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Another Charlie Sheen car over the cliff

June 15, 2010

Another day.  Another pricey Charlie Sheen car ends up wrecked at the bottom of a Los Angeles canyon.  And another mystery heist.

charlie sheen2010

It’s the second time in five months that one of the “Two and a Half Men” star’s luxury cars has been driven out of the actor’s gated community in the middle of the night (without anyone apparently seeing anything suspicious)  and been driven off the side of  famed Mulholland Drive.

In February, it was Sheen’s black Mercedes. On Tuesday, it was his silver Mercedes S600 (starting retail price $149,000) .

On both occasions, Sheen had apparently left the keys in the car and was unaware anything was amiss until getting a call from authorities after they hauled the abandoned vehicle back up the mountainside.

The keys were found still in the vehicle, which had been pushed off the steep winding road and down the cliff about a mile from where Sheen lives.mercedes s600

No-one has been arrested despite the fact that video surveillance tracks cars going in and out of  Sheen’s  gated community.

So is someone playing tricks on Charlie? And why?


How stupid is Sheen leaving his key in his car twice???

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