are not. I have not seen this movie but from what I have seen it is a fictional movie with fictional characters portraying Drag Queens or transGENDER’s, not transSEXUALs. It depects a significant part of the TransGENDER community that can be seen out and about in bars and clubs around the world but who, only a few are TransSEXUALs.
It shows the sort of violence that some of the transGENDER community has been dealt in the past and hopefully wont see much more of.
Tranny = me. I am one and proud. I’m a sex change. There are some TransGENDER out there who dont like the two words and many who have no problem with those words. They are words commonly known, used and understood around the world.
Here in NZ, we have a very respected sexchange. 65yo, reciepient of the NZ medal of Merit, sits on our Human Rights Tribunal, built a million $$$ business and rasied more than 70 foster kids. She was beaten and discriminated against in Australia in the 60′s. She is now highly regarded and known as ‘The Tranny Granny’. Even has the car number plate ‘Trany’.
So get over it America and Trans, get working together and supporting each other and fight for things that are worth it like stopping discrimination in health, education, workplaces and society etc.

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Transploitation – there is no such word. Why make up a word that just confuses others more.

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You’ll have to forgive me BCHRISTOPHER79 if your judgement or interpretations surrounding the events of that night are a bit clouded. I was present that night and even though I went in 2c the movie what I saw outside prior to me entering the theater was a small group of protesters holding up signs and passing out literature not forcing folks as u claim to accept they’re material. They were there in protest of the movie because weeks prior to the opening of the film there friend had been murdered in the very city where TOTWK opened it’s doors. From what I was able to observe 3 of the actresses on the carpet were completely indifferent and showed no signs of empathy 4d other girls loss. I found that 2b in poor taste. I would have expected a little more from some of the starlettes on the carpet and there behavior was very unbecoming.My heart ached 4 some of the girls protesting the movie. I genuinely empathized 4 there loss. I hope both sides can reach some sort of common ground.

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NenaVidal79: I’m sorry but I WAS THERE AND EXPERIENCED THIS FIRST HAND! There was a “lady” who came up & forcefully extended her hand w/ a couple sheets of paper in it to one the cast members who was standing there waiting for his turn to go through to the media on the red carpet as well as to another crew member who was there saying “take it, take this! Have you seen this movie? Have you seen the violence?” Uh, did this person not know she was talking to people involved w/ the film? AND NO IT WASN’T YOU ASHLEY LOVE! So, if you didn’t see this for yourself, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. But I was there on the red carpet & SAW IT w/ my own eyes! As for the cast not showing any ‘empathy’ for those protesting for this murder case, the red carpet was not the place or time for that. There has been PLENTY of discussions online via protester blogs as well through other internet media sites. This particular night, was a media spotlight for the actors in the film in which they had press to deal with – not a prayer circle. What would you have wanted them to do? Go over and shake hands or talk about their concerns w/ the protesters? Not likely in ANY circumstance when it involves the red carpet/movie premiere. The same can be said for those protesting -they showed no empathy for the girls and what they have been through prior to the night of the premiere. THEY HAVE BEEN TRYING TO HOLD THEIR HEADS UP HIGH & SMILE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE ORDEAL W/ THIS CONTROVERSIAL MOVIE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! It’s a sword that cuts both ways! They are lovely ladies & TRUST ME, I know what they have been going through! So, forgive me for them not showing any empathy for any of the protesters that night! I’m sorry you thought it was all in poor taste but you obviously only see one side of the story that night. We all feel grief when it comes to anyone being murdered in the our colorful GLBT family! I acknowledge that & I believe I can say that is true for everyone involved in this film. Overall, they had the right to protest & to chant & rant about whatever they want – interrupting the media/interviews being scheduled that night. For someone to reach a common ground, there has to be a better understanding of what they are fighting for exactly not to mention, have a stern foundation to stand on & w/ this fictional movie, they’ve said a mouthful already. Some people could say the same about the protesters… “their behavior was very unbecoming!” We all have our opinions but your comment just struct a bad chord w/ me!

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