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Another Charlie Sheen car over the cliff


Another day.  Another pricey Charlie Sheen car ends up wrecked at the bottom of a Los Angeles canyon.  And another mystery heist.

charlie sheen2010

It’s the second time in five months that one of the “Two and a Half Men” star’s luxury cars has been driven out of the actor’s gated community in the middle of the night (without anyone apparently seeing anything suspicious)  and been driven off the side of  famed Mulholland Drive.

In February, it was Sheen’s black Mercedes. On Tuesday, it was his silver Mercedes S600 (starting retail price $149,000) .

On both occasions, Sheen had apparently left the keys in the car and was unaware anything was amiss until getting a call from authorities after they hauled the abandoned vehicle back up the mountainside.

From Tony to Oscar and back?


Tony's Denzel

Has Tony really turned into Oscar? True, last night’s Tony Awards didn’t feel that far from the Oscars. There were the hoards of screaming fans outside, the red carpet filled with stars like Scarlett Johansson and Will Smith. And the backstage media room where winners are wheeled in breathless and smiling for an impromptu press conference.

But for all the talk that the Tony’s are going all Hollywood, perhaps they are not. For starters, some of Hollywood’s A-List don’t take America’s highest theater honors as seriously as the Oscars. Some, like best actor nominated Jude Law who was a long shot to win, was nowhere to be seen. Others, like first-time Tony Award winners Scarlett Johansson and Catherine Zeta-Jones, did not bother going backstage to speak to the press afterwards.

Tonys turn up rosy for ScarJo after red carpet rain


BROADWAY-AWARDS/(Writing and Reporting by Ellen Wulfhorst)

Pouring rain dampened the glitz, glamor and gab on the Tony Awards’ red carpet Sunday in New York. No tents or tarps were set up over the street where stars of Broadway and Hollywood arrived for U.S. theatre’s biggest night in their formal gowns and tuxes, dripping in diamonds and, well, H2O.

Celebrities and their media counterparts huddled under umbrellas. There was more than a little grumbling. But as they say on Broadway, on with the show! And for one, Scarlett Johansson was all smiles. “All of us knew there was going to be rain. For some reason nobody else did,” she said. “You just bring a giant umbrella and have a gorgeous man carry it.”

Hollywood’s most popular Dad? … Will Smith


Will SmithIf he weren’t such a popular figure, there’s little doubt his “Karate Kid” son would go all ninja on him.

Movie ticket selling website has done a poll ahead of Father’s Day (June 20 in the U.S., Canada and U.K.) of movie fans’ favorite father/son and father/daughter actors and actresses, and Will Smith comes out a winner.

Last look at Gary Coleman, not a pretty picture


Coleman We’ve seen the Gary Coleman deathbed photo, too, and the picture at the left is not it.  If you haven’t seen the picture, it is at the Globe Magazine’s website, but we don’t feel compelled to provide the link.

The photograph of “Diff’rent Strokes” star Coleman that, earlier this week,  said to have been taken with the collusion of his ex-wife Shannon Price, was published by the tabloid on Wednesday. Why even mention it? In large part because it’s hard to ignore, even amid the rest of the circus surrounding Coleman’s death. But also because, perhaps, it could serve as a cautionary tale of fame and money — or the lack thereof.

Glee’s New Directions Journey to regionals



Just when you feared fame may have stripped some of the charm off Fox’s hit show, “Glee”, it sent fans into the summer hiatus with a finale bursting with heart, drama, a few tears, and the magic and chills of the pilot episode.

After a year together, the ageless Glee kids of McKinley High found inspiration with the group and song that started it all, Journey and their hit, “Don’t stop believin’”.

Goodbye Speidi. Or just another Heidi and Spencer game?


Speidi is no more.



Heidi Montag, the plastic surgery enhanced star of MTV’s “The Hills”,  has filed papers for a legal separation from her husband of 14 months, Spencer Pratt.

Montag conveniently managed to get herself photographed leaving a Santa Monica court house on Tuesday clutching a bundle of papers which quickly made their way to the website.  Montag, 23,  cited irreconcilable differences for the split and, we’re told,  “filed the legal docs in her own handwriting”.

Lily Allen blasts the BRITs


Lily1Lily Allen has been quoted in the media as blasting the BRIT awards – the UK’s high-profile equivalent to the Grammys (think BAFTAs to the main prize the Oscars). The singer won best British solo female artist at the prize ceremony in February at which she also performed. Her website was not coy about the triumph, trumpeting the star on her official website and calling the award “coveted”.

Either Allen’s memory is short or her PR team is not on message, because in an interview that has just been aired as part of Sky Arts’ “In Confidence” series, she is quoted by the Mirror tabloid and Telegraph broadsheet as calling the prize a “non-award” that “means nothing”. ”The Brit Awards is a TV show, and a record company executive makes deals with ITV and the producers about who wins what award in exchange for performance time,” she said. “I got one last week and it just meant absolutely nothing to me, to be honest. It just became a non award.”

A kiss — just a kiss? Or a scandal?


Back in the 1940s and the “Casablanca” era,  a kiss was famously “just a kiss”

bullock kiss

Not any more.

It’s been seven years since Britney Spears and Madonna notoriously  locked lips in a live MTV Music Video Awards show. But women kissing women (or just pretending to) is still making front page news, whether it’s Miley Cyrus on a “Britain’s Got Talent” performance last week, or Sandra Bullock at the MTV Movie Awards show this weekend.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Double standards?



Two Hollywood stars.  Two different stories.

1) Former child star turns wild child, convicted of drunken driving, goes into rehab a few times, parties ’round the clock, gets dumped from at least one movie, plans role as porn queen — and becomes laughing stock of the celebrity media.

2) Middle-aged actor, three times married, plays raunchy womanizer, couple of stints in rehab, former client of notorious Hollywood Madam,  pulls knife on wife during drunken Christmas Day argument  –  and acharlie sheenlmost doubles salary to become highest-paid actor on TV.