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Perez Hilton — does he deserve a second chance?

October 13, 2010

perezhiltonCelebrity blogger Perez Hilton turned from snarky observer of celebrities into a news topic in his own right on Wednesday when he appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show (and spoke with Reuters) to declare he was ending his bullying of celebrities — gay and straight — after being labeled a hypocrite  by the gay community.

Hilton, 32,  said his change of heart was motivated primarily by his conflicting efforts to speak out against the rash of gay teen bullying, while enjoying a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most vicious gossips, and the man who helped “out” celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and singer Lance Bass.

rumerdemiHilton may be outspoken, but he is far from stupid — he admitted that he expected a lot of skepticism, and the loss of many readers,  now that his web site is less nasty than it used to be.

Hilton started out by apologizing via Twitter to Demi Moore — whose daughter Rumer has come in for more than her fair share of jibes from “Hollywood’s  most hated web site”.

“There’s too many to tell this to, but I thought I’d start with you. I’m sorry” Hilton said in a Tweet to Moore.

Good Charlotte” singer Joel Madden, also the boyfriend of Nicole Richie, was among the first celebrity to congratulate Hilton on his new positive stance. “way to be positive! Takes courage in a world filled with jennegativity”, Madden Tweeted.

New York gossip girl Kelly Will also congratulated Hilton on his “bold honorable choice.”

No public word yet from actress Jennifer Aniston,  who Hilton dubbed “Chinnifer Maniston” in one of his crueller public vendettas.

So does Hilton deserve the second chance he is asking for? And for the millions who clearly enjoyed the catty remarks for all these years — will you keep reading?


Perez Hilton has officially “jumped the shark” and “nuked the fridge.” He’s no longer the basilica of gossip or the Vatican of inside dope.

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Perez Hilton is a true hypocrite for capitalizing on the deaths of 4 innocent youths to gain media attention for himself. His shameless self promotion even makes Gloria Allred blush.

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Perez Hilton — does he deserve a second chance?

Absolutely NOT! Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr AKA is a professional plagiarist (more like cut and past artist)! The majority of the feature stories on his site are rips from other gossip sites with total impunity. The remainder of the feature articles are nonsense that he “makes up”! Given that he claims he needs to be a “kinder, gentler” reporter and defender of integrity, his blatant exploitation of the recent string of deaths of gay youth is nothing short of unconscionable and his feigned righteous indignation over the rash of “bullying” reports are about HIM, not the victims! He has a REALLY, REALLY annoying infantile habit of defacing the supporting article with graffiti that very often is offensive, like drawing penises and other sexually offensive imagery targeting the subject of the article. As has already been mentioned, he makes Inglorious Allwrong look like citizen of the year. His website should be permanently dismantled. It contains NO redeeming social value.

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