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UDPATE – Sheen’s “Torpedo” is a dud. What will he shoot now?

April 3, 2011

Conan1He’s no Conan O’Brien, Charlie Sheen.

But he did stage a comeback in Chicago.

Update — Following his Detroit  bomb, Charlie Sheen did what any respectable entertainer would do. He lived by the credo “the show must go on, ” and revamped his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” with a talk show format. Fans evidently liked it.

Charlie Sheen come’s back.

What Happened in Detroit? We covered here: Fans of the man with self-diagnosed “tiger’s blood” came to Detroit to cheer their hero in his one-man redemption show “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not An Option”. They wanted him to prove his “Adonis DNA” and take on the corporate entertainment titans who fired him. They wanted to see if he had kicked his drugs and drinks-fueled lifestyle at his in-home rehab clinic he calls “The Sober Valley Lodge.” They wanted comedy, perhaps a few songs. They wanted the real story behind Sheen’s Hollywood veil.

His show bombed. Read The Hollywood Reporter Review.

At Detroit’s Fox Theater, they got a water-sipping actor at a loss for how to perform live, riffing incoherent lines that must have played well with his entourage but failed to win fans. They got Sheen’s ramblings of how the TV star could lead them to all to personal salvation against the corporate “evil trolls.” His attempt to sound like a philosopher poet with verse such as “The kidnapped fingers of tiny child lose fast the grip of Thorian hammer” stirred only boredom in an audience that had come for a good time.

“They took my awesome children,” Sheen ranted on Saturday night. “They took my sometimes groovy job. They took my bitchin’ extra-galactic words inverted and then perverted them.”

People booed. They chanted for refunds. Some walked out. In the end, he came back 20 minutes after the show (contrary to what was indicated in the THR review) and apologized, sort of, to hangers-on by calling his “Torpedo”, “an experiment.”

Charlie Sheen

The former TV sitcom star needs a good comeback.

Sheen tried to follow in the footsteps of Conan O’Brien who mounted a live show after he left his late-night host seat on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” His fans turned out in droves to support the man they dubbed “CoCo” when he went on a live tour. He did not disappoint them. But Conan has a history of working in front of live audiences, telling jokes and performing in sketches. Sheen, it seems, couldn’t step out from behind the cameras and entertain.

Now what does he do? What do fans think? There are 21 more shows including Sunday night in Chicago and April 8 at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Will those be canceled? Will people show up to see a man many perceive as a train wreck?


Sheen is an ego-driven druggy at this point. It’s a pity. He needs to get humble, get clean and show us a good performance on stage. That’s how you come back, not presenting a tirade as entertainment.

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Why, it’s working for him so far is it not? Can’t deny the attention he is getting and in Hollywood that’s all that matters.

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