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Who said actors can’t direct ?

January 25, 2011

Vera farmigaMany an actor has fallen by the wayside taking a shot at directing and with reviews still coming in, Vera Farmiga’s fate with her directing debut at the Sundance Film Festival is still unclear, yet promising.

The 37-year-old gained fans all around the world in movies such as “Up In The Air” and “The Departed” thinks acting can only be a plus when it comes to getting behind the camera for first feature “Higher Ground.”

“I don’t think it hindered. I haven’t gone to school for directing, but I did study theater and literature so I do know plot points and what makes a story move forward and I think it’s collaboration. You are not only thinking about your character, but you are thinking about everyone else’s character and how to push that plot along,” she told Reuters Television on the red carpet line for her premiere.

She is also clear about another thing. Her inspirations include classic directors she just happens to have worked with.

“I think all the brilliant genius directors I worked with — Martin Scorsese, Debra Granik is a mentor of mine — I think they have all rubbed off on me in some special way. I know those collaborations were intense and all the collaborations, especially on this stage, where I have stood, they are the most dear and most cherished. I think they are the most meaningful collaborations. Actors rub off on you as well.”

So far her debut looks good with Variety calling the film a “startlingly bold directing debut” while “playing a woman embracing, questioning and eventually abandoning her faith.” And The Hollywood Reporter noted her “meticulous craftsmanship” in directing matched her acting.

The next Scorsese? We’ll see. For now it looks promising for art house success.

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