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Mia Michaels gets claws out on “So You Think You Can Dance”

July 1, 2010

Ballet dancer Alex Wong’s surprising hip-hop routine with all-star  tWitch may have brought the house down onmia michaels Wednesday’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”,  but it was judge Mia Michaels’  sharp tongue that had fans talking the day after.

Michaels, the outspoken Emmy-winning choreographer on the panel, gave tap dancer Melinda Sullivan a dressing down that included cutting remarks over her pigeon toes and  lack of fluidity in her salsa routine. But the lowest blow came when Michaels told the 22-year old tapper that the panel should have sent her home last week.

“We made a mistake letting Cristina go”,  Michaels told her, referring to ballroom dancer Cristina Santana, who the judges chose to send home last week while keeping Sullivan.  And Adam Shankman agreed.

Fans on the “SYTYCD” official website were outraged.   “SHAME ON THEM” said one writer on a busy thread on “To tell a dancer that they made a mistake last week in not getting rid of her is absolutely unconscionable….Constructive criticism is one thing, but this was just plain mean.”

“I am an adamant fan of the show and have never seen the judges be so cruel, catty, and unprofessional”,  said another writer.  Others called on Michaels and producer Nigel Lythgoe to make a public apology._MG_7191

“It felt like Mia Michaels just couldn’t stop herself from saying it, and she should have, no matter how true it was,”  commented blogger Christine Mathias.

Sullivan got high marks for taking the verbal attack on live national television  with stoicism.  But will she win enough public sympathy to stay out of the bottom three, and almost certain elimination on Thursday?

Simon Cowell ushered in a refreshing new era of  honesty mixed with biting sarcasm in his time on “American Idol”. But where should the line be drawn between public humiliation and criticism on talent shows like “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance”?


Please take Mia Michaels off as a judge. Please bring Mary back. Every time I turn the show on and hear her negative remarks, it makes me never want to watch again. I think as long as she is a judge, I won’t be watching.

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I agree with the majority mia and adam were out of line.I think that the judges should only be allowed to pick the bottom three and let america choose which dancer goes home. I say this because it seems they all have their favorites and can be quite harsh with certain contestants they obviously do not want to see in finals.lets face it wasn’t it adam who behaved inappropiately with miley cyrus gay or not.Now lets talk about ms or mr michaels noone has ever seen her dance but who would want to see her in some of those outfits.Kudos to Cat this week for pointing out that when jose danced baliwood and put his spin on it the judges praised him but when adacheke put his spin on it the judges slammed him.The only question i have is can any of the judges do what those kids do and if so lets all judge them.

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I think it’s pretty obvious who Mia Michaels’ favorites are. She, obviously does not like Adochike (not sure of spelling). Nigel gave him a good review and she did nothing but criticize him. Personally, I think he’s great; better than her pet Alex and I’m voting like crazy for him!

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Mia Michaels has some serious issues with herself – she should definitely think before she speaks – she actually sounds quite ugly – she needs a lot of therapy before she appears on another show! She is so offensive it almost makes the show not enjoyable. However, the dancers are amazing so I will just turn the sound off when Mia speaks.

In addition, may I recommend Mia get her issues in check, as we all have them, prior to the start of each episode. If she truly has her ‘favourites’, as her ‘favourites’ seem to change much like her personality, she really does need to keep that in her quiet mind. One does not make comments like: (and I paraphrase) ‘I regret letting the other girl go instead of…Melinda’…or ‘I miss seeing Alex perform”…leaving the strength and raw energetic talent of Adechike to wither as he stood there and had to listen to her sheer miserable bile spew forth from that little place she comes from in her head. If ratings had anything to do with pulling her back in ,then that really is a shame. From the present group now standing this season, they may all, in their own individual way, need constructive criticism; however, they each have such incredible strong points and beauty as they dance, that they certainly do not need to hear Mia Michael’s verbal abuse as her mood finds its way out of the small box it should be locked in. It is disgusting to listen to such nasty comments when these dancers are truly working from the depths of their beings, and then be thrown either at the nurturing, flowery spiel of the “loving” Mia or the belly of the beast nasty Mia. Perhaps Mia should get in touch with the more balanced world of inner happiness, as it is quite evident that she is not there, as spiritually as she would like to think she is.
The choreographers also need to choreograph the dancers! At times, the dancers are getting blamed for not fully being in character. Sometimes they may not connect, which is on them; but, if they should have gone in another direction with the character, then that is the job of the choreographer to assist in guiding the dancer in the right direction.

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You know at the beginning of this season, I heard a rumor that this might be the last season of “So You Think You Can Dance” and I was sad! Although, I am a jock at heart, I can appreciate the art and hard work that goes into dance. However, the show has turned an ugly page by the unprofessional and often cruel comments by show judge, Mia Michaels directed in a hurtful manner toward Adechike (sp?)and last week toward the tapper,Melinda Sullivan.
Good bye “So You Think You Can Dance”, it was a great concept and a great show! Even if the show survive it did not survive our household!

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Hi..I am new to blogging but was so angry when I finally got to watch the 7/07 show which I had recorded tonight and saw the absolute “ugliness” that Mia Michels can show…I had to figure out how to get a comment out there. I truly believe in my heart that Mia is a fantastic choreographer but get her out of the judges seat! She is sooooooo disheartening! Its like she is truly bipolar at times. When the time comes that you cannot actually give constructive criticism or tough love as some may say ….professionally, especially when you are on live tv…then it is time to get her out of there. I am a diehard watcher of the show and am absolutely “sick” when I have to sit and watch her cut these dancers to the utter core. She is so biased with her so called “favorites” I don’t think she can judge honestly. And she is supposed to be a mentor to look up to? I agree with someone’s comments up above that she needs to get her emotions into check and is not right for live tv commenting…that is for sure. The Alex vs. Adechike thing makes me want to puke! I have not got to see 7/8 episode yet…something about an apology…but from the comments I have don’t sound pretty. PLEASE…..stop trying to increase ratings by putting someone so harsh on who has nothing in store but ripping some of these poor hard working kids hearts out…..the show is too good for that and too good for her! Bring Mary back…..she has a heart of gold and will do the right thing come good/bad …

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I love SYTYCD! Mia Michaels however, is a different story. She gets too personal with her ATTACKS. She belittled adechicke(sp?). Its like looking at one of your own children and saying I wish you were not here. I prefer that one. Stick to dance moves not you personal predjudices. NOT PROFESSIONAL! Down right ugly, snarky, and MEAN! To say I dislike here is an understatement. Reminds me of a teacher in high school. I had passed a test and scored college level in reading and comprehension in the 9th grade. She tore it up and said there must be a mistake. She threw it in the wastebasket. I believed her until several tests later verified the original and then I became very angry. Nurse Ratchett!

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Mia is offensive, obnoxious, insensitive. It is one thing to give constructive critisism but personal attacks and cruelty is not accepatable. Too say we voted off the wrong contestant is hurtful and so unesessary, then to say a dance was too “african” was so out of line. If you can’t be sensitive and do your job with dignity then don’t be on tv. Please bring Mary back or anyone else but Mia.

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I feel Mia has some type of personal vendetta against AdeChike or something. She backtracked and apologized b/c I think Nigel asked her too and b/c of all the buzz on the Internet. She has been riding him all season. When he did that Bollywood dance she was stressing how much she missed Alex. What does missing him has to do with AdeChike dancing. Then AdeChike did the same thing Jose did with the Bollywood dance in regards to adding his own personality to it and Mia praised Jose and put down AdeChike. Then she said Ashley should not be in the bottom, translating into AdeChike should be. AdeChike is a better dancer than Ashley or Jose. If they don’t want him there they should step up to the plate and just admit it. Mia is practically wearing her emotions on her sleeves in regards to how she feels about Jose. As a judge she should be fair and partial. What she is doing is wrong. She knows it, and so does the viewers.

P.S. – If Adechike was white or asian would you still have said his dance looked african?

P.P.S- Why was it okay for Jose to put his bboy style in his bollywood routine but not okay for Adechike to put his “african style” in his.

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The show would be much better without her. She is a self centered, nasty witch. Bring Mary back.

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Mia has done this same overly biased and often Racist like commentary every season she has been on SYTYCD. Do the producers not notice how much more harshly she criticizes the African Americans and the Afro-American Male dancers in particular. She has had to apologize publically in the past. Why don’t they take her off? I’d rather listen to Mad Mary Train Wreck Laugh than to hear Mia put down strong performances trying to break the spirit of these dancers when it is clear that they out performed some or often all of their counter parts. Cat Dealy has had to come to the defense of the African American Male dancers on more than one occasion when she senses that the judges as a group have judged them unfairly and more harshly than the others. My God people, this 2010! And she has done this time and time again. This kind of stuff should not be condoned on TV. Okay I’m all for giving criticism, but when the bias is so inflated, to where it offends me and I’m not easily offended. There’s a problem. I want my kids to be proud of who they are, and look to shows like this to see that goals can be achieved. But how can they be proud and hold their head high, when they see the judges tell talented young brothers and sisters that they are still not good enough against those that have no training and deliver a lesser performance. Come one? If she’s not Racist, THEN WHAT IS HER PROBLEM? That’s all I want to know. At least Mary and even Debbie Allen was fair and impartial, but definitely more respectful. We are not watching them at an audition. This is a nationally televised Dance Competition, so put downs that apply when they go out on a job audition don’t necessarily apply. They don’t get all that sugary gushy praise that’s often not deserved out on auditions, so frankly if you’re going to say that the criticism is just because they are dancers on the show, sorry I don’t buy it. Frankly I liked it better when they had a guest judge every week as it balanced the panel and kept them better behaved.

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I have watched every episode of SYTYCD, and I truly reslect the tsalent of Mia Michaels. She is undoubtedly a gifted, talented choreographer. I however, was absolutely DISGUSTED with her critique of Adechike this past Wednesday evening. It was not in the least bit constructive, but rather very mean and downright hateful. Mia you can’t treat people like that!Tell the dancers, that you don’t like, in a “constructive” manner how they can improve their technique, how they can try to connect better with audiences, and how they can improve. To tell someone that their dancing, or they themselves is like a “donut hole” i.e. “nothing” is unacceptable. It is just not right. I am so disappointed in the entire show that this was allowed to happen. And then for Nigel and Adam to tacitly condone this behavior is even more disappointing. I truly expected more from them. We all have our preferences, and thst is fine – but don’t tear someone down and then give a lame half hearted “apology” because you’re called on it. I am African American and dont believe Mia’s comment were racially based – but having seen her be very harsh on obviously talented African American male dancers in past seasons,does give one pause. I have to join the chorus – bring Mary back. At least she can tell a dancer they were not at their best without being purposefully mean and hurtful. Mia always remember: Treat others how you yourself would want to be treated.

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I totally agree, I am so glad to have the opportunity to express my feelings about Mia Michaels. I don’t know who will see this but I hope that whoever makes the decisions to put those judges in the position that they are in are reading these blogs. Mia has been so dispectful of so many African American male dancers that have been on that show I have been an advant watcher of SYTYCD and have been so dissappointed by the person they chose to replace Mary with. I remember a few seasons ago, if not last season Mia made a derrogatory comment about Brandon Bryant which was so offensive to the point that Mary herself put her hand up to Mia. She made reference to his dumb smile. Who the hell do you think she is and what does that have to do with her obvious dancing ability. Now it is poor Adechike year to be humilitated and professionally degraded by that frigid B….tch! The show needs to be a better judge of character in who they chose to represent them. I love Kate Deeley, she obvious gets a sense of what is going on, and if Mia has her favorites, that is her problems maybe she needs to find another job, I know it is totally unprofessional for her to voice that she has favorites in a competition that she takes part in judging, even Debbie Allen excuse herself one year from judging when one of her protege’s was on the show. Mia excuses accepting Jose Ruiz less than perfect performances on numerous occassions because she likes him, and rips about Adechike because she doesn’t and this is what this show calls professionalism. She is very vocal about too, so their is no masking her feelings, she personalizes things about the African American Dancers in a very nasty way. Even when others have faltered on this last episode she still found something positive to say about them. I could go on about her, but I won’t I will sum up by saying she may be a talened choreographer, but she presents as a miserable human being and a wretched person. SHE DISGUIST ME! Bring back Mary or Debbie so one who has some sense of decorum and class.

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I think she is horrible, self-centered, and self-promoting and brings bad energy to the show. Her apology to Adechike was hollow and didn’t ring true for me. And, the comments she made to Melinda were so out-of-line – they were just insensitive and mean. I’ve seen her be this way before on another season during the Vegas auditions. She was very nasty to another African-American male dancer. I think that was the show where Mary was so upset by Mia’s comments, she started crying. At the time, I was just stunned and turned to my friend and commented how ugly it/she was. Don’t like the feel of the show with Mia there. Bring Mary back…

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I too am very disappointed that Mia Michaels is a regular judge on SYTYCD. She does not seem to critique the dancing at all, just simply praises the contestant that she favors and is down right cruel to others. She tries to come across as very loving, peaceful and kind, but is she so self center as to not realized how hurtful her comments are??

And I do believe that the crux of her problem IS that she is self centered; and she indulges herself shamelessly. Come on Mia, a “purple wind”, a doughnut hole, and murderation…that’s not even a word?? Please critique the dancing! The show is not about you and how you feel as a ‘teacher’! The show is about a group of young dancers who were given a wonderful opportunity to train with some of the world’s best choreographers and then to dance those dances in front of America and TECHNICAL judges who will critque them in a manner so that they are able to learn from their mistakes, and grow.

Were Mary Murphy’s screaming outbursts and “tamale train” craziness annoying?? Yes, but at least she critiqued the way the dancer danced; she brought technical knowledge and a level of professionalism that Mia Michaels lacks. Please SYTYCD, let’s loose Mia and bring back Mary.

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BRING BACK MARY! Like all the above, I’m a huge fan of SYTYCD and have been since season 2. This is the WORST season ever due to the new format and Mia Michaels. I loved (notice past tense) the show because of its good heart and genuine care for the dancers. Watching the show used to make me feel happy and inspired. Now, due to the self-centered, self-absorbed, and inappropriate Mia Michaels, I feel pissed off and angry while viewing. I don’t care about the “sparkle” in a contestant’s eyes – I care about his or her DANCING. Even Nigel can’t seem to critique dancing anymore – what’s up with that? If it weren’t for Cat and Anya I wouldn’t watch the show at all this season. I won’t be tuning in next season if the show doesn’t return to its successful format and dump Ms. Michaels.

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We don’t like meangirls Mia! To all who agree with me, don’t forget to join the Facebook campaign to “Get rid of Mia Michaels”. We need to sweep the nation like the Betty White Fan Page. Get rid of Mia before she crushed another young person!

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I was traumatised by Mia’s horrible and harsh words. She is a dsaster on the show. Its a dance show for pete’s sake. Her comments to Melinda and Adechike in the last weeks have been terrible. I literally flinched when she sad that Adechike’s dance was “african” and flailing. I can’t stand her open and ugly bias. PLEASE BRING MARY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mia Michaels should not be allowed to speak. Ever. Nigel you made an incredible mistake placing her as a judge on this years SYTYCD. She has pschological problems. She is an angry bitter and hotile person who is so self involved that she cannot make an honest assessment of the performances of the dancers. She may be a very talented choreographer, but her talent stops there. She is not qualified to judge these kids. She says hateful, cutting, nasty, rude things that are totally uncalled for. You can point out errors or weaknesses in performances without the rhetoric. Please please Nigel for the sake of the kids and the show. I read several of the other comments and the common thread in all of them is/was either I am not watching the show any more with Mia Michaels as a judge or I turn off the sound when she talks. I live in Hawaii and have a large number of friends that watch the show and are into dancing themselves. Almost ALL of them have stopped watching. Adam is an awesome judge we all love him. Nigel you are always fair and kind. We may not agree with your opinion always but still yet you are fair and not hostile or racist. Please bring Mary back. We all miss her so.

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Seriously people….!!?? There is an awful lot of self-righteous BS being posted on here. Every single person has LOADS of hateful things to say about Mia Michaels for what….for being mean and hateful??!! Hmmmm, sounds kind of like HYPOCRISY to me!!!! First of all, I would like to know how many of you are actually artists – i.e. singers, dancers, actors, etc.??!! Because serious artists know that serious criticism comes with the territory. Has Mia said some things that were harsh?? Yes, absolutely – but let’s not forget she also apologizes when she feels she’s crossed a line. And let’s also remember that she has had high praise for the very same people she’s had high criticism for.

I am in no way excusing mean-spiritedness, but Mia Michaels is FAR from mean-spirited. She is quite the opposite actually; her humility, honesty and heart are refreshing and moving. On top of that she is an artist – and true artists, in their deepest self, are very passionate. Part of that passion often includes a commitment to honesty that manifests itself by way of a misplaced edit button – I know this from personal experience (both on the giving and receiving end of harsh criticism)….but do not, for one second, have the audacity to judge someone’s heart or motivation.

Cruel, racist, self-centered, nasty, ugly, disgusting….really??!! You have all taken ‘criticism’ to a new level and I know for a fact that Mia has never said anything on the show that is remotely close to as harsh as the things you’ve all had to say in these comments….SHAME ON YOU!! You’ve refuted your own case for ‘constructive’ criticism by demonstrating you know nothing about it.

And one more thought – I’d like to know how many of you have never said anything out of turn, inappropriate or hurtful??!! Or how many of you have never had anything you said misconstrued or misread?? Perhaps instead of being hateful you should be grateful….grateful you haven’t had TV cameras and 20 million viewers to capture your mistakes!!

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Mia is sucking the life and fun out of this show!!!! She needs to give a some constructive criticism and stop with the hateful comments, every show she does it to someone

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WOW What used to be such a joyous, uplifting show is being ruined by the negativity and sometimes cruelty of Mia Michael’s pretentious comments.
There is no purpose or value in having any judge crushing the contestants – it is decidely uncomfortable and undermines the integrity of sytycd.
Bring back the positive and pertinent critques of Mary Murphy- she was a joy to have applauding accomplishments and encouraging excellence. The other judges need to get over themselves and examine what they are projecting as representatives of sytycd.
Seriously, Mia Michaels needs to STOP those cruel comments immediately!

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You know – SYTYCD has been my favorite show since it first began. I loved the addition of Adam S. But – Yep – I’m done now. Every week I have said that if Mia Michaels tears up one of these kids again for being something other than a professionally trained modern dancer. She just rips Kent and Jose apart and it just makes me hate this show so so so much. I will never watch again. So – there you go. Now I have an open slot in my Wed/Thursday evening. I just despise the woman as a judge – she seems to have forgotten that she would be nothing if it weren’t for the viewing audience. Where did Mary go? She never tore anyone up just for the sake of showing how perfect her perfect dance taste is. I guess that it represents SYTYCD changing/emerging intolerance of anything other than traditional dance and stoggy performers. Sad … so sad. Most of America has little tolerance for Mia’s style of dance and snooty predjudice. We were trying to wait her out. Now I guess the show can just die in peace as the rumours say they are trying to do – they signed their own death warrant with her! Thats for sre.

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Calling Mia on her bad behavior and biasness is not hyprocacy. The comments from her toward Brandon, AdeChike and others are not constructive comments on dance but destructive attacks to the heart of their self-esteem which is not the basis for constructive criticism! In a society where so many shows are sinking to the low of nasty and cruel attacks on people for ratings, it implies that it is okay to tear people down because you can! This is why the comments from Mia are so cruel and thank God so many people see them as mean spirited and not as constructive notes to improve and uplift dancers! The excuse that dancers need to hear tough talk does not hold water. Tough talk is not the same as vicious attacks. Followed by when she is called on them, she gives a half hearted excuse rather than a sincere one. Then she turns around as so many of the judges this season on sytycd. The truth is they have been trying to get rid of AdeChike for weeks but again thank God again the fans have shown the judges they are not having it! The sad part is that some judges want to blame AdeChike for the controversy when it is Mia they should be looking at! And Billy’s dance with Ade’, not one judge even acknowledged Ade’ was part of the performance they were praising Billy for? I know Ade is a quote, “All Star” but they have praised some All Stars, so what was Ade’ a prop for Billy? LOL? When Adam recommends the dancers watch the tapes back to see where they went wrong, WELL that should be the instructions the judges need to take! If they are truly honest then they would see what America is seeing when they are so tranparent about their favorites on the show. Let’s not just show America specifically young America how to dance, but how to be professional and how to treat people with respect!

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My unprofessional guess is that the posters’ above have never auditioned for a job in entertainment. Mia is a professional and her comments should be taken to heart. They’re for the benefit of the dancer. Harsh – yes. Cruel – maybe. But this is what they’re going to face in the real world. I thought it a shame that Mia was forced to make an apology for speaking the truth.

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Hello everyone!
I too was so moved! in all the wrong ways from the comments of this sessions judges! I have to say though, if you play back some of the last few seasons many things were said an done that stood out in very poor taste!

Mia is the evil of the hour! I agree with that. She has been since I started watching the show a few seasons back. She does seem to revel in her power of making people feel like crap! (Black males, Females with two legs! Etc..) Let’s see there was, Brandon, ade, adechike, and for some ungodly evil reason. They send her to the Tiny apt of the Great Black dancer from NYC. to suck out the last bit of life in him by telling him he didn’t make the cut! That was just creepy people! you should watch it back! she should have played Anna on V!

Back to my point, if you care to notice Nigel, is always one step away from the mad plantation overseer, with his terrible teeth and condescending remarks he allows himself to make ” I would have thought you would have done better in that style given your back ground” To a Black Dancer! I would have loved to see you two white boys dance that number!

If it’s white girl with booty shorts she’s the best thing since sliced bread! Oh and how about his very heartfelt epilate to lady J, from Alvin Ailey. He knew nothing of her and had nothing to say! He should have been shut up a while ago. He is one of the reasons Europeans hate British tourist! Bad, hair, skin, teeth, And attitude. He almost wants to say “you people” some times if you listen carefully!
He also doesn’t like gay men who don’t act masculine 24/7. a few seasons back he made it very clear to Kaponoe, that he thought he was to Flaming! Remember.

Also someone made the comment about Adam being gay and he should know better! True, but correction is needed. he’s also a Jewish gay male. He really, really, should know better and stand up to Mia (who hates herself but love Money, fame and way too much eye shadow! and Nigel – Chester the booty short molester)
but the show is about them making millions people! Look who they picked as there all stars.

So yes Mia should go, Nigel should go back to apartheid, British owned colonies. Adam! shame on you Twice!! and shove something down tyce de-oreo cookies throat, please!

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Adechike should serve as an inspiration to all urban youth and other who feel they can’t do something because of the odds and people around them telling them they can’t or that they are not good enough! I was so glad to see his tribute last night from people who truly understood his struggle to get on sytycd dispite all the obstacles he faced to get there, and the constant verbal abuse and attacks on his self esteem since he has been there by Mia and others! On the one hand sytycd says the want urban dancers who for many reasons have not had the years or level of dance training many of the white dancers have had, but yet they have proven season after season their hunger and thirst and heart to learn! Adechike was one of these types that was saved through his love of dance in a community that does not support his art, only to come on sytycd to have Mia become worst than any of the other challenges he has faced because she could do it from the superior position as a judge, so he dare not defend himself. Let’s face it, how many people really, could have taken the constant attacks on their self-esteem as he has and still come back with a smile and heart to stay in the race. Last night he was judged by the catch 22 that so many urban youth are, and that is to beat them down and then when the effects kick in, you say, “see I told you they were not good enough!” I pray that God will continue to see his heart and love for the gift of dance he gave him and [just as Debbie Allen was told she was too short to ever be a dancer!] he will survive to show he was worthy of being on that show and much more! He is an inspiration to not giving up in the face of criticism! Yes last night you can see the effects of weeks of verbal criticism and attacks on his self esteem, which will surely be used to justify sending him home! I am sure Brandon can relate because even though he fought to the end, he was still not the winner and if anyone recalls, no one even saw him get his runner up flowers because he was rushed off camera! He was in the audience last week and not one word was mentioned about it?!! He was the runner up for season 5 I beleive it was, didn’t that make mention of him sitting there worth it? Oh well I did see Brandon dancing on he Wendy Williams show, I hope he and Adechike will go on to be great dancers using the special gift God gave them! In spite of Mia, I hope someone sees their true potential and hires them!

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As a white female , I’m ashamed and disgusted that again Fox and Mia Michaels are being allowed to publicaly promote their dislike and anger towards african american males- in this case hardworking, beautiful artits who have to stand on a public stage and be humiliated, belittled and made to feel less than the white contestants. Brandon, Ade and yes the amazing dancer that was not brought on despite how brilliant he was in the audition. Instead they chose Alex and his buddy who did not even go through the audition processs. The judges led my Mia and Nigel want to get rid of Ade when he is a gorgeous, sweet,noble and talented beyond belief. Every week he has to listen to their bias criticism and graciously he smiles and has no right to defend himself from their lies and humiliating unfair judging. I hope America keeps on voting for him and we prove to Fox and their racist mongers ,that we will not sit back and have public humiliation of black males go unpunished on national TV. Brandon got the worst of it. Shame on you Mia Michaels and Nigel. He is as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. We miss you Mary Murphy!

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I regret that I did not comment last year when Mia Michaels savaged Brandon. I found her response to him repulsive. It is one thing to criticize someone’s dancing, but another to attack them personally.

I wondered why Ms. Micheals was attacking him. I even wondered if it was because of some animosity against Mary Murphy, who had praised him. (I thought Brandon’s dancing was breathtaking, by the way.)

This year, after seeing how she attacked Adechike, I felt it quite possible that she is prejudiced against African American men.

I just read her response to the allegations of racism, in which she said she’s dated black men and has some assistants who are black men. To me, this sounds like the cliched response of “But some of my best friends are black.”

She says that those who suspect her of racism do not know her. This is true. But is it not also true that she did not know Brandon at all when he auditioned, but yet felt free to attack him personally? If I remember correctly, she even criticized his smile!

It IS possible that Ms. Michaels does not know herself. She may well be in denial about her racism. If so, it is time that she confronts herself.

I would also like to say that I find other comments she makes offensive. In particular, I do not care for her obsession with women’s butts. Whether it’s a man or a woman making comments about women’s figures, it’s sexist.

I found it strange when she told Lauren that she wasn’t “sexual” enough, after one dance in which Lauren exuded sensuality. When Ms. Micahels made that comment a male friend who was watching the show with me laughed outloud at how totally off the mark she was.

I agree with everyone who says they would like to have Mary Murphy back. Mia MIchaels is clearly a talented choreographer, but I do not think she should be given a forum on public television.

Posted by doncalidos | Report as abusive

I agree with you 100% Mia Michael’s is full of herself and is very biased. if you go back and look at all the excellent technical dancers that were African American she has always been very harsh and biased. will, Danny, the young contemporary dancer from last year and there was a hip hop dancer about 2 years ago that Debbie Allen had to say enough. she uses all types of rhetorical devices and fallacies to throw a red herring to disguise her racism. oh my god and when she says she is only critiquing i am dumbfounded at how she uses the straw man to tear them down

Posted by gscarborough | Report as abusive

Mia needs to realize that the ‘passionate artist thing–I cannot be held accountable for my outbursts because I am a great artist’ is sooo over! people dont buy that anymore– it belongs on the shelf with magician’s tricks. It is a load of BS. She needs to give up on that, she just comes across as so many are saying, as boring, self absorbed and ridiculous. What is it with tv judges, Giardardi was the same, they think people want to hear them gush and get all emotional– We don’t! Simon’s criticism worked because he left the gushing and emotional displays out of it. He was a serious judge.

Posted by berryk | Report as abusive

okay for me to be honest I felt like Melinda should have gone home andwas very upset to see christina leave and her stay…….I love Mia Michaels yes she can be harsh sometimes but it’s just her opinion she always says it’s my opinion not fact and to mit keeps the dancers grounded. Melinda was not very relateable and I didn’t really take to her, there was an arrogance or something there, and to me she was not all that great in any other style other than ta sorry but it is the truth those latin routines were horrible to look at

Posted by rmcghee2009 | Report as abusive

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Mia Micheals. Not only of her work, but also of her person (although I’ve never met her, but then neither have most of you, I’m sure).

For me she shines out as a deeply passionate, honest, loving, advocate of the truth which I guess a lot of people can’t handle because they are so used to being mollycoddled with sugar coated nonsense in the states..

Are there times when she crosses a line? Perhaps, but as she herself has always said, she does it out of love for the dancer she is addressing. When she is giving criticism, she almost always adds on that she is hardest on the ones that she feels have the most potential. And when she compliments you, then at least you really know she means it. What more can a dancer ask??

It would be an honer and a compliment if she was this hard on me, cause that means she thinks I have potential for greatness..what better compliment than that from someone as astounding as Mia Micheals.

Please Mia, don’t listen to those who prefer to hide from the truth and keep true to what you believe in, cause there are people out there that love your truth!

GrtZ, Leoni

Posted by LeOo | Report as abusive

I think Mia Micheals has some serious personal issues, regardless of how she critiques any of the artists on so You Think You Can Dance: I don’t think it is about anybody but herself. I think she needs to do some soul searching: mind, body and spirit. It is unfortunate that these young people need to take the “whipping” of Mia’s own insecurities and unhappiness within. Hopefully, she is working on her inner self and evolving. I work with individuals all day long with inner struggles and Mia is a prime example someone with a lot of chaos going on within ( mind is on a gerbel wheel ). I am all for direct and criticism: the art world is going to be harsh. That I agree with: but, I still think this is NOT about anyone else it is all about Mia and her inner struggles. She is just projecting …. Let’s hope she steps up her inner strength and finds that when other’s critique her she listens…. ;) Chow Chow

Posted by felix88 | Report as abusive

Why is Mia Michaels on SYTYCD CANADA? We don’t need that kind of harsh, judgmental critic in a country where we pride ourselves on being kind and open and nuturing. What’s with the childish slangs she uses? Is she still completing her high school diploma?

she is the ONLY reason why i REFUSE to watch the show anymore.

Please please pleae bring anyone in to replace this mean woman. Mary Murphy was great. She was honest, open, and constructive with her advice.

Posted by SharonBob | Report as abusive

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