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Miley Cyrus — too sexy for her shirt?

October 8, 2010

“Who Owns My Heart”  ponders Miley Cyrus in her new single.miley in black

Certainly not Disney, judging by the latest writhe and grind music video from the teen who found fame, and millions of tween girl fans,  as “Hannah Montana”.

Cyrus has spent most of the past year trying to distance herself from her Hannah Montana alter-ego, even though the TV series is still running on the Disney Channel.

But  with still a month to go before she turns 18 in November, the raunchy video for “Who Owns My Heart” has sparked another round of raised eyebrows and hand-wringing about her sexed-up new image.

“Who Owns My Heart” finds Cyrus lying on a bed in a seedy room, making come-to-bed eyes at the camera, trying on skimpy outfits for a party, flashing a leg in a limo and grinding with party-goers (male and female) on the dance floor. It follows the release in June of the raunchy “I Can’t Be Tamed” pop video from her new album which Cyrus said at the time was all about girls empowering themselves.

Entertainment Weekly called the new video “really sultry!” and “a frothy fun video”.

But the Celebritology bloggers at the Washington Post weren’t quite to enthusiastic, saying “(Maybe) I’m just a prude who finds the “Who Owns My Heart” imagery borderline icky for an underage girl (who was and continues to be marketed to children by Disney)”.

Here’s the video. Make up your own mind.

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