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from MediaFile:

Laugh graph: Conan and the ratings race

The debut of Conan on TBS won its time slot against more established late-night comedy shows. But can the former Tonight Show host keep up the momentum? Reuters is keeping daily track of how O'Brien performs against his rivals; tune in every day for an update.

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from Tales from the Trail:

Stewart, Colbert rally gets ‘puzzling’ endorsement

TELEVISION-EMMYSFirst came celebrity endorsements from Oprah and Arianna. Now Jon Stewart's Washington "Rally to Restore Sanity" has a more puzzling promoter.

Here's a clue: German summer pants for little William? (10 letters) 

Stumped? The answer is "Will Shortz". He's editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle, which today devotes no fewer than eight clues to the Daily Show host, his fellow satirist Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report and the joint rally they're planning for Saturday on the National Mall.

from Tales from the Trail:

Barack and Jon, together again, on The Daily Show next week

First he gave an unexpected endorsement to Jon Stewart's upcoming "Rally to Restore Sanity." Now President Barack Obama is giving the host of the satirical talk show the ultimate television "get" -- himself as a guest.

OBAMA/Obama will appear on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Wednesday, Oct. 27, in the middle of a week of special episodes taped in Washington ahead of the Nov. 2 midterm elections. It all culminates with a Saturday rally on the National Mall.

“First Dog” — the Hollywood pooch with an illustrious past


Celeblittle bearrities and their dogs are two a penny in Hollywood.  But Little Bear must be a cut above the rest.

The cute Queensland Heeler is not only about to make his cinematic debut as the star of “First Dog”,  but he also has the illustrious credentials and heart-wrenching back story to go with it.

Helena Bonham Carter, queen of Halloween frights


This item is both good, and perhaps not so good, for director Tim Burton. His long-term companion, Helena Bonham Carter, has had the distinct honor (some might say dubious distinction) of making it on a list — twice — of top movie-themed Halloween costumes. The first time, she is a queen (good) and the second, a witch (not so good, although given Burton’s taste in characters  — Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd — he might think it’s cool).

Online movie ticket seller polled some  2,200 people on its website, asking them about the upcoming ghoulish holiday where people dress like goblins or werewolves and play tricks or get treats. Fifty-five percent said they would dress up and of those, 58 percent said they’d pick a movie-themed costume.

Broadway actor Rob Riley talks football and fitness


USA/What do football and fitness have to do with a life in the theater? For Broadway actor Rob Riley, the answer is simple: “Passion.”

Riley is appearing on Broadway in “Lombardi,” a new play about Vince Lombardi, the legendary Green Bay Packers coach. The actor talked about football and fitness while he waited on line in New York City on Saturday morning to enter the Hot Body Model Search contest sponsored by the Wilhelmina modeling agency. (One man and one woman will be chosen winners of prizes that include a five-year Wilhelmina fitness modeling contract and a magazine spread in either “Shape” or “Men’s Fitness” magazine.)

Perez Hilton — does he deserve a second chance?


perezhiltonCelebrity blogger Perez Hilton turned from snarky observer of celebrities into a news topic in his own right on Wednesday when he appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show (and spoke with Reuters) to declare he was ending his bullying of celebrities — gay and straight — after being labeled a hypocrite  by the gay community.

Hilton, 32,  said his change of heart was motivated primarily by his conflicting efforts to speak out against the rash of gay teen bullying, while enjoying a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most vicious gossips, and the man who helped “out” celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and singer Lance Bass.

“Paranormal Activity” scares up most movie frights at Halloween


Vampires may be one of the most popular current themes in entertainment, but movies that feature exorcisms and Satan give audiences the biggest scare.


With Halloween fast approaching, a poll on website found that vampires  give moviegoers less of a fright than creepy kids or Zombies.

from Global News Journal:

George Clooney, UN Security Council descend on Sudan

George Clooney has been roughing it recently, on the latest of his trips to Sudan to highlight the problems there. 

The Hollywood superstar and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador was touring semi-autonomous south Sudan ahead of a planned January 2011 referendum on whether southerners in Africa's biggest country should secede from the Khartoum-led north. Tensions are high because of fears the plebiscite could be delayed, sparking a new war between the predominantly Muslim north and the heavily animist and Christian south.

Miley Cyrus — too sexy for her shirt?


“Who Owns My Heart”  ponders Miley Cyrus in her new single.miley in black

Certainly not Disney, judging by the latest writhe and grind music video from the teen who found fame, and millions of tween girl fans,  as “Hannah Montana”.

Cyrus has spent most of the past year trying to distance herself from her Hannah Montana alter-ego, even though the TV series is still running on the Disney Channel.