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Lohan, Dreyfus and two tall Hollywood tales?

May 5, 2010

From the wacky world of Hollywood comes two larger than life stories — but  only one of them may be true.

dreyfus 1) Double Emmy winner,  actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus of “Seinfeld” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine”  fame  gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Grumpy “Seinfeld” creator Larry David was among those turning out to celebrate with her.  But there’s one problem.  Just before the ceremony,  organizers realize they have spelled one of Julia’s names wrong  (Whoops!) and scramble to fix it before she arrives.

2) Lindsay Lohan, erstwhile child star turned wild child,  has been cast to play porn queen Linda Lovelace in a planned biopic about the star of the infamous 1972 movie “Deep Throat.”   That’s certainly a headline for the 23 year-old actress who has been making more news off screen than on it for the past three years.  And it seems to fit with a recent week of lohanhair-raising exploits from the LiLo camp, including a racy gunplay photoshoot and Daddy’s bid to put the brakes on Lindsay’s  life in the fast lane.

So which tale is too good to be true, and which has the ring of truth?

1) It’s true — the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce left out the hyphen and the “O” in Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s name and sent workers to chisel out the “Luis”  and replace it with a temporary Louis-. The Huffington Post has the tell-tale evidence

2) May be true (but for all those who loved “Parent Trap” and laughed at “Mean Girls”, we hope not).  Depends which of the several executive producers of the forthcoming biopic, or which of Lohan’s un-named “friends” you believe.  We’re planning on waiting until an official announcement, said to be forthcoming at the Cannes film festival next week, before losing all hope. Then again,  Lindsay did play a stripper in the 2007  low-budget thriller “I Know Who Killed Me”   — and won a Razzie for worst actress. We’re just saying….

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