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Steve-O looks to bounce back on “Dancing with the Stars”


Expect stunt-performer Steve-O back on “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday night’s show, despite falling on his back during a rehearsal for Monday night’s epissteve-oode. On his blog on Tuesday, the “Jackass” star showed a picture of the swelling on his back, where he landed on his mic pack during rehearsal with his professional dancing partner, Lacey Schwimmer. 

“With 20/20 hindsight, I must admit that I exercised very poor judgment last night,” Steve-O wrote. “Jumping flat onto a bad back with a microphone pack strapped to it was sensationally idiotic, especially after Lacey told me what a bad idea she thought it was.”

Before he performed the on-camera stunt, Steve-O was already suffering from back spasms. But evidently, he thought slamming his back onto the ballroom floor might impress the judges. But they were non-plussed by the stunt, and did not care for his dancing. After watching the rehearsal on video, as allowed by the rules, the judges gave Steve-O a score of 14 out of 30.

Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, starred in a reality show called “Jackass” on MTV that involved him doing crazy stunts and pranks, and he has starred in a couple “Jackass” movies. In one display of how “Jackass” his stunts can be, he previously stapled his scrotum to his thigh in an act he called “The Butterfly.”

Denise Richards loses popularity on “Dancing With the Stars”


dancing1In the end it all came down to audience votes, and Denise Richards (formerly Ms. Charlie Sheen) lost the popularity contest on “Dancing with the Stars” as she was kicked off the ballroom floor Tuesday night even after scoring higher than her “dance off” rival, Holly Madison.

Was it Richards’ dancing that got her can-canned? It’s hard to say. On Monday night’s performance show, Richards was taken to task by the judges and given a low score, but in Tuesday’s final ”dance off,” after both she and Madison landed in the bottomdancing3 two, the judges said Richards was much improved and gave her a higher score (20) to Madison (18). Still, when audience votes were figured in, it was Madison who remained to dance again next week. It begged the question, why didn’t audiences like Richards?

The “curse” continues on “Dancing with the Stars”


Three more contestants on the ABC show “Dancing with the Stars” nursed injuries on Friday as they steeled themselves for their appearance on the show next week. Dance floor casuaheidi-klum-tom-bergeronlties Steve-O, Steve Wozniak and Gilles Marini are all hurting, but they want to stay on, according to media reports.

Steve-O, a daredevil stunt man who starred in the television series “Jackass,” has complained of an on-going back injury. Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer Inc, was photographed earlier this week leaving a Los Angeles dance studio with a cast on his leg. Marini, a French-born actor who starred in last year’s movie “Sex and the City,” has said he separated his shoulder. It remains to be seen on Monday’s episode if all three contestants will follow through on their pledges to soldier on.