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Mel Gibson: We heard the tapes, too.

July 13, 2010

GibsonWe heard the tapes, too. And they are not good. Mel Gibson (if, in fact, the voice on the tapes is his, and it sounds a lot like him) comes across angry, irrational, foul-mouthed and exhausted from ranting at his former girlfriend and the mother of his infant daughter.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, in the past few months, the “Braveheart” Oscar winner has been caught up in a pitched legal battle over the failed relationship with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, and has filed a restraining order against the other. But in the past two weeks, the publishing of audiotapes by celebrity website has raised the stakes in the legal skirmishing and threatened to hurt Gibson’s career — maybe even ruin it. On the tapes, a voice said to be Gibson hurls expletives and racial slurs at a woman who is purportedly Grigorieva. You can read about the first tape with the racial slur here. A second tape was posted by on Monday.

The tapes, Gibson’s anger, and his use of a racial slur in the initial tape have become news because of Gibson’s use of anti-semitic slurs when he was arrested for drunken driving in 2006. Gibson, of course, apologized for that outburst and paid his price in the court system. Where the latest tapes are concerned, representatives for Gibson, so far, have declined to comment, citing pending litigation. But Hollywood is talking, mostly about whether his career can survive another round of bad publicity. One of our colleagues at The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the subject here.

Mel did bounce back from the negative press in 2006, making a movie “Edge of Darkness” that hit screens in January (read our story about his return here), but it earned only $80 million at global box offices. There’s no doubt he has not reclaimed major star status. His agent dumped him last week (read that here). Still, he has another film, “The Beaver,” that is now in post-production and will soon be in theaters. So, the question is, will anyone go see it? Or, put another way, is it time for Mel Gibson to hang up his Hollywood star?


Mr.Gibson, women are cruel arent they…why did she tape you…mean woman…so you got mad at her cuz she started to take advantage of your fame and riches…women like these need to be jailed…she got together with you as this nice girl and then start showing off herself in a whorish way…im sorry you are in the new again negatively…you are a great great person dont forget that!!!!!!

Posted by haltoc | Report as abusive

Gibson is a good actor/director, I enjoy his movies but what he does in his personal life is no concern of mine.

Why is it that people are so obsessed with what the rich and famous do, get a life.

Posted by Sinbad1 | Report as abusive

Mel Gibson is an ugly man as well as an overrated ‘star’. All this looks very good on him.

Posted by Gotthardbahn | Report as abusive

A comment on the prior post.The writer put forth an OPINION that he presented as fact. As if he had any insight into the thought process of Mel Gibson. Sounds like the writer has personal problems. He hates women. The writers conclusions are illogical given the prior Gibson runnin with the police in 2006. Mr.Gibson, at that time, wasn’t engaged in a domestic squabble with the police. He wasn’t venting his anger at a women hell bent on stealing his wealth. No….it seems to be very clear. Mr. Gibson is one angry fellow. Push the wrong “button” and he goes off into angry rants. In need of anger management? You betcha. Women are not safe in his presence.

Posted by pablo222 | Report as abusive

Oh my. All the gays, politically correct police cowards, and the rest of you mindless media-directed zombies of America are appalled that this man would lose his cool over an emotionally charged issue such as losing his children.

So, they excerpt a single moment of anger from Mel and pretend this proves his wife is an innocent little angel and he is the big bad terrible monster.

I say, hurray for him for being human. Stop listening to this insane political correctness nonsense from the media (this is how these devils attempt to control you) and have the courage to be human. I’d be willing to bet he is just human, like you and me. So is she. They’re just a couple of angry people having it out.

Posted by garrisongold | Report as abusive

Who’s “we” in “we heard the tapes”. Oh, I know the political correctness police, cherry picking a nasty little emotional outburst from someone embroiled in a custody dispute, and submitting it to the general public as proof that Mel is a monster.

I think “we” must imply to the unconscious, media-directed, zombie Americans without a life.

Posted by garrisongold | Report as abusive

When will we start minding our own business and tend our own gardens?

If true, he is a very dangerous person.

Posted by Spanky777 | Report as abusive

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