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Carey Mulligan: In “Wall Street”, but out of work

May 16, 2010

MulliganShe got “An Education” and landed on “Wall Street,” but now Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan is out of a job. … Really!

Mulligan, who wowed Hollywood in 2009′s low-budget British drama “An Education” was at the Cannes film festival this past week promoting her role in her firstĀ  big budget film, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” She spoke to reporters at the magnificent Hotel Du Cap in a seaside cabana with the breeze blowing through her hair. If it sounds carefree, it was. Mulligan, behind big dark sunglasses told reporters that after this film, she’s out of work. And that, she said, was “cool.”

“I’ve no idea what I’m doing next which is cool because I’ve always been, like, so freaked out when I haven’t had a job before now. ‘Wall Street’ was so different from ‘An Education’ and I was so nervous coming here (to Cannes) and really nervous watching the movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago in LA. ‘An Education’ got such a nice response and I’d hate for them (critics and fans) to be, like, ‘Yeah, she’s okay as a 16-year-old but stick to your day job, love.’”

In coming-of-age, British drama ‘An Education,’ Mulligan portrayed a teenager who falls in love with an older man only to have her heart broken. Her role in “Wall Street” is far different. She plays a young woman running a social activist website, and she is the love interest for the star character played by Shia LaBeouf, and daughter of master money manipulator Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). The movies are far different. The former, low budget. The latter, big-time Hollywood and led by star Michael Douglas and director Oliver Stone. But Mulligan said the size of the budget was just about the only difference for her — just about.

Mulligan1“I think I walked into an American film thinking this is going to be so huge and so scary and very different from our tiny crew (on “Education”) and it’s exactly the same. It’s just better food in America,” Mulligan said. “I mean, really, but other than that, it’s the same crew, the same kind of guys who still form all those nice relationships that make filming so much fun. It’s the same deal.”

But what about walking up the Cannes red carpet and seeing herself on the giant screen in the Grand Lumiere Theatre? “I shut my eyes when I was on screen,” she said. “I’ll watch it on the airplane, maybe, one day.”

And while we joke that she’s out of a job (knowing full well that plenty of work awaits her red hot career, we can’t help but worry a bit. You see, Mulligan may be working on “Wall Street” for the moment, but she says she’s not so good with her finances. “I’ve gone one bank account and very little interest in money,” she said. “Well, no, I like money. Everyone likes money, but I’m not, like, good at using it.”

To which we add that if that’s the case, please stick to your day job, love.

(Reporting by Mike Collett-White, Writing by Bob Tourtellotte)

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