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Could Bristol Palin win “Dancing with the Stars”?


After more twists than an Argentine tango, “Dancing with the Stars” reaches it climax this week with Bristol Palin on course to pull off what could be a stunning win in the grand finale of the ballroom dancing TV show.bristolp

Although “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Grey is considered the best dancer of the final three celebrities,  fans of Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter have made clear through their votes over the past six weeks that the show, like “American Idol”, is as much about popularity as sheer talent.

Which is why Bristol, the 20 year-old single mom from Alaska,  has a real shot at taking the coveted mirror ball trophy back to Wasilla, Alaska  on Tuesday, and becoming the most controversial winner of the U.S. TV contest in its five-year history.

And here’s why:  passionate fans make zealous  voters and e-mailers in contests where the outcome is ultimately in the hands of the public. Just look at Justin Bieber’s take-over of the American Music Awards on Sunday in a contest that was also determined by fan votes.justinb

Don’t mess with the Mouse, Adam


(Writing and reporting by Corinne Heller)

adamlambertAdam Lambert? Not for Disney.

Appearances by glam rocker Adam Lambert on two additional shows broadcast on the ABC network have been canceled following complaints to the Disney-owned station.

ABC had also canceled an appearance by Lambert on its “Good Morning America” news program a day after he performed at the live American Music Awards November telecast on ABC in November, during which he kissed a male keyboardist and simulated oral sex and other racy acts.

Wild child Adam Lambert sheds his family friendly “Idol” glow


adam-lambert“American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert built a broad base of support during his run on the show this year. After all, “Idol” got to be the top-rated program on U.S. television by appealing to moms, dads, teens, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs and everyone in between.

So when he took the stage on Sunday night at the American Music Awards and simulated oral sex with a back-up dancer, kissed a male keybordist on the mouth and gestured to the audience with his middle finger, he was bound to lose some of that broad “Idol” audience. Lambert all but said as much when he told Rolling Stone magazine that if his performance “offends (people), then maybe I’m not for them.”

Taylor Swift – “Fearless” or tone-less?


She made history at the Country Music Awards last week, is the biggest selling female artist in the United States this year, and she comes magically to life in December’s edition of InStyle in the first ever 3D magazine cover.

But how good is teen sensation Taylor Swift at actual singing?swift1

Not so great, if the growing amount of chat on the Web is to be believed. The higher her public profile rises, the louder are the whispers that Swift often sings flat in live performances.