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What to do in Cannes? Not watch movies!

May 19, 2010

CannesGrandPrixEach year, tens of thousands of movie industry players from around the world invade the Cannes film festival to watch movies and do business — buy and sell rights to show films around the world or on DVD, TV and other media. Thousands more provide services in restaurants, hotels and at the festival itself, and still thousands more come as tourists. But there’s so much more to do in Cannes than watch movies. We were struck by the three below:

Watch the Grand Prix. As you can see in the picture, these two gentlemen — who happen to be security for the festival — took some time to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. The Formula 1 auto race takes place at the same time of the year as the festival, just up the road. What’s funny about the picture is that television set, always (except when the Grand Prix is running) is used to show interviews with movie stars and film directors. Typically, most people just pass it by but when the race is on, it gets a crowd. What you can’t see is that behind these two, there are about 10 0ther men glued to the TV.


Dumpster Dive, Cannes Style. It certainly doesn’t sound glamorous, and it isn’t. But what struck us as funny is that the dumpster in the picture is used to recycle all the promotional material given to the press. And if you stay around long enough, you’ll see reporters come to it with sack fulls of press material and just dump the paper in. And, at the same time, you’ll see other journos digging through it to find materials that, perhaps, they weren’t given. Looking through can be interesting because it gives one a perspective of all the different types of films about varying cultures from around the world. It’s movies in a microcosm — all in a dumpster.

Stargazing in the hotels. The drinks can get expensive, and in many of the higher-end hotels along the Cannes Croisette, you may need a festival badge to get inside. But if you can make it, sit in the lobby or bar of the Carlton hotel, the Majestic or the Martinez. You need only to stay an hour or two and it never fails that someone famous will walk through. One problem is that, because the stars here are from around the world and not necessarily your home country, you may not know they are famous. Our weirdest sighting over the years? Faye Dunaway in the Majestic desperately trying to sell a movie idea (with her as director) to some far younger fella who no doubt claimed to be a producer. We talked to two women from Marseilles about stargazing. Click the video below to see what they had to say.

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