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M.I.A. shocks fans with “Born Free” video

April 29, 2010

M.I.A.’s latest video “Born Free”, which features scenes of nudity and graphic violence,  has fueled a raging Internet debate over the merits of the British-born rap artist’s latest politically-charged offering.MIA

The nine-minute video, directed by Romain Gavaras, depicts American-flag clad commandos rounding up a ginger-haired minority, who are later executed or forced to run through a landmine-laden desert.

The disturbing video kicked up a fuss on YouTube and then ignited a tweet storm of opinion ranging from: the_real_amy, “I’m horrified! No words… #mia #bornfree”  to this from angiewa, “Attaching a message to your art doesn’t make it pretentious; it makes you one the few pop ‘artist’ I’m interested in. #bornfree”

The video, which at one point on Tuesday appeared to have been pulled off YouTube but is now up and streaming again on the site, is also available to watch on M.I.A.’s website.

Best known “Paper Planes,” which was featured on the movie soundtracks of both “Pineapple Express” and “Slumdog Millionaire,” the hip-hop artist of Tamil descent has never shied from politicizing her music. But is she brow-beating her loyal followers, trying to assert she won’t water down her political leanings because she’s on the verge of becoming a household name? And if you clicked on the link above and watched the video, what do you think? Heavy handed or right on point?


Accurate description of what our police and immigration policies have evolved.

Wake up America.

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The video is pretty cliche. Sort of gross too. Unless we understand the reason for the ginger hair round up and murder the point of the video seems to be about be provocative to sell records? The mural looked to imply IRA-like ‘oppression’, but that’s the only similarity. Then the kids with scarves (Beirut? Palestine?) – who were the bottle thrown at? But USA commandos? Not so sure. It looked too efficient for a government funded operation… The closest historic events are probably native American and Australian aboriginal experiences.

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