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Bristol Palin hits back at critics. But who is doing the talking?

December 7, 2010

bristolShe might not have had much to say for herself during her three month stint on “Dancing With the Stars”,  but Bristol Palin is wasting no time now hitting back at her critics.

Message: beware of making a Bristol Palin joke — especially if it’s on national television.

The latest celebrity to get the pushback from Bristol is comedian Kathy Griffin, who joked at a concert for U.S. troops at the weekend that the oldest daughter in the Palin clan was “the only contestant in the history of the (“Dancing with the Stars”) show to actually gain weight”.kathygriffin

In fact, suggested Griffin, 50,  (who incidentally was showing off her crash-diet new figure in a military-style bikini), Bristol was “like the white ‘Precious’,”  in a reference to the obese black teen star of the acclaimed 2009 movie.

The troops booed back, and so did Bristol.

“The audience’s reaction to this ‘comedian’ spoke volumes, and the decent people I know would probably have booed her, too,” Palin told Fox News’ Pop Tarts section in a statement. “I hope people didn’t have to pay money to hear her negativity and criticisms.”

Just a day earlier, Bristol, 20, had taken aim at comedienne and DWTS competitor Margaret Cho for suggesting that her mom  Sarah Palin had forced her daughter into appearing on the ballroom dance show — which she very nearly won, despite coming up short on  dance skills.

Last week,  Bristol talked back through Facebook to liberal MSNBC news anchor Keith Olbermann, who had named the 20-year-old the “worst person in the world” for her efforts to promote teen abstinence from sex before marriage, despite the fact that she is herself a single mom.

Bristol, of course, has every rigolbermannht to defend herself.  But it looks like it’s turning out to be a full-time job — for somebody else.

The responses  to Cho and Olbermann come from Bristol Palin’s “official”  Facebook page, launched in September, which bears a striking contrast in language and restraint with the widely reported exchange in November involving Bristol,  her 16 year-old sister Willow and a handful of non-celebrity critics on another Facebook page.

In that decidedly unofficial verbal fight, Bristol described herself as “a hard-ass worker” and  called a critic  a “dumb ass.”

In her  rebuke to Olbermann however, she termed accusations of hypocrisy “an old canard” (? !), and accused Olbermann of “insincere incredulity”.  To Cho, she retorted that political considerations for her decision to take part in “Dancing with the Stars” were “notably absent from this calculus”.

So who’s doing the talking for Bristol Palin these days? And why?


Bristol is keeping it all in the family. Of course her mom’s writers are penning her responses.

Posted by egreshko | Report as abusive

Well, the “who” may not be known, but undoubtedly such sharp wit’s crafted by no less than 10 members of the Palin Coven. As for the “why”, that’s pretty obvious: her REAL comments–which were made before the Facebook ghostwriters were hired (talk about LAME)–reveal that she’s just as much of a witless facade as Hockey Mom.

Posted by LamestreamVoter | Report as abusive

Worst person in the world for stading up for something you believe in after you have made past mistakes? I guess every addict and junkie is the worst person in the world for speaking out on the matter to people that want to listen. Facts are facts and the deterioration of the family is by far the biggest problem facing this country. Over a 50% divorce rate and 70% of African Americans being born out of wedlock? Every single sociology book every printed states the same thing and that is children develope in every aspect better with a two parent family especaily one that permits a parent to be around more so than not. You think it’s easy being a single mother? All she is doing is standing up for what she believes in and it’s backed by every study ever done on the topic. You can say what you want about Bristol personally but how can anyone criticize her beliefs on a topic she has experience with? Olbermann is a complete idiot to put her on.

Posted by oh_woodsman | Report as abusive

The girl is a hypocrite, do as I say but not as I do.

Posted by jk718gp | Report as abusive

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