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Crystal loses boyfriend, along with “American Idol” title

May 27, 2010

Loser. Double Loser.Bowersox

Turns out Crystal Bowersox, the “American Idol” season front-runner, lost more than the coveted title this week.

On the morning of  Tuesday night’s performance finale, Bowersox and her boyfriend split up and he  headed back to their Toledo, Ohio hometown as she prepared for the biggest night of her life.

Just a month ago, Bowersox  had dedicated Shania Twain’s marriage-themed song “No-One Needs to Know” on the show to her sweetheart, adding that she was hoping “he’ll man up one of these days”.

“Big Tony…he went home. He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle,” Bowersox told “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest on his L.A radio show on Thursday “I didn’t break up with him…it was a mutual thing.”

“It’s cool though, we’re both logical, grown adults,” the dreadlocked single mom added.  “He’s a small town guy and that’s fine.  I’m a small town girl, but I want this. I want this more than anything, this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it…he didn’t think he was up for it.”

The split didn’t seem to have affected Crystal’s performance .  “Idol” judges felt she out-classed rival Lee DeWyze with her three songs on Tuesday, and the 24 year-old Bowersox told Seacrest her boyfriend’s departure “set that fire to my belly”.

If  Bowersox felt cheated at Wednesday’s result after having been tipped for weeks to win the contest, she was hiding it well.

“I knew Lee was going to win and people seem to be surprised by that, but I just had a feeling. As I said before, I couldn’t be happier for him. He deserves every minute of this,” she told reporters after Wednesday’s show.

” I just had this strange sense of peace and calm. I’ve been that way through the whole season if you haven’t noticed, I’m just mellow. And I was willing and ready and happy for whatever the outcome was. We both win. It’s not winner, loser. It’s winner, non-winner, or whatever you want to call it. But both of us are going to have very successful careers and we’re going to be friends for a long time.”

Asked what she had learned from being on “Idol”,  the famously homespun Bowersox laughed and said;  “That I can walk in heels!”

Should Crystal feel cheated?  And why did America choose another white, male, guitar-player as its “Idol” for the third year in a row?


Lee and Crystal are both tremendously talented. I agree with Crystal, and believe both will have very successful careers and can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us. BRAVO to both!

Posted by blshnd | Report as abusive

I swore of TV 15 years ago but happened to see Adam buy chase and his voice and style drew me in to watch the entire season. When Adam lost my heart ached for him because he was so deserving of the title. I believe that Simon Fuller used his veto power and over rode the peoples vote and crowned Chris because Adam was gay and Fuller didn’t want to loose commerical indorsements and ratings. The same thing happened this year because Chystal is an unwed mother. No more idol for me ever.

Posted by lindareid | Report as abusive

Well i don’t think they want a female to win i mean 3 songs was dominated by Crystal but because we have a lot of female voters that love the daylights out of Lee regardless of what transpired it didn’t shock me 1 bit.

Posted by Aaron.E | Report as abusive

The best one came in third. I know this is a singing competition, but Casey is the better entertainer. All three were about the same voicewise.

Posted by marewolf | Report as abusive

American Idol voters are just dumb. Thats what I have learned this season. I thought I would watch because I had heard of how amazing Crystal was and she was even better. She should have won, hands down, but I guess it might work in her favor. Now she can get a record deal on her own and produce an amazing album.

Posted by a426712 | Report as abusive

I agree, Crystal was the beter performer.. Idol dialers just got it wrong.

Posted by faith01 | Report as abusive

Naw, Lee was better and more commercial. She wasn’t going to win, and even she knew it. PS. Casey was garbage! He didn’t deserve to be close to the top 3, all he had was a smile going for him. But, this is going to be one of those season where both Crystal and Lee are forgotten and will not be huge artists, just wait and see….Also this is the last decent year for idol, the only reason to watch was to hear Simon! Randy has no lasting power for the viewers, Kara/Cara? is not critical enough and no one cares about her opinion and Ellen looks like she gave up a few weeks ago and I will be surprised to see her next season. Kerry Underwood is the last decent artists to come out of that show, and it has now Jumped the Shark, aka “its over Johnny!”

Posted by SD5150 | Report as abusive

Lindareid, I agree with you 100%!!! One year I can forgive, but two years in a row…I’m done. Should have quit watching when Taylor Hicks won!

Posted by tonyp3101 | Report as abusive

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