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From Tony to Oscar and back?

June 14, 2010

Tony's Denzel

Has Tony really turned into Oscar? True, last night’s Tony Awards didn’t feel that far from the Oscars. There were the hoards of screaming fans outside, the red carpet filled with stars like Scarlett Johansson and Will Smith. And the backstage media room where winners are wheeled in breathless and smiling for an impromptu press conference.

But for all the talk that the Tony’s are going all Hollywood, perhaps they are not. For starters, some of Hollywood’s A-List don’t take America’s highest theater honors as seriously as the Oscars. Some, like best actor nominated Jude Law who was a long shot to win, was nowhere to be seen. Others, like first-time Tony Award winners Scarlett Johansson and Catherine Zeta-Jones, did not bother going backstage to speak to the press afterwards.

And if any Tony organizers thought the presence of more stars than ever at the awards would guarantee better ratings, it wasn’t to be. The Tony’s broke a streak of award shows improving on their ratings this year by dropping 8 per cent in viewership from last year. The show’s roughly 7 million viewers fell far short of the number of  basketball fans watching the Los Angeles Lakers lose to the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association’s championship series.

And, as yet there are no confirmed, big-name Hollywood actors announced for Broadway shows for the rest if this year (Unless you count T.R. Knight, we don’t.  ‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe is confirmed to return to the Great White Way — next year.)

Still, it is hard to imagine Broadway giving up on the approach it has taken straight from Tinseltown: get a star actor on board and bet the seats fill quicker. Too bad if a smaller name actor is better. And again last night, Tony voters chose mainstream commercial ventures over more innovative productions, with the classical musical “Memphis” edging out the more daring “Fela!”

Time will tell if Broadway goes or more or less Hollywood on us. Predictions?


The truth of the best fantasy movie Harry Potter


Suddenly,there was a scream ,which likes Dudley’s voice in the kicken,”MOM!MOM!HELP!”

“What happened?!” Vernon and Aunt Petunia ruch here so hurrily.

They wacth the scared expression of Dudley ?Harry was on the corner of wall,who swayed on the spot for a moment, Harry’s face pale ahd black! … then he opened his mouth and vomited the a pool of blood all over the doormat.

“I don’t know what happened to him,he had a good sleep in his room?!”Dudley said.

Vernon watched the top of a kitchen range?a bottle of ink and a bag of washing powder were here?Vernon understood immediately.As a matter of fact,Harry has been affected by poison,because he drank the bowl of poisonous liquid , which is the big bowl of boiled water mixed up with a bottle of ink and a little washing powder .Vernon get very angry immediately,”Call the ambulance hurrily,Dudley !”Vernon howled.

Dudley rush into living room to call the ambulance ,Vernon watched there is a slip of paper near by Harry,who was still vomiting the a pair of blood .Vernon noticed the slip of paper ,it writed;

Pofessor Snape,

I couldn’t pass your The Potions lesson of Grade 5,Hogwarts,you have the prejudice to me all the time .Although I failed the first test of The Potions , I never give up. I must use the potions have fight with the Voldemot by myself in the future.So I study The Potions intensively,don’t bother me anymore.


Harry Potter

“It’s punitive justice , Potter ! ” Vernon said with the disappointment.

Finally,after the first aid of Harry,Harry had escaped the danger of life?then he’s in hospital,accept the medical treatment?When he eated the Chinese herbal medicine?Harry shouted in a coma :”That’s feeling good,just like magic!”

A few days later,Harry had been recovered to health,but he still in a coma with the move of wheelchair?Uncle Vernon wanted to find out this reason. In a moment,the doctor of the neurosurgery diagnosed,Harry has been addicted to the dreamworld?in other words,Harry has been afflicted with the Asperger’s Syndrome ??? Therefore , Vernon ‘s family can’t afford to raise Harry. Eventually they have to send Harry to the best psychiatric hospital in London , giving Harry a uncertain chance to recovery himself .

THE END———————————— ———————————

The conclusion:

There is no such thing like the so-called magic around the world.
Addresser ? a Chinese

From: The People’s Republic of China

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