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Chris Brown: time to forgive? How about forget?

June 28, 2010

Brown3There is no doubt Chris Brown gave a strong performance of Michael Jackson songs at Sunday’s BET Awards. But the question it raised Sunday on the news floor here was: were his emotions real? If you don’t know what we’re talking about. You can read about it here or watch the video below.

Brown performed a medley of Michael Jackson songs that ended with “Man in the Mirror,” the King of Pop’s call for all of us to take a long look at ourselves and change in ways that make the world a better place to live. But instead of singing, Brown appeared overcome by the lyrics, seemed to be crying, tossed his earplug out of his ear at one point and bent to his knees in anguish before quickly leaving the stage soon after the song ended. He later returned after winning an “AOL Fan-demonium” award and said to the audience,  “I let y’all down before, but I won’t do it again. I promise.”

What Brown was talking about, of course, was his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna last year, for which he pleaded guilty to a criminal charge. He has performed community service, taken anger management classes and is currently on probation. At the time, the young R&B singer was a rising star, but the event set back his career as some radio stations took his songs off their playlists for a time. Still, Brown has endured the past year with, seemingly, some humility. He has apologized publicly several times, and he has done what the Los Angeles court system has asked of him. Read that here.

So, beyond even the question of whether his BET performance was real or just a show, there is another question: is it time to forgive Chris Brown and let him get on with his career? And if his fans forgive, will they ever forget his assault on a defenseless girl sitting next to him in his expensive rented car?

Brown’s emotional performance has triggered some heated online exchanges. “His being asked to make a tribute for the King of Pop is ultimate proof of his career being in a slump,” wrote one female poster on

“I know he had? that altercation with RIRI,but thats the past,IT REALLY DOES TAKE A REAL MAN TO CRY ON NATIONAL TV,”  wrote another.

Watch the video and make your own decision:


So let me get this right. Charlie Sheen beats his wife and he gets a 1 million dollar TV show and it’s still running. Sean Penn beat his ex wife and he gets an Oscar.. Polanski admits to butt raping a 13 year old girl and flee the country and still manages to have great success in Hollywood! Seems Hollywood and the media and Ignorant general American public are very selective in whose career they destroy for their mistakes and who they forgive and forget!

Posted by dimpleH | Report as abusive

He shouldn’t have even BEEN at the BET awards. He’s a disgrace. Sure he might someday stage a comeback, but that’s years and years down the road if at all. Ike Turner never got anywhere after Tina left him and made her abuse public. Why should Chris Brown fare any better?

And dimpleh, don’t think everybody who is against Chris Brown’s return to the spotlight are ignorant to the sick, ego-centric, mysoginistic shenanigans of other showbiz elites like the ones you mention. Personally I think they should all rot in jail and watch their glitzy fortunes flush away down the toilet.

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