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Crystal disappoints, Siobhan storms back on night of “American idol” surprises


In the words of Simon Cowell,  Tuesday night was a shocker on “American Idol”. bowersox

For the first time this season, front runner Crystal Bowersox failed to impress.  Simon went so far as to describe her happy-clappy version of Shania Twain’s “No-One Needs to Know”  as ”limp”.

Siobhan Magnus stormed back into  the competition with “Any Man of Mine” after weeks of misfires that seemed to have dimmed her early promise.siobhan

Casey James shrugged off the laid back image and gave his most heartfelt  performance yet — and got to plant a thank-you kiss on the lips of mentor Shania Twain.

Joining (or leaving?) the ranks of singing divas on “American Idol”


There were just two certainties on “American Idol” after inspirational theme night with mentor Alicia Keys.bowersox

1) Singing anything by Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston is going to be a no-no when Randy Jackson is on the judging panel (and singing a song that both divas have already “made their own”  is just asking for trouble);

“American Idol” favorite talked out of quitting


Scary news from the usually-closely guarded “American Idol”  camp.

Crystal Bowersox Seems front-runner Crystal Bowersox — the only contestant this season to get consistently rave reviews from both the judges and the viewing public — had a bit of a meltdown a couple of weeks ago and was persuaded against quitting the show only by the wisdom of “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest, whose busy career also includes presenting a celebrity news TV show for E!, confirmed a TMZ report on Friday that he had talked the dreadlocked young mom into staying in the competition in a parking lot showdown after she said she hated the attention  and missed her family too much to continue.seacrest

Keep it real, Cowell tells Bowersox after “American Idol” makeover


Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox promised she had a surprise up her sleeve for this week”s “American Idol” — but no-one could have guessed it would be stilettos, a sexy red dress, and false eyelashes.

Oh yes. And she swapped her guitar for a piano.bowersox

At least she kept the dreadlocks.

But did the early “Idol”  favorite  go too far with the glamorous makeover for her performance of  “Midnight Train to Georgia” on R&B night?

Miley Cyrus teaches American Idols a thing or two


 Miley Cyrus might be just 17 but her advice to the “American Idol” contestants proved spot on in her first stint as a miley cyrusmentor on the TV show.

 It was a pity some of them either didn’t listen, or couldn’t figure out what the “Hannah Montana” Disney teen idol was talking about.

Reggae, violins, ballads mark Rolling Stones night on “American Idol”


It was Rolling Stones night on “American Idol”, and as Simon Cowell remarked at one point, lots of Stones fans would likely have turned off their TV sets (assuming they had been watching in the first place).tim urban

If wild horses hadn’t dragged you away in the first hour of  violin and soft  ballad versions of classic  hits like “Ruby Tuesday” and “Beast of Burden” ,  Tim Urban’s acoustic reggae treatment  of “Under My Thumb” was by far the strangest.  “Very bizarre,” said Randy Jackson. Even good-natured Ellen DeGeneres could muster nothing more encouraging than, “It didn’t wow me.”.

Missing Paula, awaiting Ellen on “American Idol”


paula abdul It’s been a long three weeks of  screechers,  also-rans and attention-seekers  as “American  Idol”  plows through auditions looking for a potential star.  And that’s just the celebrity judges.

With the audition rounds finally coming to a conclusion,  all eyes are now turning to the debut of Ellen DeGeneres in the first Hollywood rounds on Feb 9,  and whether she can fill the shoes of the missing Paula Abdul.

Don’t mess with the Mouse, Adam


(Writing and reporting by Corinne Heller)

adamlambertAdam Lambert? Not for Disney.

Appearances by glam rocker Adam Lambert on two additional shows broadcast on the ABC network have been canceled following complaints to the Disney-owned station.

ABC had also canceled an appearance by Lambert on its “Good Morning America” news program a day after he performed at the live American Music Awards November telecast on ABC in November, during which he kissed a male keyboardist and simulated oral sex and other racy acts.

Wild child Adam Lambert sheds his family friendly “Idol” glow


adam-lambert“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert built a broad base of support during his run on the show this year. After all, “Idol” got to be the top-rated program on U.S. television by appealing to moms, dads, teens, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs and everyone in between.

So when he took the stage on Sunday night at the American Music Awards and simulated oral sex with a back-up dancer, kissed a male keybordist on the mouth and gestured to the audience with his middle finger, he was bound to lose some of that broad “Idol” audience. Lambert all but said as much when he told Rolling Stone magazine that if his performance “offends (people), then maybe I’m not for them.”

“Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert debuts new single


lambertSinger Adam Lambert has graduated from “American Idol,” ended his flirtation with classic rock band Queen and now he has one message for his fans, “Baby, do what I say.”

That last quote among the lyrics from Lambert’s new single “For Your Entertainment,” the title track from his upcoming album. The album comes out on Nov. 23, but the single came out on Friday, debuting on “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest’s L.A. radio station. It’s now playable at Lambert’s official website. To listen, click here.