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“Paranormal Activity” scares up most movie frights at Halloween

October 11, 2010

Vampires may be one of the most popular current themes in entertainment, but movies that feature exorcisms and Satan give audiences the biggest scare.


With Halloween fast approaching, a poll on website found that vampires  give moviegoers less of a fright than creepy kids or Zombies.

(Has the romance factor of the “Twilight” saga, along with all those popular vegetarian vampires, meant that good old blood-suckers are losing some street cred?)

In the poll, some 44 percent of the 5,000 responders get the best scares out of films that focus on exorcism kruegerand  Satan or ghosts and haunting. Vampires were rated scary by just 3.6 percent of those taking part.

So it’s no surprise then that independent movie “Paranormal Activity” — which combined ghosts, demons and hauntings and was widely released in 2009 — was voted scariest movie of the past decade, receiving 21 percent of votes, followed by “The Ring” from 2002.

Veteran actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Anthony Hopkins (aka Hannibal Lecter) have lost none of their scary charms. Curtis was overwhelmingly voted best scream queen for her appearances in the  “Halloween” franchise 30 years ago, and Hannibal Lecter  came a close second to Freddy Krueger  as the horror movie icon people would least like to meet.

When it comes to just plain laughable, “Jason X” from 2002 topped all others as the silliest idea for a horror movie for sending machete-wielding Jason Voorhees of “Friday the Thirteenth” into outer space.

The poll was conducted between Sept.30-Oct 6.

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