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Charlie Sheen could be ready to quiet down

March 10, 2011

SheenIt may be hard to believe after recent weeks of his rants on subjects ranging from “trolls” to “tiger blood” and the makers of his former hit sitcom “Two And A Half Men,” but Charlie Sheen says he is ready to give up on giving interviews to the media. Sheen, who was fired from his lucrative job as the star of the CBS show earlier this week, told the Dan Patrick radio program on Wednesday that it might be the last time he talks to a reporter.

“This could be my final interview, which is sort of symbolic because it’s where it all began and it’s where it all ends,” Sheen said, because “all they do is vilify me in their narrative speak.”

Charlie goes to Rehab

Three weeks ago, while on leave for rehab, Sheen called in to the sports radio program and began a series of rants against “Two And A Half Men” co-creator Chuck Lorre, the sitcom’s makers at Warner Bros. Television and TV network CBS, which airs the program.

Charlie gets fired

Sheen escalated his verbal attacks in several other TV news interviews that followed, and by Monday of Sheen1this week, Warner Bros. and CBS fired the “winning” actor. He then began his own series of webcasts called “Sheen’s Korner”  in which his behavior (smoking a cigarette from his nose) seemed erratic and just plain weird to many Sheen watchers. Some blamed his drug use, although Sheen claims he is currently sober.

Charlie goes  on cyber attack

Patrick, on Wednesday, asked him how he was doing, and Sheen replied, “I’m great.”  When asked again if he was okay, Sheen added “Oh God, better than okay. I’m me. I’m winning.” Asked if he would change anything about the past three weeks, he replied “I don’t know, because I’m really not ashamed of anything…” And on rumors that either Rob Lowe or John Stamos might replace him on “Two And A Half Men,” Sheen seemed anything but the angry man on “Sheen’s Korner.”

“I think they are both fabulous. My apologies to John, I was rude to him earlier, John Stamos, that was unnecessary. Rob’s an  old friend and a brilliant actor and he’s a beautiful man.” And if they did get his job, Sheen offered this advice, “make it their own.”


Dern! Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel? It would be nice to have something positive to talk about for a change! The constant insanity of the last 2 weeks has to have an ebb tide action sooner than later? For every action there is a reaction! And the famous wheel of Karma? I would love to see some balance flow into the situations we have been witness to these last few weeks!G’day.

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