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There’s mud at Glastonbury, and it ain’t glorious

June 24, 2011

Mud, mud, glorious mud. Or so goes the popular English song.

It’s a phrase often applied to the Glastonbury music festival, where the combination of some 180,000 people, rain and 900 acres of grassy fields in an English valley can produce an awful lot of the stuff.

At only my second Glastonbury after last year’s sun-baked edition, the rain and mud has come as a bit of a shock. Of course I’m careful who I complain to at the festival – veterans merely shrug their shoulders and say something like “nothing compared to …” and name a year when the conditions were particularly unpleasant.

Getting from one venue to the next is not easy at the best of times in Glastonbury, with crowds and a poor sense of direction often getting in my way. Now it takes at least twice as long as I trudge through sticky, squelchy mud and try to avoid the kind of messy belly flops I’ve seen performed – mostly accidentally – by fellow festival goers.

Keeping the tent from turning into a mud bath is another challenge, and taking notes in the rain a further frustration.

But then again, I’m not complaining. I’ve decided that if you haven’t done Glastonbury in less clement climes than 2010, then you haven’t really done Glastonbury at all. That said, I do catch myself thinking back to last year and how easy it all was.

At least the Met Office has some good news. They predict that after today’s rain, things will improve on Saturday and Sunday. Probably not in time to dry the mud, however.


The rain is part of the whole experience being at Glastonbury!! Try walking around in the cold rain at 5 in the morning with all your camera gear on! I took a hard fall and was just laying their in the mud looking up at the sky.Like wow is this what my life has come down to! But i somehow got up with some helping hands.Walked up to the top of the farm and soon took a amazing photo of a wild looking clown! This photo i believe is still hanging in the Glastonbury office. It really shows the spirit of Glastonbury! The price to pay for some fun and a great photo. Thanks! Doug Potoksky

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