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Lost in Cannes: Roger Ebert’s MacBook

May 17, 2010

EbertNo doubt a lot of things have been lost in the city of Cannes on the French Riviera. but during the annual film festival here, we thought this one was noteworthy. (Especially since this year’s gathering has been rather lackluster. Read about that here).

On cafe tables in an industry pavilion at the annual gathering of filmmakers, critics and fans, this notice appeared on Monday: “REWARD for the return of Roger Ebert’s Macbook Pro.” Ebert, of course, is the award-winning film critic, so what resides on that hard drive might read like an encyclopedia (although Ebert’s writing has always been more lively than an encyclopedia) of film and film review. His website is here. One can only imagine its value to the critic, and to movie fans.

The Macbook was last seen, the notice says, on May 16 in a taxi out side the Carlton hotel on the Croisette, and it was in a brown tote bag with mini-speakers and a black sweater. We don’t know if it has yet to be found. But we do note that on his website his most recent update comments on the new film, “Another Year” by director Mike Leigh, and Leigh was working the press on Sunday, May 16.

Having lost (and then found) our own laptop PCs while on assignment, we can empathize. A journalist without something on which to write is like a musician without an instrument. If you find it, the note says, call the Hotel Splendid in Cannes.

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