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New ‘Simpsons’ character to be created by you, or someone like you


“The Simpsons” is holding a contest to see who can create a new character for the Fox cartoon.the-simpsons

Producers announced the contest this week, under the handy slogan “Unleash Your Yellow,” in reference to the odd skin color most of the characters on the show have. Here is the link to the website where members of the public can enter.

In their description of the contest, the show’s creative team wrote jokingly that after 20 years of working on “The Simpsons” they were “tired and frankly too rich to care anymore,” and that they needed some inspiration from the public.

Those entering the contest simply need to come up with a name for the character, a catchphrase and a brief description. The winner will get the chance to travel to Los Angeles and work with the creative team behind the show for an episode scheduled for Jan. 31, 2010.