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Update: Lindsay Lohan. Did judge see that finger?

July 7, 2010

(Note: Strong language in picture at bottom)

She said she was a changed woman. She pleaded for forgiveness. She cried before a judge. But on her middle finger nailLohan5 she had painted an expletive. Was it a message to the judge? To the prosecutor? To the media? Regardless, when the gavel came down in the courtroom of Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, Lindsay Lohan was headed for jail.

The “Mean Girls” actress on Tuesday was sentenced to 90 days in jail — three 30-day terms, served consecutively — for each of two drunken driving charges and one reckless driving charge. (Read the story here) .

The charges stem from two arrests in 2007 in which Lohan was caught driving while drunk and possessing cocaine.  In the roughly three years since, Lohan has seen her acting career fall into a disarray and her attempt to start a fashion line founder.

In recent celebrity tabloid reports, she is still depicted as partying hard. She missed one court appearance in May when she was at the Cannes film festival and blamed a stolen passport on her inability to get back to the United States. Her court-ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet sounded an alarm when she was at a party following the MTV Movie Awards. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke…

Yet, in court, Lohan’s attorney argued that if you looked at her overall behavior, she had nearly completed everything the judge had ordered her to do.  She paid the fines she was supposed to pay, she did spend time in jail as ordered previously, she completed a 90-day in patient drug rehab program, and by July 15, she would have made up for all the missed classes and done everything Judge Revel ordered her to do. She only needed 9 more days.

In the end, Judge Revel sentenced her to jail for missing seven alcohol education classes over a lohan finger insult27-week period.

Here’s Wednesday’s update: Alas, Lohan had also decided to come to court with the insulting expletive painted on her finger nail, and caught in close-ups by photographers as she wiped her tears away. It’s hard to say whether the judge also spotted it during the day-long hearing, or even if the message was directed at the courts. Perhaps it was just a general statement of youthful anger from the 24-year-old.

Whatever the reason, it has hardly helped Lohan’s case in the eyes of much of the media, and has cast doubt on the sincerity of her tearful  plea for mercy.  Judge Revel was in no mood for leniency on Tuesday.  Did Lohan deserve it?


lindsay is a little bitch that thinks she can get away with things others cant. Money can’t buy you everything “mean girl”. Go to gail and do your time. Be a big girl like Paris… Too bad for you that you can’t clean up your act. You drink like a drunken sailor..Now its time to pay up

Posted by jmfod | Report as abusive

Yes, she did deserve it. The number of times she has failed to do as she was told by the court makes it necessary for some judge to finally crack down. And the finger thing? Just Lohan’s attitude to the entire world, I fear.

Posted by annmac38 | Report as abusive

Just the tip of the iceberg. If she wasn’t celebrity then she would already have been in jail a long time ago. She received “special treatment” because she’s “Hollywood Special”. Just like many other Hollywood types over the years.

Posted by melmika | Report as abusive

You’ve really got to wonder what moron would show up at such an important court appearance like that? Time to grow up Lindsay.

Posted by mb56 | Report as abusive

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