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“Bandslam,” a John Hughes film for a new generation?


breakfast-clubLast week drew to a close on a sad note in Hollywood when it was learned that writer and director John Hughes (“The Breakfast Club,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) had died suddenly of a heart attack. But one of the great things about movies — the good ones, anyway — is that they live on and impact future generations.

Can anyone say “The Wizard of Oz”?!

For teenagers coming of age in the 1980s, the Hughes movies were must-see events, and they continue to resonate with that group of kids who are now in their 40s — and maybe even younger generations, too. Has anyone under 20 seen “The Breakfast Club?” (Several of it’s stars are pictured above right at the 2005 MTV awards — 20 years after that movie debuted in theaters)

So, along comes “Bandslam” opening this week and telling of a group of young teenagers growing up in the late 2000s who have a rock band but need some lessons in how to be cool. But as any fan of Hughes’ movies knows, being truly cool means facing life-changing dilemmas and making hard and even unpopular decisions to complicated problems.

We talked to former Disney star Aly Michalka about “Bandslam” (read about that here) and one thing that didn’t make it into the story is that our reporter, Cristy Lytal, asked Aly whether “Bandslam” could be compared to movies like “Breakfast Club.”